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Detecting cell-phone signal leakage from Earth across interstellar distances


(technical journal paper, free access)


Kind of a follow-on from a paper that came out in 1978, which inverted the SETI problem: what would Earth look like in terms of radio emissions, to (hypothetical) radio observers in orbit around other stars?  This new paper looks at cell tower emissions. 


We're still d**n hard to see.

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Evidence of a dying star devouring its doomed planet. Since it was a jovian planet that was getting cooked for a long time before the final plunge, this was probably not the funeral pyre of a great and good civilization. The aliens would have died or left long before.




Dean Shomshak

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On 5/3/2023 at 12:28 PM, Scott Ruggels said:

That was the paper long ago that posited you could almost map continents by the period of rotation, plus when shows would "appear?" So you could get a rough map.



Yeah, I have a PDF of that paper, which is hard to find now.  A pity we haven't got any detections; it would interesting to see what current deconvolution codes could get out of a real dataset.

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Thanks to Cancer for the link he posted (in the "Super-Earths" thread) to NASA's Exoplanet Archive, which in turn links to this story about an exoplanet that is estimated to be a bit larger than Earth -- but may be hypervolcanic, like Jupiter's moon Io, because like Io it's tidally flexed by the competing tugs from its primary and from sibling secondary bodies (in this case, other exoplanets). It sounds like an incredible setting for an SF adventure. The night side, kept above the freezing point of water by volcanoes and heat leaking from the day side, reminds me of William Hope Hodgson's The Night Land. (In which the Earth of the incredibly far future has also stopped turning, hm.)


NASA’s Spitzer, TESS Find Potentially Volcano-Covered Earth-Size World (caltech.edu)


Dean Shomshak

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