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  1. Clean and simple. I like it.
  2. Is there going to be a Print on Demand version of this? (Oh please, oh please!)
  3. Dag nabbit! I tried to give this a five star rating but I clicked on three stars and now it won't let me change it. Sorry... Great GM screen!
  4. Re: An Urban Fantasy Game Worth Looking At Funny, I recently re-discovered the Borderlands series and have been in an urban fantasy mood. I'm in for $50.00.
  5. Re: Luck System: Whimsy Cards Whimsy Cards predate TORG.
  6. Re: Character for Review: Gizmo A few observations: The character has very high physical characteristics for a gadgeteer (not to mentionn a diabetic). Is she an athlete, or have artificially augmented stats? On the other hand you didn't take the Normal Characteristic Maxima disad so maybe it's intentional. A character with six science skills is probably college educated so you may want to give her some non-science PS and KS to round out her education. Having recently observed a close friend's battle with adult onset diabetes, I'd take it as a Physical Limitation rather than a dependence. Diabetics don't just need insulin, they suffer constant health problems associated with varying blood sugar levels, poor circulation, reduced healing ability, etc. I'd rate an insulin dependant diabetic as Serious/Frequent (15pts) on average.
  7. Dino

    Superhero Images

    Since people are plugging thier favorite artists here, I should show off my friends' art. This is HotBlood by my friend Marc Curlee, and Silver Sorceress by Jacob Blacmon. Hmmm... I can't seem to get the attachment to work.
  8. Here Here! I would like to see most powers start out no range/no end/visible ect. and let people pay more uniform base costs. (If you want your normal damage attack to work at range then buy ranged for it. Want it to add to your STR? buy and advantage for that. Otherwise it just does it's base damage as a touch attack.)
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