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  1. You have a certain point Oh, I love the Zoomers! I am also terrified of them.
  2. I like that. I'm running with that.
  3. Nah, not much these days. My husband was running a GURPS fantasy game when the pandemic started (just family, to get the kiddo gaming) and that worked right up until he got sick last summer (that was...not fun). Since then the closest we get is watching my daughter bluff her way through Among Us. 😇 You?
  4. I am so glad you're having fun with it! I recently dug out some of my really old gaming stuff (like...play by snail-mail?! My dude, I am *SO OLD NOW*) to show my daughter and it's really neat to have the written record!
  5. Thank you, Chris! 😀 Aw, you! And thanks for the heads up. 😀
  6. Hey!! I feel like a prodigal daughter! ❤️ Also, you guys are making me look cool in front of my teenager and for that you all rock! 😂 -SCM
  7. You GUYS! Thanks, this made my day (and thanks @Sketchpadfor letting me know about the thread). If there is a thing you're looking for specifically, let me know and I can go through backups. (I'd intended to take down everything except for Red October but couldn't bring myself to do it.) -SCM
  8. Re: Regency HERO Resources I don't think my husband would forgive me if I didn't! -Shelley
  9. Re: Reboot HERO It seems to me that there was a Reboot HERO floated around on the 'net a very long time ago -- like ten years -- but I'll be darned if I can remember who was behind it. Jim Dickinson, maybe?
  10. Re: Dem's the Breaks That explains it! I saw two movies during law school, and the League wasn't one of them. (And Disney? Not if I can help it.) The novel sounds fun, though. Shelley
  11. Re: Dem's the Breaks I have no idea who this is.... Shelley
  12. Re: Regency HERO Resources Ack! I end up with the Smiths song in my head every time I think of that title! Shelley
  13. Re: Dem's the Breaks When and if! As if a new law practice or pregnancy ever slowed anyone down! (OK, so I'm a year late to this thread -- it's been a busy one! And yes, I'm still chugging along.) Shelley PS: And I've got lots of fodder for "Calamitous Clients," Steve!
  14. Re: Regency HERO playlist I just dug through my secret stash of Regencies and can't find it, which means it's probably somewhere in the garage. Mea culpa! It was a rare Regency in that it was set entirely in Ireland, featuring an Irish highwayman hero-politician and a bluestocking artist heroine. A traditional Regency romance (that's actually a term of art, as compared to a historical Regency romance) is a tame book. Usually it's a short (250ish pages) Jane Austen like comedy of manners that will end with a happily-ever-after without any sex. (There are exceptions, but that's the general rule.) They're pretty PG-13 rated. To stay safe, look for Signet/Zebra/Jove Regency titles, and go to paperback book exchanges to pick them up on the cheap. Georgette Heyer is the queen of the genre, but I also like books by Elizabeth Mansfield and Barbara Metzger. (Most of the pen names of the authors are really contrived.) A historical Regency is a long novel that usually has half-naked people on the covers. It usually features some pretty gory sex scenes (that make ME blush, and I've written sex scenes). I don't find them as entertaining as the traditional Regencies, and usually the historicals feature too much internal relationship conflict to keep my interest.
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