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Need Suggestions for a Site to Host "Play-by-Post" HERO 5th Games

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I am trying to launch a "Play-by-Post" HERO 5th Pulp game and need a site where my players/I can share maps, discuss "In Character" and "Out-Of-Character" topics, roll dice, essentially game in an asynchronous fashion.  Just to be clear, I do not need a VTT...


I attempted to use "World Anvil" but everything there makes me feel like I spend FAR more time fighting their overly convoluted interface than creating my game content.  At one point, I attempted to generate a link to join my campaign that sent my player to a TOTALLY different campaign!  Argh!!!!


Does anyone have any suggestions for a low cost place to host a "Play-by-Post" HERO 5th game?


Thanks in advance!

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8 minutes ago, HeroGM said:

I would say WordPress but I don't think you can roll dice.

Thank you for the recommendation!

Apparently, there are some dice rolling plugins for wordpress...not sure how well they work.  I might just make all dice rolls and post the results.

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