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  1. Ashura, I'd go with what JmOz and LoneWolf said. Second, liking the animated gif.
  2. What he said. As for villain attack rolls, I always roll them in secret. Let's face it: in every gamer's life, there are days when the dice are just set against you. You blow your block roll, your attack rolls, everything. It happens. I'm not going to add to the player's misery when he's rolling lousy and I'm on a streak of fantastic rolls. I did that just this past weekend - I changed the attack dice roll of a villain (more than once) from a 'hit' to a 'miss'. I don't do the DnD killer DM stuff: "You missed? Ha! Wow, are you going to get it!"
  3. In my opinion, to powergame means to do everything a player can do to make his character as tough as possible, as powerful as possible, to be at maximum ability for any situation. I've heard from many forums here, as well as elsewhere that when talking about powergaming, it's very commonly in the negative sense. For the most part, I agree. It depends on the campaign and the GM whether or not it's overwhelming, or it fits right in. Quite frankly, I think it'd be almost necessary for the Justice League but I think the majority of us don't have those kind of campaigns. Hav
  4. Thanks Duke. However, after downloading them and upon trying to open any of the files, I'm told they're not a valid file format.
  5. Duke, I tried to check those character sheets you scanned. After signing in to google, it says you need to request access.
  6. Tech

    Human Torch

    If that's what you're comfortable with, stay with 4th edition and enjoy your gaming. I rarely touch 6th edition myself. I would go with 'Only in Hero ID'.
  7. Making an assumption on the original post, I think JmOz is talking about how do you like your write-ups, not write-ups for someone else. fdw3773 is right at making simple builds at conventions but I'm (again) assuming JmOz meant 'for you personally'. Personally, I like making my hero & villain write-ups pretty detailed most of the time; it's fun for me. No one else is going to be running my villains when I'm GM'ing or my heroes when I'm player. If he's talking about what someone else is going to use, simpler is better.
  8. For myself, I still use Panda & Raccoon. I like them enough to have updated them a bit and sent them against the heroes recently.
  9. The second one is a bit much but I see your point. As both GM and player, I like to write things out, but not to extremes. I would write out that attack as 12d6 EB but if I was feeling overly creative, I could touch a bit on the second part. There is a certain pleasure with writing villains out, even if you're the only one who's really going to see it as GM, simply because it's fun. As GM, I write out/stat out all my villains, if only because I like to express my creativity. If I'm using a minor villain who is a one-shot, then I will go with brief stats such as: example: 10 Str, 14 Dex, 20
  10. I've used the 'forgotten' (but not to the campaign I'm in) villains and the seasoned players are like "wow, it's him again!" when they do show up. It's fun to see that reaction. Never heard of Hero Games being called a 'cockroach'
  11. Tech

    New generic Hero

    It's whatever you want. As LL replied, there is no "most common occupation".
  12. The players use cells once in awhile to talk to each other but surprisingly, it hasn't come up much. It's a freebie, like a player having a car.
  13. Using a shield in combat is more accurate to say that you are attempting to block an incoming attack - both HTH and ranged. If you block, the shield takes the damage. The shield should have BODY because after awhile of blocking, it's going to get worn down and break, depending on what material is used in it's creation. In Champions, shields with extra PD/ED are given an Activation roll as an example of how well the shielder (I made up a new word) is able up protect himself. I don't play Fantasy Hero but I think it's defined as extra DCV. It might work better as: Extra defense, with
  14. steriaca, I'm not sure I'm onboard with the Egoist/Mentalist/etc feeling like he's hitting a mental wall. If a hero with a 40 Str (8d6 damage) hits a tough guy with a 35 PD and doesn't affect him, he doesn't necessarily feel like he hit a wall. I guess the special effects kick in here: Tanner is artificial. What would an Egoist feel trying to hit something artificial? Throwing out an idea is that the Egoist might feel a buzz in his head when trying to attack Tanner with Ego Attack/Mental Blast, but otherwise is unaware that he's doing no Stun damage. He doesn't have a power "Detect how much da
  15. One of the enemies in this book, Mr. Tanner, is an odd one. He has an Ego of 10, yet has bought the autonomaton power: Takes No Stun. What might happen if an Egoist attacks him with an Ego Attack? Obviously, he takes no stun damage, yet he has an ECV to attack. Would the Egoist notice anything or not? Can the Egoist attack him with a non-damaging attack, such as Mind Control?
  16. While I'm at it, I see that the character Avatar (the winged girl) is in color on the back cover of the book, even if the colors go against the description given of her. Is there a complete colored picture of her?
  17. As the title says, does anyone know if there is a conversion of the old New Millenium books to the 6th edition (or 5th, really almost any edition) Champions?
  18. The villain likes to wear costumes & make-up to look like someone else, not necessarily convincing enough to make you believe it is that person from a casual look at him. This isn't a big issue, just a curious question. I do like the cosplay answer, so I'm going to take the stance that the Disguise roll is not really needed in this case.
  19. If a villain is only trying to look like someone else, but otherwise act like himself (thus making it obvious he's not the real person), do you still need to make your Disguise roll?
  20. Tech

    Basic Thugs

    It really varies for me due to the episode. However, a very general listing would be: The Tough Mook would be CV 5, Dmg varies 6-8 DC. The Elite Thug would be CV 6, Dmg 6-10 DC, depends on the hero & situation The Senior Henchperson could be CV 6-8, Dmg 8-10DC, again depends on the hero & situation.
  21. Thanks for the various suggestions. I am not going to make him always Desolid, which is a nuisance not just to the players but to me.
  22. The key to the limitation is roleplaying and what the GM thinks the limitation should be. I think Massey had a good response.
  23. Thanks much. I'll try to get in touch with him.
  24. Gw, don't know where it was found and he doesn't remember, so that renders the 2nd step not possible.
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