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I admit I've got no idea who she is.


Obviously Durkon's baby-mama. Or he is her baby-daddy, if you prefer.


But when she was previously mentioned... no idea. Guess I  have to do some re-reading.


But also, go high level PCs vs. vamp minions! Although V lost some levels. That's bad.


The team really needs to get a new cleric. Hey... wait a moment... she's a cleric! OMG! (winky face here to indicate I'm being comical.)

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9 hours ago, drunkonduty said:

Also, how long do dwarf babies take to gestate? Coz that's a very little baby.

At least 9 months like human babies? We can asume slightly slower growing up as result of longer life expectancy (that is a fantasy trope).

V spend longer studying Level 1 magics then most other members of the OOTS are alive. It is just one of the many wierdnesses of the D&D settings.

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