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  1. Hey Bigdamnhero, I just wanted to say thanks for writing up this movement example!! I see nobody else replied, but i think that's very cool, and will definitely give it a shot when our Star Hero campaign gets to space combat. Standard Hero vehicle combat is okay for ground and air vehicles, but i really was not looking forward to trying to use it in space. I'm a firm believer in inertia and the vacuum of space. Without air under ones wings or asphalt under ones tires, things are be different. It really annoys me when some sci-fi shows depict space battles as airplane dogfights
  2. Yeah, good point, duuhhrr.. I wasn't thinking it through fully. So then buying a skill to 14- would instead be buying roll bonuses. Got it. Needing to translate the printed material in one's brain constantly hurts my brain a bit... But i concede that it is 6 of one .5 dozen of the other. Last lingering question though.. Does roll-high still give the same degree of intuition? I'm not sure and am admittedly biased... But it seems that adjusting the goal might give a better and more "always on" intuitive sense. We play with two small 3d6 charts on the outside "Player surface"
  3. I have 2 cents for this thread, as I also have a new game group (old friends, new to hero system) which i'm starting a Star Hero campaign with. They naturally asked about the roll low thing, but I cleared them up and made them pretty happy in maybe 5 minutes by explaining: A: Think Golf. This isn't some alien concept, par is like your success goal, which means LOW. Just this one point got me 90% there with my group. B: GM applied modifiers are a big part of hero system, and if you want them to be intuitive, one simply must use a roll low mechanic. B.1: It's quite ele
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