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One of the takeaways from the Broncos' preseason game against the Cardinals seems to be that Denver's offensive line, one of the five most expensive in the NFL, apparently, is a sieve.


Now, on the one hand, Russell Wilson is already used to that. He had basically no O-line worth mentioning at any point during his years in Seattle. On the other hand, though, if Sean Payton really wants to make the running game a big feature of Denver's offense, this is not going to do.

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That resounding crash you heard was not, for a change, the sound of your NCAA brackets after your overall winner lost in the round of 32.


No, it's the sound of Trey Lance falling to QB 3 and going on the trade block...where he's got next to no value.  Report is early day 3...that's 4th round, IIRC.


Between the contract and non-production, and the assets they had to trade, this ranks decently close to the Ryan Leaf deal, and will very likely end up on "worst trades ever" lists reasonably soon. 


There's a HARSH!!! review of Kyle Shanahan's personnel management here:



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3 hours ago, Pariah said:


No, not this time.


Story points out...there's no QB depth controversy in Dallas.  Grier was never making the backup.  Clearly, Dak's not gonna play;  there's no need to see Rush, either.


Fine, Dallas gives the game to Grier as an extended, live audition tape under the most competitive conditions possible.  They also let him know to start calling around NOW.  Would you rather the 'boys sit Grier on the bench and don't tell him he'll be cut until after the game...and during the *flood* of cuts that'll happen?  


Grier can beat the rush, and, if nothing else, sign onto someone's practice squad, you'd think.  Might not sound very good...but it makes a heckuva lot more than wrangling carts at Wal Mart.

EDIT:  CBS Sports but the Lance trade as the worst draft-day trade ever...beating the Ricky Williams trade.

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1 hour ago, unclevlad said:


EDIT:  CBS Sports but the Lance trade as the worst draft-day trade ever...beating the Ricky Williams trade.


Yeah, the sports media (if not the 49ers fanbase) is calling for Shanahan's head over this one.  He traded away three firsts and a third for the pick they used on Lance, and netted one season of backup QB play and a fourth rounder.

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OK...just saw this.  Email that actually got pushed into spam, but legit....


There's now a class action lawsuit related to NFL Sunday Ticket.  




My initial feeling is, there's not much of a case here.  Those out of market rights are valuable...but if they're offered to multiple streaming services, the value drops FAST for the streamers.  NFL Sunday Ticket is sufficiently attractive to draw subscribers, and NFL rights of any kind are huge...look at the deal for TNF.  And, if the viewership gets split among multiple streamers, the audience fragments, and the ad rates on each have to be lower.

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4 hours ago, Logan D. Hurricanes said:

Jags' preseason game last night got called after a Dolphin was carted off the field with injury. Glad it was just preseason so they could call it without controversy. 




Just noted on Bottom Line that the player has been released from the hospital.

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To parallel what UV said, "best Broncos coaches since Peyton Manning (or Mike Shanahan)" is not exactly a high bar to clear.


But I expect you're right. They might just be the third best team in the AFC West this year instead of the fourth.

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16 hours ago, Pariah said:

So outgoing Cowboys QB Will Grier had one of the greatest preseason games in the history of anything ever, with starting QB Dak Prescott acting as offensive coordinator for the game.


Wait, what?!


Hey, it's one way to break up the monotony, and it's not like there was any way they could *lose*.........

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