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  1. There is, on page 101, but it's not really exact, and goes only up to +1 advantage
  2. TLDR : In the AP dagger case, you gain a step of damage at STR 15, 21, 28, 35, 41 etc... Okay so : A DC is 5 Active Points worth of damage. In an unadvantaged NStun attack (blast, hth...), this is exactly 1d6, and 3d6 for an unadvantaged Killing attack. Armor Piercing is a +1/4 advantage (IIRC), this means that in order to add damage to it, you need 1.25 DC (1 + 1*(1/4)), or 6.25 Active Points worth of damage. Because there is a 0.25, the "price" of DCs is weird : while the power might be worth 12 Active Points (exactly 12.5, but averaged down), each addit
  3. I don't know if this is vanilla or a homebrew, not proficient enough in the system to tell... But I let people block as one of the attacks in a multi-attack (6e). Essentially it turns the block into a tanking or even offensive tool, because the halved DCV makes you a very easy target...but if you block, you don't get hit, making you draw attacks without taking too much damage, and you can follow up with a counter if you have one, making that form of blocking a scary offensive move. I might also let people abort to counter immediately after a block (that was
  4. Small necro, but the way I'd do it : Make bronze the baseline, but some things are not possible to make with bronze (longswords, for instance, wouldn't work in bronze). Then, steel is better than that. One way you could do it is make steel do more damage, another has been mentioned already : making it AP for weapons, and hardened for armor. Steel is decently harder than bronze, and bronze is quite soft period (as a weapon-grade material). Maybe if someone using a bronze weapon blocks a steel weapon, their weapon takes damage?
  5. Using concentration to shut down an always on power is a proposed alternative to paying the full END cost
  6. I'd say, I'm okay with specific working over general, but this quite specific character would maybe get a "shut up I'm the DM" pass, since basically his invisibility is his only power (and ability, he's a very intelligent and agile normal Joe besides that, more of a skill monkey than a fighter)
  7. So the way I was seeing this, this guy, who's moniker is Da Vinci (because he really likes art) basically slips from the mind of other people. I bought him a complete invisibility to everything, no fringe, always on, inherent. Unless the guy concentrates to become visible, he could just as well not be there at all, there's basically no way to crack into his cloak. However, it doesn't work on machines and very simple minds : the simpler the mind, the lesser the effect. A fully-functional human will simply never register him besides a weird impression when reminding the events, a bab
  8. How much would you rate a perk or power that makes people have a hard time remembering you ? Maybe with an INT or EGO roll ?
  9. So, something bothers me with Autofire : using autofire against a single target very much does not increase hit chances, despite the increased volume of fire... So I was wondering, what would break if, let's say... Autofire on a single target gave you a flat -2 OCV for the shots included in the attack but you rolled once for each shot? Instead of the "for each 2 above the enemy's DCV you hit with one more shot", obviously...
  10. Thanks, Drunk, it ended up being maybe a bit too grim for my own tastes, but the grim parts are buried deep under a chunky layer of good and kind people. For instance, there's a very low-level super-villain called Dr. Mischievous, who is totally harmless and does some petty crime, like stealing candy or pets. He makes sure to harm no one and generally works with new rogues to get arrested by them in the most flashy fashion, to get their fame up. Also, each time he gets arrested, he's broken out by a mysterious super-villain group called the Black Parlor. They're all dressed in bla
  11. The Government's misdeeds As you can see, the government is kind of the overarching villain of the setting. They are indeed quite villainous, but it's only a limited, secret branch, and for instance cops aren't as anti-rogues as the rest. Since Rafael's apparition, the government created the ASHRRaD, the Agency for Super Human Regulation, Research a Development. While it was initially thought as an organisation aimed at peacefully regulating superhumans and helping superheroes (and some branches, like the ASCF, the Anti Super-Criminality Force, still do just that) it was quick
  12. Hey, I'm the newbee who wondered what a Champions campaign was supposed to look like, and at some point I said I needed some feedback on my setting. I went homebrew because I'm simply better at homebrewing things than at following a pre-made thing, but I wont throw using premade thing like factions out the window either. This setting is very highly inspired by the web-novel "Worm", by Civil War and by the Incredibles. In short, heroes are outlawed unless chaperoned by the government. Rogue heroes are untrusted by the general populace and form a very underground, close knit and stre
  13. Damn, this is A LOT of excellent advice, and not only for HERO games either, most of it is actually applicable to my D&D games, thanks a thousand times guys! I'll try to give Strike Force a look, and I'll follow your advice, Spence and start writing plot lines. Since this has been asked multiple times, I generally have more combat-focused campaigns in D&D, but combats that matter. I'm also a sucker for very personal motivations, generally the foes are very close to the characters, or the characters have a DNPC on the line. I also like more mundane, less flashy
  14. I'm having the hardest time wrapping my head around this, but I can't for the life of me imagine what a Champions campaign looks like in action. I'm coming from D&D 5e where there's a clear path, clear maps, there's a dungeon and if not, at least the party sticks together... But I can't see this working with super heroes. Maybe the clear path part works, but clear maps ? I don't know, of lairs, maybe, but clearly not as much as in D&D, modern cities are much harder to map out... Also, the secret identity stuff really messes with my ability to visualize a "party" of super heroes
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