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  1. Is there going to be a Print on Demand version of this? (Oh please, oh please!)
  2. Dag nabbit! I tried to give this a five star rating but I clicked on three stars and now it won't let me change it. Sorry... Great GM screen!
  3. Re: Solo Hero campaign What Lord Morham and Blue said. Also, I cannot overstate the importance of NPC's to a solo PC. With no other players in the game to bounce ideas off of, your player is gonna need NPC's to act as confidants, advisors, friends and allies, as well as opponents and informants.
  4. Re: Integrating "normal" things into a "Super" world Pretty cool rules there L.L. Another thing I have done with Real Weapon limitation is rule that weapons with it require weapon familiarity even in a superheroic campaign. That way supers have a reason to have WF's even if they paid points for thier own super-guns.
  5. Re: Opinion Fluff: Game Philosophies Dude, where do you live that you can get the cops to arrest someone just because you say you saw them with drugs? I couldn't get the cops here to show up to my place of business and deal with the six foot six, bi-polar, heroin jonesing street person who was making verbal death threats and trespassing on private property last month.
  6. Re: Opinion Fluff: Game Philosophies Actually, we have two GMs in the group, so whoever's running will usually consult with the other GM, but the current GM has the final say for his game. We have house rules that apply to the group as a whole, as well as options set for a given game by the current GM. New players are given a tryout under a particular GM, and all current players have the ability to "black ball" the new player if they aren't comfortable. Now that I think about it, maybe our group dynamic is more tournament than membership. I thin
  7. Re: Help! World of Edean Pantheon Question: why are nationalism and patriotism both in the portfolio of a "dark" god? Shouldn't patriotism be considered a good thing?
  8. Re: What's the best hero suppliment! Does is have to be a book? The truth is the single most used hero suppliment in my games is the Game Screen from the Hero System Resource Kit. As far as books go, it's a toss-up between UMA and Dark Champions (guns, man, guns!), with an honorable mention to the equipment guide 'cause it has nukes written up in it.
  9. Re: What should I name my new character? Modela is a cool way to steal the name Paragon. Primera sounds cool.
  10. Re: What should I name my new character? Funny. Paragon is the name of a superman type character in a game I am currently playing in, so that would be a faux pas. Zenith makes me think I'd b e subjecting myself to TV jokes. Omega sounds like a villain name to me.
  11. I am playing in a "dawn of heroes" style superhero game where my character was a normal person who, along with an unknown number of other people had superhuman powers dropped on her head. Basically a giant alien plot device landed in central park, new york city and sent out some kind of wave that gave seemingly random people superpowers. Before this there were no superheroes in the world. My character ended up with the full superman package (strength, toughness, flight, senses, and even eyebeams). From what I have seen in the first week, I seem to be as powerfull in relation to the other
  12. Re: [interest in a HeroCentral game] You realize of course that in your effort to avoid min/maxing, you're instead forcing a level of inefficency in character builds that is just as unrealistic...
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