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  1. Sheela-Na-Gig even has her own theme song (by the wonderful Miss Polly Jean Harvey.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgoC15Lom-M
  2. Do you have a list of specific powers you are trying to build? Imitating someone would be Shapeshift with the imitate a specific person adder. The limitation could be something like the target must tell you there name themself, maybe worth -1/2. (Slightly more than just Incantations.) Illusions would be Images and/or Mental Images. Making the powers feel fae/otherworldly would be a matter of the limitations chosen and the roleplay.
  3. I'm pretty sure the Strait of Gibraltar is too deep to be simply blocked. But... Yeah, knocking the Rock of Gibraltar into the strait and jamming it is pretty much peak super heroes.
  4. I hear that. I should be better given my career choices but...
  5. Agreed, I don't see them building anything after they've achieved their goals (whatever that might look like.) Although now I say it I'd like to know Pantera's idea of the correct model for social services, it'd look like Hunger Games and Running Man mashed together. Just thought of something else Eurostar could do - cause trouble at well known flashpoints. Umm... the following touches heavily on real world politics, so, um, let me know if you want it removed. Eurostar could cause trouble in Crimea, probably in Sevastopol itself, and leave evidence to make
  6. Wrecking Economies. Well, there's the Australian method. Never, ever, invest money in 2ndry industry and watch as your economy becomes more and more backward. I mean, when did "value added" ever add value to anything? Culturally specific economics jokes* aside; if I were a super villain and I wanted to wreck an economy I'd focus on choke points in the logistics chain. A choke point is by definition smaller and therefore more easily destroyed by a handful of super villains. Honestly can't think of a European example but the Malacca Strait (between Sumatra and the Malaysian peninsula
  7. Looks very interesting. Are the files .hdc?
  8. I live in Canberra. A less magical place I cannot imagine. But I guess now I have some things to go check out on quiet weekends.
  9. Full disclosure: I haven't seen Justice League. Neither of them. And I'm not going to bother. So please take anything I say with that in mind. (ie: based on hearsay🙂) There's no doubt the movie suffered from being put out too soon; doing so put them (the movie makers) in the bind of choosing between including the characters' backgrounds or not. I don't think there was ever going to be a good answer to that problem. So I feel that many of the movie's problems originated with the suits at WB. That being said, I've seen enough of Snyder's work to know he was never going t
  10. I liked the video. It really explains Snyder's problem - he's a pretentious film student.
  11. When I read that actor's complaint I got an eye tic. Actors are not in charge of the shooting schedule or the continuity. If she had had her way you could easily wind up with a change of hairstyle every time the character appeared on screen. Just... aaarrrghh!
  12. DnD can't even do a decent Fighter/Wizard.
  13. Agreed that the Southern Cross has more history with labour organisation. It's just that, in the last decade or so, I always see it linked with white racist movements. But I like you're idea of two supes punching one another for the right to claim it for their cause.
  14. In broader context I'm undecided on whether or not I'd allow Haymaker and Pushing in the same campaign rules. Currently leaning slightly against it and thinking one or the other, but not both. That being said, which ever option (haymaker or push) I went with I'd certainly allow characters to use it, repeatedly if need be, to boost their EGO and/or Mental attacks. I agree with Jhamin that there are a limited set of special effects that'd interact with the average mental entangle. Pushing EGO would always be an option against BoECV entangles. But I'm not sure if an Ego B
  15. In terms of hero and villain cliche motifs I think animal ones are the most likely. Australians are proud of the wide variety of animals that can kill you. We're weird that way. Snakes, spiders, crocodiles, and sharks would all be popular choices. I can also see a less serious super going by Combat Wombat. I'm picturing a low level brick, some KB resistance, maybe a utility belt with a few tricks. Flag suits are just not Australian. We don't have the same attitude to/culture around the national flag as Americans. And nowadays such flag waving as there is is usually associated with
  16. A quick google says the term goes back to 1828 and was used pejoratively by white settlers to refer to the supposed habit of Indigenous Australians to disappear when they should be at work. I'd have to go into a pretty long and involved history lesson to explain why that on-the-surface simple explanation has a lot of ugly assumptions included in it. Let it simply be said Indigenous Australians do not appreciate the word. As for the movie, keep in mind it's a movie by white people for white people. It doesn't make much effort to understand Indigenous life or traditions. I mean, it's
  17. Back on Lord of the Rings - it certainly suffers from character overload. A modern publisher would probably reject it on that alone. Me, I love the world building as much as the story. But it does lead to a long waffling narrative that, in all fairness, needs to be cut down if you want to make some movies out of it. I think the earlier parts of the story suffer from a distinct lack of direction. It's more a series of unlinked episodes. It's probably not until Rivendell that the plot actually comes into focus. The movies hurry it up by cutting out the unnecessary stuff. I can't faul
  18. No worries. Until a couple of years ago I thought the same thing.
  19. Just a note for the non-Australians. I noticed one of the characters linked to in the "Create a Villain" is called The Abo. Please do not use that word, it's a racist slur on the level of the N word. While we're on it - Walkabout is also pretty bad. It's part of the "lazy blacks" myth. Thanks.
  20. So is the guy voicing the Nazgul in that clip the same guy who voices Skeletor? Edit: IMDB says "No." ☹️ But Eowyn shares her voice with Ariel from the Thundarr cartoons, so that's cool.
  21. Just binged 5 eps of season 3 Wellington Paranormal yesterday. 😁
  22. I'd like to see Halathaloorm. It sounds like something out of the Eternal Champion series.
  23. Oohhhhh. I see now. Sorry, I misunderstood. Still like it, I think it's a good guide. One I will happily steal next time I get to run a supers game.
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