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  1. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine EARTHWORKS, with powers of elemental earth. Seen here in her earth-avatar form, a dense, durable and appallingly strong humanoid shape made of rich, living earth. In this form, Earthworks is subtly faceted, with formed steel extrusions covering her hands, feet, shoulders and knees. Her "clothes" are sculpted out of the different-coloured soils that make up her body; her hair is one solid piece of shaped steel. Earthworks' eyes, like the accents on her boots, gloves and belt, are high-carat metallic gold.
  2. Re: Create a Hero Theme Team! I like this concept a lot; the character name, the origin of his powers, the entire back-story.... You've woven the hero-team limitations -- the requirement that they be part-time heroes with holiday connections -- into a sensible, meaningful background that answers the "why" question while managing to preserve a touch of the old ominous meaning of Hallowe'en. The glimpse of Gatekeeper in action neatly illustrates how this character's many elements come together, and the sympathetic Basher and the villainous Legbreakers make excellent foils for him. You have several very effective turns of phrase in this brief write-up: He knows exactly when the lost his mind, or was it his soul?, and Come dawn he rose. He wasn't crazy. It was far worse.... amongst others. The rhythm and word-choice of your writing is very good; I should like to read more of it, and certainly more about this character. I would, however, advise that you edit your writing for spelling and grammar/punctuation.
  3. Re: "Neat" Pictures That's a wasp. No great loss....
  4. Re: Create a Hero Theme Team! Huzzah! Sir Gwaine!
  5. Re: "Neat" Pictures Steampunk or not, Bunneh, it IS unreadable... One of the worst books I ever essayed.
  6. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine And here's The Hero Factory application again; I keep coming back to it in odd moments. Yes, it's very limited, but it does have some charms; simple, clear graphics, easy interface and characters you can customise to the point of originality (if you fiddle around enough). Saint Michael's Cross is my first male pic using HF.
  7. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine Another pic made with the classic Dini/Timm style Fábrica de Heròis...ooh, how I love that application. The shirt's actually something I had to create, oddly enough; for all the variations available, Fábrica doesn't offer a sleeveless midriff top. And no, the lady isn't a demon of any sort. Just a tiger-lady who happens to have wings. Ah, the HEROBoard doesn't like psp. Let's try that again: The pic in question.
  8. Re: "Neat" Pictures That is the best and most literal definition of "thinking outside the box" I've ever seen.
  9. Re: Query's Art & Stuff Thread This is phenomenal, Query! Such a sense of motion and menace from a D&D-style monster. This is fearsome, and the body of the poor tragic victim is beautifully realised; the pose is convincing, the clothing and hair fall naturally (according to the law of gravity). Is the victim a male Elf, or some similar species? I ask because of the long fall of hair, the pale skin.... Someone made a "tentacle monster" comment about the monster, and I suppose it is, technically...but it has a plausibility, a creative conviction that the classic TMs lack; after all, they're only there for one thing! In general, TMs are more plot devices or symbols of violence/rape than vital, living critters with habitats, life cycles and convincing physiology -- but this monster-y, tentacle-y creature looks as if it might have all three. This creature (and just what is this frightful fiend, anyway?) has a sense of authenticity that fantasy monsters usually lack; it looks convincing, perhaps even likely, and very, very nasty...and that's due to your talent! Well done, Query; this is impressive. Thank-you for sharing. How big is the original? Oh, and Repped.
  10. Re: Create a Villain Theme Team! I like the diction (the pronunciation errors in his English look convincing for someone with a strong German accent, at least to me) and the content in this character quote; gives a strong feeling of who the speaker is and was, and what issues he's facing. My only pickable nit...since you're writing this phonetically, shouldn't "Fatherland" be "Faderland"? Well-presented character.
  11. Re: Create a Villain Theme Team! Oh, well done, my Tribblus Maximus Magnus! This is a battle not 'for' the ages, but 'of' the Ages -- namely a Bronze (or Silver) Age villain seeking retribution against a set of (rusty) Iron Age heroes. I love the meta-questions -- explicit and implied -- here: To what lengths will The Rush go? Will he abandon his Bronze Age moral beliefs and ethics about what the 'proper way' is for a hero (or a villain) to behave, and embrace the Iron Age? Does violence, like power, corrupt...and is the progression through the Ages always downward? A traditional character in a modern and sophisticated situation -- good stuff!
  12. Re: Create a Villain Theme Team! I wasn't aware of this. I don't know who first resurrected the term "alicorn" for a winged unicorn, but since I really dislike Piers Anthony and make a practice of avoiding his writing, his books are probably not where I encountered the usage.
  13. Re: Create a Villain Theme Team! Erm, yes AND no, depending on the period. The Roman writer Pliny in his "natural history" claimed that the horn of the unicorn (a beast which probably resulted from the confounding of traveller's descriptions of rhinos and antelopes) was composed of three colours; red, blue and black. I believe he was the first Westerner to refer to unicorn horn as "alicorn", a term he apparently borrowed from Arabic. In the Middle Ages, "alicorn" was often used interchangeably with "unicorn", in reference to the creature itself. However, another common usage referred to an amulet supposedly crafted from the horn of a unicorn. As in Pliny's description, the horn in these amulets was generally tri-coloured, with several distinct stripes -- usually of red and white, with purple, black, blue or silver as a third colour. When in the presence of poison, these amulets would change colour; "alicorns" also possessed the power to neutralise poisons and purify food and water by touch.
  14. Re: Create a Villain Theme Team! THE ALICORN This hunter-killer beast of Nightmare is a manifestation of vengeance. In shape, it appears as an Alicorn, a great winged unicorn gray as morning light, with hooves and horn of starlight and a mane and tail like smoke on the autumn wind. Its huge wings are like eagles’ wings, with every pinion bright and white as snow and light as gossamer, and its eyes are pale as stars. The Alicorn is impossibly, heartbreakingly beautiful; its appearance alone is enough to awaken feelings of unworthiness in even the coarsest and hardest souls. Though it has the shape of a magical beast, the Alicorn has both wit and will, with a formidable, cold intelligence and a deep comittment to its mission of vengeance. The Alicorn has and uses at its own discretion various spell-like powers, including Inescapable Location, which allows it to follow its quarry wherever the quarry runs, and Compulsion, Fascination and Dreamwalk, which the Alicorn uses to make the victim become obsessed with it. The Alicorn possesses endless stamina for the chase, never tiring as it haunts its quarry, appearing to the victim only to disappear if approached, leaving no tangible sign of its presence and driving its victim to distraction with the longing to touch it. The Alicorn uses its Selective Invisibility power to make it unseen and undetectable by any but the victim, and visits the victim’s dreams via Dreamwalking whenever that person sleeps. Once the victim is completely obsessed by the Alicorn, it uses the spell-like power Whisper of Doubt to make the victim begin to believe that his own unworthiness is the reason he can never approach or touch the object of his obsession -- and will never be able to. At this point, the Alicorn departs, leaving the heartbroken victim to follow after, struggling to catch glimpses of the beloved being and tormented by dreams of the Alicorn. Eventually the victim, prompted by the workings of the Whisper of Doubt, comes to believe that his only hope of ever embracing the Alicorn is to beg it to take his life; a life which had become ever more wretched since the visitations began. And when the victim finally begins begging the Alicorn to kill him, the Nightmare prolongs the agony, playing coy, dancing away and shying back from the victim until it senses the victim’s mind is on the verge of snapping -- and then it delivers the coup de grace, a thrust to the heart with that starlight horn
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