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  1. First, welcome to the boards, Commoner1. Next, don't be afraid to test the points you allow yourselves: if you find 300 pts works fine, then use it. If you find more points is better, grant all characters a boost/rewrite/bigger base/free xp/whatever. It's whatever makes the characters fun for you and your group that you use. The guidelines for characters are just that - guidelines; change them as you see fit.
  2. In Hero Games, another point to make is a low experience character can tag along just fine with a high experience character. Oh, the high experience character is more versed and capable but you can still adventure together. In D&D, you simply can't do that in D&D with a 1st lvl and a 12th lvl character; the 1st lvl might as well read a paper to the side to avoid dying often and... would he even get xp just for watching people fight? Toxxus said it well with, "Monsters and Enemies are scary - The unlimited build potential for villains means players can't rely on their innate knowledge of the Monster Manual to know what is happening. Each creature can be a terrifying and unique thing with custom powers."
  3. Tech

    The Sanctuary Spell

    Desolid (Invisible Power), with limitation "If attacker makes Ego Roll at -4, power does not work that phase vs attacker", with another limitation "Power fades and must be reactivated if user attacks"
  4. Perhaps an Enraged or Berserk in a certain situation might work. Otherwise, I'd list it as "what happens/why" Psych Limit (ex: Freezes for 2 pha when seeing people with knives)
  5. If someone has to use the 'facilities', our group waits, hey, we're human. However, try to surf Farcebook or other net related activities, you're warned. After that, you're not invited back. It's up there in rudeness.
  6. steriaca, my post was a joke so of course it wasn't grandoise (relatively speaking). I always use Foxbat for comic relief.
  7. I suppose Foxbat's master plan of stealing all the Cheetos in the city doesn't count?
  8. Alternate for the Bouncing Blade / Chain Lightning, try Blast, with +5d6 additional Blast: only to spread.
  9. A couple Saturdays ago, I did an episode with 28 characters in it, composing four superteams. It was a friendly contest set up by the city in a stadium, composed of various tests. The heroes got to duel each other, instead of supervillains. Of course, near the end, Terror Inc brought 10 villains along with them, most of them supervillain assassins. As GM, I was secretly concerned that the heroes might lose, given such villains as Mechassassin, Taipan, etc, considering a few could take on an entire superteam by themselves. Well, there was no need for concern: the dice didn't like the villains and loved the heroes. About 5 out of the 14 villains managed to escape after getting beat on. The heroes trounced the villains, came out looking very heroic, and the crowd got to see superheroes cut loose.
  10. The topic name says it all. We've all had different amounts of players in our games, and the same applies to the number of player characters in a game session. So, what's the most amount of player characters you've ever had in one game session? I was going to make this a poll but had a technical problem with it, so back to this just being a thread.
  11. I'd definitely go with Hugh on this. Cheap and effective.
  12. I question the write-up of #2: wouldn't you have to do the Missile Deflection, thus using your move? If it's a continuing charge, I'm assuming that just means you have the option of using it as long as the charge continues. When I created a power a long time ago that created 5 mirror images of the person, I built it as: +5 DCV, loses 1 DCV after each 'hit' until +0. If an attack missed due to the extra DCV, that was considered a 'hit' and you lost 1 DCV/mirror image. It was cheap and it worked for me. Just a suggestion for you to try.
  13. We understand. I had little inspiration myself for my Champions games for about 2 months and only now is a little coming back.
  14. I might have some of my ancient sheets. I'll have to check.
  15. Why have the Major Transform do BODY? If by doing BODY, you mean it damages and possibly destroys an object, doesn't that negate the Transform part of the power because there's nothing to transform - it was destroyed?
  16. Preference: EC over Unified Power. Blah blah virtues of EC, blah denigrate Unifed Power. There ya go Surrealone! Seriously though: that's as much thought as I can give these discussions nowadays due to continually not sleeping well.
  17. European Enemies... yikes! Of all the errors in that book (which is most of the book), my favorite error is: 4d6 Energy Blast, +1 Stun Multiplier.
  18. Tech

    DEF of diamond?

    If a steel robot was coated in diamond, what DEF of PD and ED would you give it? Of course, diamond is not hardened otherwise they couldn't be cut by jewelers.
  19. Tech

    Favorite plots

    Some of my favorite plots are for fun episodes where it is relatively stress-free for the heroes, alot of them due to Foxbat. A couple of Foxbat's plots from the past: 1) Foxbat (and his flunkies) lures the superteam into a hand lotion factory. Once there, he sets off a trap dropping a boatload of lotion onto them. After they start getting up, he takes a picture of the group and promises to send the humiliating picture to the newspapers. For the rest of the battle, everyone on the ground - including Foxbat - has to make a Dex roll or fall down due to the slipperiness. The majority of the 'battle' is now keep-away for the picture. 2) While a superteam is busy relaxing on the beach in the secret Ids, a group of costumed people arrive riding on metal mules. It's Foxbat! Anyone can ride into town on horses but it takes a truly innovative genius to ride in on metal mules - or so he thinks. A battle takes place while Foxbat rides around the beat on a metal mule... the other mules ran off somewhere. 3) The superteam arrives at a bank for a bank robbery... except it's Foxbat with robots looking somewhat similar to the heroes. Foxbat watches while he sends his robots to attack. One major flaw in all the robots: the robots aren't the best put together and any attack the robot does that misses has a chance of a limb flying off. Ex: the robot swings at you Atomic Man. It misses... and its arm goes flying off down the hall.
  20. In the Villains, Vandals, and Vermin sourcebook, there's a supervillainess called Galaxia. Our GM isn't thrilled with the picture of her. Can anyone suggest a similar picture as a replacement?
  21. Create a Super Villain Team, because everyone can always use more super villain teams. Donuts vs Dough knots.
  22. Loops are better; don't know what kind of weirdos strange attractors might attract. Cannonballs vs Cottonballs
  23. Ragitsu, why create the sword? In more detail, who is the sword going to be used by and in what kind of campaign? Is the campaign dark, light-hearted, etc? Assuming the sword is created, is coming back from 'deceased' possible? Is the bad guy going to use it, and if so, are you ready for the reactions of the players when you kill their hero? If a hero has it, are you prepared for your villains to be kicking the bucket?
  24. I've got a villain who uses a normal whip as a back-up weapon. However, I know little of whips. What abilities would a normal whip have?
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