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  1. Interesting, I always thought the geography of the Emerald City map was a dead ringer for the mouth of the Columbia river, with "downtown" Emerald City exactly where Astoria, OR is located.
  2. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/207058/Champions-The-Super-Role-Playing-Game-4th-edition?cPath=337_4084
  3. Thanks! I guess I'm lucky it hasn't happened to me before. Message sent.
  4. I purchased a number of the Meriquai Falls PDFs advertised on the front page. All of them download fine except Live-Wire, for which there is no download link.
  5. Welcome to the boards! Not sure if this is what you're thinking of, as it has a "time stop" special effect rather than teleportation, but the power "Gone Out for Food" is in Champions Powers (DOJ1101, 6th Edition) on page 347. The write-up is consistent with a teleportation SFX, in my opinion. Edit: For 5E, it's in the UNTIL Super Powers Database, DOJ204, on page 237.
  6. http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/219925/Darren-Wattss-Golden-Age-Champions
  7. My notes say that this build was by Powerhouse Hermit on (most likely an earlier version of) these boards, long ago. 749 points in 5E (I think), but a lot of the abilities could be easily scaled down or eliminated. Loki Val Char Points Total Roll Notes 30 STR 20 30 15- HTH Damage 6d6 END [3] 23 DEX 39 23 14- OCV 8 DCV 8 28 CON 36 28 15- 20 BODY 20 20 13- 30 INT 20 30 15- PER Roll 15- 25 EGO 30 25 14- ECV: 8 30 PRE 20 30 15- PRE Attack: 6d6 24 COM 7 24 14- 20 PD 14 20/26 20/26 PD (10/16 rPD) 20 ED 14 20/26 20/26 ED (10/16 rED) 5 SPD 17 5 Phases: 3, 5
  8. A text search of the 4E VIPER PDF doesn't reveal any character named Tower. Do you mean Citadel?
  9. There is an area map on page 276 of Hudson City: The Urban Abyss, DOJ601.
  10. Until the end of April, if I'm understanding them correctly. All the contents also go on DriveThruRPG for individual sales, but the bundle provides a big (HUGE) discount.
  11. Your version of Ouroboros is still officially part of the 6th edition CU, according to the Contacts for the Patriarch in CV2.
  12. GURPS Tales of the Solar Patrol looks interesting.
  13. Re: Journey to the Center of the Earth! A new Michael Satran product! Will there be a Kickstarter for this (or did I miss one), or will it just come out through Blackwyrm?
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