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  1. Re: I need you advice? Assistance, Help? It's time to sit down with your players and figure out if any of them want to play a game where there are investigations, or whether they just want to be thrown into the action and then deal with whatever comes as it comes. Some players just *hate* investigating anything. Another way to cure this tendency in your players is to give them the kind of game they want... but then throw in curveballs and complications that they could have avoided if only they'd bothered to investigate deeper than the surface. Say, apparently foiling a mass
  2. Re: Classic WWYCD: Socks To Be You... Blue Star: Would look for the extradimensional wormhole that leads to a dryer. Preferably one in a laundromat, to minimize the oddity of having a superhero crawl out of a dryer. He would also wonder why Foxbat was masquerading as Doctor Destroyer...
  3. Re: What is Munchkin? Hmm... so far, the Munchkin card game has made fun of: Dungeons and Dragons Kung-Fu Movies Superheros Science Fiction movies Vampire: The Masquerade (and sequelae) I wonder what genre they'll skewer next?
  4. Re: WWYCD: "I, For One, Welcome Our New Insect Overlords" I would call up Space Ghost and ask him to come and pick Zorak and the rest of his insect buddies.... As for Blue Star, well, there's a reason that the Galactic Rangers exist, and it's exactly for stuff like this. Insect Overlords wouldn't be allowed to take over the Earth; they'll have to settle for trade treaties. Assuming that the species isn't on the "Enemies of All Life" list, that is.
  5. Re: Darkness and Evil -- Examing the Metaphor I know they make an appearance in the first book, near the end. The people in question live in a floating mountain. I think they're called the Tiste Andii.
  6. Re: Darkness and Evil -- Examing the Metaphor Stephen Erikson, Malazan Books of the Fallen. In these books, at least one culture considers the darkness to be welcoming, comforting, warm and good rather than sinister, forbidding, cold and evil.
  7. Re: A Fun and Creepy Thought "Indiana Jones and the Doomed Planet". That plot has shown up more than a few times in the past decade or so, in SF novels from a wide variety of authors. I've also seen it on TV. Babylon 5: Crusade, episode 9, "Racing the Night." In a way, it's also one of the major events of the main Babylon 5 series... only the 'dead' civilization wasn't.
  8. Re: Limitation Value: Instrument Only Flight Practically speaking, there probably wouldnt' be any effect on the vehicle's point value. It would probably require a new Transport Familiarity Adder for the pilot/driver: Instrument Rated. Without that TF:Instrument Rated, the character would take the penalties for being unfamiliar.
  9. Re: Planetary Influences Planetary. It has a very interesting take on Marvel's Fantastic Four, and the entire series struck me as being written by the only intelligent people working for that comics company. Seriously. There's a depth of thought there that's completely missing from the rest of the titles set in the same universe, such as The Authority, which is a basic adolescent power fantasy. I particularily like the way the writer weaves a "secret history" of the planet under what appear to be the day to day activities of the normal world. In Planetary, most of the time
  10. Re: Genres HERO GAMES may want to avoid (intended to be humorous) Real-World Physicist Hero. Educator Hero. Public TV Hero. Bake Sale/Car Wash/Christmas Bazaar Hero. Cleaning Service Hero. E-Z Listening DJ Hero. Wedding Coordinator Hero. Cubicle Worker Hero. I'm sure some of these are duplicates by now...
  11. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... The problem is, as an OAF, it's vulnerable to a Grab manuver, so OIF is correct. Besides, the other way to make it affect others would be INT drain, Limited:Males Only...
  12. Re: Korgoth of Barbaria It was a pilot episode. The program guide on my cable company had it labeled as "Pilot" where the episode name usually is shown. It's in the Adult Swim block of Cartoon Network, so really late at night. And I have no idea whether they're repeating the pilot or not. Thundarr the Barbarian in the style of Conan, as envisioned by the Venture Brothers. That sounds about right.
  13. Re: Gotta hand it to you Stretching 1", Megascale, Does Not Cross Intervening Space, Limited Body Part (Arms), OAF Detached Arm (breakable). You'll probably also need 0 end, Persistant for the Stretching, but I see that as possibly being optional. Or buy a small END reserve with no Recharge solely to power the Stretching; when the END reserve runs out, the arm stops moving.
  14. Re: How to build a Density-altering ATTACK? Why not a STR drain? The effect is that they become so dense that their muscles can't move them. Otherwise, it's Density Increase, Usable on Others:usable as attack (+1), no STR Increase (+1/2). The 'no STR Increase' Limitation becomes an Advantage in this case. You'll have to buy Ranged (+1/2) if you want to use it at range. Alternately, you could drop the "no STR increase" modifier and add a Linked Drain: STR. You will also need to identify some common way to defend against it; Density Increase and Desolidification come to mind as
  15. Re: WWYCD: Whoa! Ninjas! Blue Star, being part of a team that includes a pretty powerful mentalist, would move to arrest said "Master Ninja". Also, since all of the team has been learning Martial Arts from a Martial Arts Master, I'm pretty sure most of the team would be subjected at least once to that 15d6 mind control. Fortunately, the Mentalist has some strong mental defenses and the ability to dispel mind control. Meanwhile, the player would be making "Tick" jokes and wondering out loud where the giant candy corn artifact is...
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