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I'm going to stat out some LOTRO NPCs for a BFRPG game. These will be Bregdal (Human fighter), Brethilor (Elf healer), Bori (Dwarf fighter) and Bingo Boffin (Hobbit rogue). Since their names all begin with the letter B, they shall be known as The B-listers.


On a different note:



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On 6/3/2024 at 2:38 AM, Ninja-Bear said:

Who knew that kobolds became nasty in DnD 5e? Pack Tactics are powerful!


One of my friends in our 2nd Edition AD&D game had achieved a 12th level Lord (fighter) and decided to go adventuring on his own.  He was arrogant in his abilities and went into the badlands where he was lured into a prepared ambush where is warhorse was a liability and his movement restricted.  Many kobolds died as they shot and grappled with him to the point that he was eventually hogtied and unable to move.  The last thing he saw was a kobold chieftain who took off his helmet and brought a club down on his head.


He woke up in the badlands with few hitpoints and all his magic stripped from him. 


The next six months of gaming was about him getting the old team together to go dig out an emboldened kobold tribe that had traded his VERY fancy magic items for low level magic daggers and arrows with some bought-in magical defences. being outnumbered and swarmed by kobolds willing to grapple and die to create advantage for their fellows was there even in 2nd edition.  I will bet it is much easier to do in 5th but I gave my players a healthy fear of going anywhere they were outnumbered unless they had properly planned an escape route.

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On 6/3/2024 at 10:55 AM, Cygnia said:

If I recall correctly, Tucker's Kobolds were a Thing even before 5e

Yeah but it’s the rolling with Advantage now that was the killer! I was rolling and hitting AC 19 several times. Here too Finesse weapons are nasty. short sword you have a +4 to hit and+2 to Damage due to DEX whereas a Mace has a -2 to Damage due to STR.

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SO, Kobolds in extremis aren't so bad so long as you have the staff of "Kobldic Overkill" a staff that delivers 5000 points of damage to any Kobo;d it hits, can be used in a sweep (more than one kobold hit) and only delivers 1 point of damage to any other creature, being or automaton struk by it and once claimed can not be dropped, given away, sold or lost. Also will not let you use any other melee weapon, or any ranged weapon once in melee range no matter what you are facing or how many.

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