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  1. No problem! Feel free to power him down. I mixed the Gigantopithecus and large ape together and added in the flourishes suggested in the thread. Glad you're happy!
  2. Cool. What game did he appear in? How did you stat him out? How did you stat out the weapons and attacks?
  3. I can't access the files, and thank you for posting these plus replying to my earlier queries, Storn!
  4. Hello, Apparently over a decade ago, Deathtribble commissioned a cyborg beholder from Storn named "Colonel Blinky". How would you guys stat him out? I think he' be a good NPC for an Urban Fantasy game or even a Champions game with some alien/fantasy elements. Feel free to post your builds here!
  5. What were Achilles' powers and abilities?
  6. Has a Guyver vibe. Was that the intention?
  7. Reminds me of the creature from the movie Leviathan.
  8. Here you go! Here's Kodiak (revamped for 6e) and Bigfoot Cop (built of 300 points) Kodiak.hdc Officer Sasquatch.hdc
  9. I actually went ahead with a build. I'll publish it here when I'm finished.
  10. I found Kodiak in the 5e Millennium City book and converted him to 6e. I'll send Kodiak plus an Officer Sasquatch built off of 300 points (feel free to power him down if you'd like).
  11. I will definitely propose a HERO/Champions game at some point.
  12. Hello everyone, Tabletop events is hosting a virtual convention to keep their finances afloat. Here is the details on Con of Champions.
  13. I'm trying to make 400 point video game martial artists. I'm not 100% sure about using an Endurance Reserve for the powered-up attacks. A friend of mine used skill rolls at difficulty for players to use their powered-up attacks and I was satisfied how it worked. What would you recommend? What about budgeting for powers, skills/perks/talents and powers?
  14. How did you balance these? I notice that Mortal-Fu has less points than the others?
  15. I think they're in Fantasy HERO, that's why. Although I think a lot of the weapons are in the HSEG.
  16. Version 1.0.0


    An assortment of art by the multi-talented Bill Jackson, an artist and game designer who worked with Digital HERO and Haymaker back in the day.
  17. Darn looks like I can't upload any more. I'll try to find a good file hosting, or try zipping them.
  18. You are correct. They are the same size. I enjoy rolling them, but they are a little cumbersome.
  19. Hello everyone, I was curious if anyone knows how to get in touch with Ronald from the Defenders of the Millennium website?
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