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  1. Jayzon, Go to the Google Play Store and get the free Hero System Mobile app designed by the forums' very own Sentry0. Sentry0 also created an export template for HD so instead of saving a PDF (or in addition to that): You set your export template in HD on your laptop to Sentry0's. Export. Rename the .xml file as appropriate - "mycharacter.xml" Put that file on your tablet, whether by USB cable transfer, or downloading it from an email or Google drive, etc. Once it is in your tablet's downloads directory (the one it came with - don't make a new directory) THEN load the Hero System Mobile app and enjoy a more interactive way to view your character, plus have a built-in die roller for those 20d6 haymakers! The home screen of the app has an Import Button, tap that and navigate to your character's xml file. Hero System Mobile is NOT a replacement for HD - it just can make use of HD's ability to export. Sentry0 has a thread for the app on these forums, a search for either his posts or "hero system mobile" should turn it up. Also having the PDFs is worth the price of admission for a tablet: Text-searching the rules is awesome, and I think they might have hyperlinked the items in the index too, but it's been a while since I checked.
  2. Dark Champions is on TV right now - it's called Arrow. [rimshot]
  3. You might try running some HERO one-shots at the game store, bringing premade (Homebrew) versions of heroes from big comic companies. One of the reasons I began running a Champions game a few months ago was to create more HERO players. Since you don't have the pool I had, the next step is to consider both running occasional (advertised) store games as well as reaching out to gamers you know we'll, who have not played HERO before. I was blessed that after two of my four left (one flake, one couldn't keep up the one hour commute each way) one of the remaining knew two friends/acquaintances to invite, both of which happened to work out. At this stage in HERO's life cycle, it's time to face reality and run more HERO games to create more HERO players. I invested 1-2 hours taking prose descriptions from each player and using Hero Designer to get each of them right, even the two players who dropped out. I also invested an average of 1-2 hours each in pre-campaign video interviews to see if each player would be a good fit. This didn't stop some from leaving, but it made a good impression on those who are staying. If you can have coffee or a meal with your new recruits, that'd be even better. If your first meeting is outside of the game store, make it 1 newbie, you the GM, and at least one player, and pick a good (non-chain) coffee shop with food/snacks. None of the above is easy, but if you invest in people, the good people have a better chance of staying around. If enough of you and your players are capable GMs, consider a HERO mini-convention at your game store, if there are enough tables. Your players, even if not GMing, can volunteer as HERo buddies (sidekicks?) To take the "teaching HERO mid-session" duties away from the GM. I was blessed with one hero vet who naturally took that role and helped his acquaintances ease into the mechanics. Since I shielded them from actual character creation, the newbies were able to get into the story easily. I gave the newbies one rule. - if they enjoy the game enough to want to make an alt (2nd character) they learn character creation (with handholding) then, and buy the 6E PDFs for $30 from this very website. (Or the POD versions if that floats their boat, but ctrl-f in Acrobat is such a godsend!!!) I wish the shelves were full of at least Champions complete, but thankfully there are unlimited PDF sales to be made! Best of luck Jayson, I'm sorry to hear people didn't respond to internet entreaties, now it's time to rope them in in person!!! ALSO - I know Orlando gets a lot of big conventions (OASIS and others I think?) - run HERO there and ask if anyone is a local. Many ways to find HERO players, including creating them!!! I never knew about Champions until college when a new friend shoved the 4e blue book in my hands and asked me to make a character. We didn't even have a game yet, I was the first player, but we found more just by asking!
  4. FLGS - Favorite Local Game Store. Repeat - Game Theory is in Raleigh, NC not Orlando, FL. That said, just logon Facebook and search on "game theory Raleigh NC" and you should reach the store page. If you go to Facebook Groups first, then you can search within just the groups for Game Theory. Likewise do the above searches for your own local game store in Orlando, FL and/or talk with store staff - they might also have established similar groups. Also go to www.meetup.com and sign up for a free account, and search on your game store's name. Hope that helps!
  5. My FLGS (Game Theory, Raleigh NC) maintains both multiple Facebook Groups and a Meetup Group. I found a pool of 8 primarily through the FB groups, which became 4 at the table, which became 2, then grew to 4 again through contacts of one of the players. Started the Champions 6E campaign 2.5 months ago, running it twice a month. For reference, Game Theory maintains an LFG group separate from general discussion of store events. They also copy/pasted game requests from the in-store bulletin board to the FB LFG group. Hope that helps!
  6. Sentry, I just learned about this - awesome, and thank you!!!! Question - the "to do" list still has 6th edition as undone - is that correct? I'm confused because the settings had a toggle to "turn on 5th edition..." Thanks again!!!
