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A Thread for Random Videos

Super Squirrel

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Re: A Thread for Random Videos


Holy **** That Is Awesome!!!!


That plane is pretty impressive as well to be able to handle those maneuvers. Simply... wow... and to do it in such a small area. That dude has some serious skillz!

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Re: A Thread for Random Videos




Just barely qualifies....but strangely addictive (make sure you have sound on or are using headphones). Work-safe.



strangely addictive yes.. to the point where I need to know what the heck that song is....


very strange little thing that. very strange.

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Re: A Thread for Random Videos


For those that have not experienced the wonder that is Ask A Ninja...here is a video explaining


Wait...what's this? Well well well. You know the old saying: Where there's ninjas, there's pirates.


Not to be outdone by their archenemies, the pirates counter with






(I laughed till I cried on these. Maybe it's just late...)

It took me three viewings before I realized his patch kept switching eyes.

Very Funny.

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Re: A Thread for Random Videos


Be afraid... be very afraid... don't watch this more than once or you shall have a most demonic song stuck in your head.


That . . . Frightens me.


I shall never buy Folgers coffee, so long as I live.


*is NOT a morning person*


I need to go play some Leonard Cohen to scrub that out of my brain.

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Re: A Thread for Random Videos


What if Mightybec was a director for Smallville? Well, an episode might go something like this




I don't recall much language if any, but I wouldn't say it is work safe.

Yep, that was done by Mightybec. Thank the stars he doesn't have superpowers.


Did you notice that "lana" was reading a bio of Christopher Reeve?

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