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Don't read too much into it, altho I agree with you overall.  Week 1, bad weather.  Teams seem willing to blow off the first couple weeks in exchange for NOT risking QB1 during preseason.  


Payton starts the season with an onside kick??????


And of course, the Donkeys touch it too early.  REAL close, but too early.

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12 minutes ago, unclevlad said:

What is going on with PATs today????  

Oh.  Week 1.  Nuff said.

Yup. Well, there's always next week. Meanwhile, out here in the west, the Seachickens of Seattle couldn't seem to find whatever magic Geno had going last season. And they didn't even come out for the second half. I don't have a clue who those guys were in the Sqwuaks uniforms.

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The collective heart rate of the city of New York just jumped a billion.


Couple plays in, Rodgers comes out after getting sacked.  Didn't get mashed, but I think an ankle might've rolled, which maybe triggered something else...?  Dunno but he had to leave the game.


EDIT:  that spike just repeated.

Rodgers being taken off the field on the cart.

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Ankle injury, X-rays are negative, but that doesn't say much.  Strained ligament/tendon...?  He was shown getting off the cart and walking into the training room, so that probably limits it;  it's not a blown Achilles, for example.  


And the bad part for Jets fans is...they spent ALL summer, they brought in Lazard and Cobb...to run Rodgers' offense.  So not only do they have to fall back on a terrible backup...Wilson's QBR was 29th...it's in an offense that's designed for someone else.  The values of both Cobb and Lazard drop.


The fact that we did see him walk into the training room suggests Rodgers won't miss that many games, but still, the season's not very long either.  First several weeks have no byes, too.

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Bills may yet escape, but man...Burrow STANK UP the joint, Allen's got 4 TOs.  Remind me why these guys combine to make more money than a small country...


WEIRD!!!! season start.


Bettors take note...in Jets games, take the under.  Can't read TOO much into a week one atrocity, not with the abject, paranoid risk aversion that's pretty darn rampant...but the Jets' defense has been by FAR the best unit tonight.


EDIT....and then THAT happens.  BOOM!!!!

Totally deserved Bills loss.  This one may well hurt come end of the season.

Bills, Bengals, and Chiefs ALL lose in week 1.  Stunning.

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Packers offensive lineman David Bakhtiari had some choice words for the NFL on Monday night after watching his former teammate, Aaron Rodgers, get injured during the first quarter of the Jets game against the Bills. 



WTF!!!! That injury is TURF related. Can we put an end to this s*** already.


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Yeah, even if it's a partial tear, that's not 4-5 months, I'm pretty sure.  




Jets' Super Bowl odds dropped pretty sharply when he was taken out...and WORSE now.  VegasInsider shows FanDuel's dropped them to +6500;  BetMGM, +5000.  For reference, that's worse than the Broncos and Steelers...at least at FanDuel.  Obviously the odds, this early, will be pretty spread out, site to site.

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4 hours ago, Starlord said:

When Achilles was lost for the season in the game against the Trojans, I wonder how it was listed on the injury report....


I'm pretty sure his injury was career-ending. And by "career" I mean "life". 


And now for the latest twist in the saga of Aaron Rodgers:


Are Sportsbooks Refunding Player Prop Bets on Aaron Rodgers After His Injury?


Okay, I understand that people are upset that they're going to lose money because of what happened to Aaron Rodgers. It doesn't seem fair. But hey, guess what? Gambling is not fair. It's stacked in favor of the house and always has been. Unpredictable and unfortunate things happen, and they are largely outside of your control as a bettor. That's why it's called gambling. You pay your money, you take your chances. It's great when you win; it sucks when you lose. That's a feature, not a bug.


So if it's me running that sportsbook, my line is, "Sorry, no refunds."


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