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  1. I'm just coming to 6E and I'm converting characters over from 5th but I feel that I really have to fix this combat skill issue for my own games because I like Skill levels and don't want to see them shelved for a superior alternative mechanic (purchasable CV). Without having you guys going round in circles again (I see both sides of your arguments but I like the construct of Skill Levels as is - flexibility, adding damage, and to some degree just being a little different), I'm just curious as to how 5pts per +1OCV/DCV was arrived at as a cost under the system? I notice that the cost to build DEX, SPD, and CV is now double what it was under previous editions (e.g., a DEX 15, SPD 3 character would cost you 20 points and come with CV 5. In 6th all this costs you 40pts). Was 5pts therefore chosen for this reason, or am I missing some other mechanical reason? As Hugh said, if you remove the damage add from skill level use, it also affects how things like Talents are built. My point is would increasingly the cost of CV slightly (between 6-8 points) cause massive ripple-throughs in the system? Or is CV just self-supportive that I could tinker with it a little and not damage other parts of the rules? Its true, as GnomeBODY said that you don't want to make CV so expensive as to people would take levels instead, but is 5 as a cost more open to tweaking without detriment to the system? The 1/2 DC add per Skill level equates to what, about 4 points? (Zero End, Can add to normal or killing damage, Extra Time 0 phase to assign) so need to figure that into the cost of what a floating point of CV is. I need to do maths. I think Massey is correct in saying that "Sometimes you just have to accept that there are just going to be cost breaks" (apologies for paraphrasing) you just don't want the cost break to undermine to the point where the alternative is scrapped. At the moment, 20 points for +2OCV & +2DCV permanently, is far better than two levels with All Combat. What if CV cost 7 points? Then that would be 28pts vs 20pts - which would allow the addition of an extra level in HtH. Your choice would then be +2 OCV +2DV permanently or a +3 Floating CV (with the drawback that you have to assign it) and 1 extra DC (1 1/2 but you get my drift).
  2. Making a multipower necessary in order to simulate boosting skill is not something that I personally would like to do. Seems excessive, especially in an Heroic campaign. I'm just wondering why OCV/DCV are costed at 5pts a point?
  3. Rather than alter the Skill Costs, what about charging more for OCV/DCV? Say, 8 points each? (I presume that they cost 5 points because the changes in 5rEd DEX/SPD/OCV/DVC to 6E were costed up to be double. If so I don't know if there was a specific reason for that).
  4. Anyone know if this spell/ability is written up somewhere? (6E)?
  5. I’ve been talking about this recently with some of my players. I’m thinking of the next Heroic level game I run having the Speed capped at four, with the CHA Max being set at 3.
  6. I'd purchase this if only it were 38mm (1 1/2") scale. This is the scale of Heroclix which provide all of the figures I use for supers-gaming.
  7. Re: What Have You Watched Recently? Not that I am aware of.
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