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  1. I'd love to but I'm already booked for Saturday night games. Grrrr.
  2. Makes sense. I attended MACE in 2019, as I have a friend in Gastonia who gave me a place to stay.
  3. Sure. What's the best export template that I can use to copy and paste to the boards?
  4. I do hope to attend MACE this year. Did you attend MACE back in 2019?
  5. Hello everyone, Based on the following build for aliens/xenomorph warriors (thank you/hat tip to to Susano/Michael Surbrook), how would you guys build the Praetorians and of course the Alien Queen? Xenomorph.hdc
  6. Do you have the stats for the giant turkey monsters?
  7. I did run it on Roll20. I think there was a listed HERO character sheet set there, which is what I used. It went well- we used Discord for audio and roll20 for tabletop.
  8. It went well. I suppose I could do something like that.
  9. So who is attending? PM if you had any issues and I'll get you the right links. And the convention starts in less than a week!
  10. Sure, please send me a PM with your email. Yeah, they're in the game but not listed on the game page.
  11. I think I'll post them on the discord, although they are actually posted in the roll20 site. Speaking of which, I do need to actually stat out the antagonists at some point.
  12. Yeah, I had hoped for Friday but they scheduled me for Saturday. Oh well. Looks like the 17th/this Saturday.
  13. The characters have been already made. I'll be happy to send them to you if you'd like?
  14. My Champions game for the con is from 8 pm to 12 pm on Friday on Roll20 and Discord. Please register on the U-Con website (and it's pay what you want).
  15. Nice! Is this for 5th edition or 6th edition?
  16. Well that's one option, but I'm going to try Roll20 again (the playtest back in May went OK enough to make me do it again).
  17. Hello everyone, I will be running Champions: The Young Americans hopefully at virtual U-Con/U-Con Online this year. Please join us the weekend of November 13-15th.
  18. Did you look at the version of her from 5th edition? She's in one of the books- I think the Ultimate Mentalist or Ultimate Mystic but can't remember exactly.
  19. This is a cool project. Are you currently running this campaign? I'll be happy to add a few characters from my campaigns but not sure how often I can participate.
  20. How was the online GenCon?
  21. Hello everyone, How would you guys build Eric Draven/the Crow? I bought the movie on Blu Ray and am watching it now- so I thought about how to put the protagonist into the system. He's kind of an interesting hybrid of champions and dark champions character. Let me know and feel free to post builds.
  22. Here's Michael Surbrook's character Grenadier for that particular game setting. I actually came up with a HERO adaptation and conversion of the Kerberos Club. Darren Watts worked on a conversion to HERO for the setting but it was cancelled. Ges Seeger also came up with his own adaptation as well.
  23. As I do. RIP and my condolences to his family.
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