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More space news!

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Sunset on Mars:  

This isn't really news; I just hadn't heard this point until today's meeting, in one of the prize lectures.   The neutron star - neutron star merger 18 months ago that was seen in gravitatio

A couple of quibbles here.   Most of these are in the Venus section of the above ... the quote "only three missions" to Venus omits several Soviet Venera landers in the 1960s; no one else ha

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Re: More space news!


Trojan asteroids typically do not orbit right at the Lagrangian points but in tadpole-shaped loops around them, due to the gravitational attraction of other bodies in the solar system. However, 2010 TK7's tadpole orbit is unusually large, at times taking it nearly as far as the opposite side of the sun from the Earth.

Whoa! Is it just me, or does that orbit sound like Orpheus?

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