  7. Hi HEROes! What are your most recommended Enemies/etc. Books for a new Champions 6E GM? I am looking for supervillains appropriate for present-day (2019) Standard Medium-Big City Superheroes, with 80pct+ of the Enemies/etc. Book written close to a Silver/Bronze age tone. ***I'm looking to buy 1-3 books/PDFs as ingredients to prime the creativity pump, and will slice and dice from there.*** So far I own: 6e1, 6e2, Champions 6e Genre, Strike Force 6e, Hero Designer software. Thanks in advance! A.T.R.A. Mk II
  8. As the Subject says. E.g www.paizo.com where every one of the products they sell, both 1st and 3rd party, each have a dedicated forum thread. When a new product is added to the site ahead of release date (or Kickstarter date for HERO), it provides a place to collect discussion. Also, even for existing products, it's a place to discuss the best use one got out of Enemies III etc. My own recent efforts to find a Champions/HERO group her in Raleigh-Durham NC have led me to realize I need to be the GM because the interest is coming primarily from players unfamiliar with HERO, or first time playing a superhero RPG. So, I'll be posting a thread for "best Enemies book to buy first/other recommendations", but how much nicer would it have been if I could just go to distinct product threads and not read only reviews (if available) but also threads dedicated to specific products? Just some thoughts... Thanks, A.T.R.A. Mk II
  9. Squirrel, I am interested, as a player for the moment. I have GMing ideas, but not yet the time to prep to run a regular game.
  10. Squirrel, Glad to hear it! What city are you in/what game store is close to you? John is probably closest to Atomic Empire, and I'm closest to Game Theory. P.S. Squirrel, looks like you're also active on Discord/CapNet RPG Hub/Hero? (Saw a post there today from ScrewySquirrel) Hero Games really needs their own Discord, linked from here and elsewhere.
  11. John, Good to hear from you again! The MHI table you and I were at in Durham earlier this year had at least one Durham local, plus me driving from Raleigh, and others in the Raleigh area. I might suggest posting both here and in the Facebook Hero group, as it's not 100pct crossover between the two, and once you change your FB home City to Durham, when you look at the FB Hero Group's members list, it shows you members who have something in common with you, including living in the same city as you. Additionally, of course you would post there too, seeking a local Hero/gaming group. Another useful FB group, and Meetup group, would be the ones for Atomic Empire, which is the major game store in the area. Posting in both of those groups that you are Looking For Group would likely generate some contacts as well. PM me once you're out here and perhaps we can double-team finding local Hero groups!
  12. FG has two license paradigms. 1) everyone including GM pays $40 for a personal license, GM may buy adventures or rules, or not. 2) GM ONLY buys the Ultimate version ($175.00?) and any interesting adventures or rules. Players download FOR FREE the "Fantasy Grounds Demo" (search that exact phrase in Steam to get the free version, also available at fantasygrounds.com. Sounds like you want option #2. During Black Friday and Christmas (U.S.A.), there's usually a 25 pct discount on Steam, unsure about the FG website. Other option is create a roll20.com account for free and (with internet access) display on a monitor of your choice.
  13. Thanks to GrandmasterGM for running a fun game last weekend! John Desmarais also made it, with spouse, and GmGM's friend brought friends to fill out the table of six. I greatly enjoyed playing Max Covington, Jack of All Trades, including security guard. I think all would agree that Max "knew a lot for a security guard."
  14. I wonder if people's answers will vary based on whether they are more influenced by sci-fi literature/art (paintings, etc.) vs. sci-fi film/television. In the middle are cartoons, which sometimes use their unlimited sfx budgets... HB's Herculoids (1960s/1970s?) (did the blobs become the Dralasites of WotC/TSR's Star Frontiers?), Green Lantern Animated Series (2000s/2010s?) Even Star Trek TOS had monsters (Horta), but you asked about PCs, not NPCs. Andromeda (Kevin Sorbo, 2000s) had the Magog and Nightsiders, respectively egg-implanters and "nosh on their own young" to quote Seamus Harper (think of the Kzinti background in Man-Kzin Wars where Kzinti mother's did the same)... I've only done humanoids (including a Champions Android built as a standard superhero, not automaton), but have been watching a lot of animal documentaries recently, and perhaps like the Magog and Nightsiders, some of the strangest of Earth's creatures could become the basis for a PC Alien that is not bipedal, but has similar features... Ringworld RPG (or just borrow the setting for HERO) would grant Puppeteers and other unusual species for PCs I haven't read it, but for Paizo's Starfinder, their first Alien Archive came out (like Monster Manual) and offers 100+ aliens, of which 20+ are rated as "fits in a PC party's power level", but all are capable of being used as PCs, and definitely not all are humanoid. Obviously some conversion would be necessary... Final thoughts - humans can easily relate to both typical humans and humans in alien makeup (a la Star Trek and Kira's nose and Bellana's airbrushed forehead and Spock's ears) and with unusual cultures, but how exactly does a humanoid go about making friends with a Horta? Kirk managed a treaty, but will any of the miners left behind carry on a conversation, even if one of them were Vulcan/telepathic? If anyone has anecdotes of players in your games who have successfully managed to RP an unusual alien in a way that the players of humanoid PCs could interact with, speak to, or otherwise successfully team with, I suspect the OP (and I) would be very interested.
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