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  1. I'm very interested in this topic as well. My wife and I are moving cross-country but our gaming group has been going for over 10 years and we don't want to stop. I need something I can run Hero with remotely. Hopefully something that doesn't cost much.
  2. I've watched two episodes of The Boys on Amazon. Holy... I've never read the comic, had no idea what this was about. It's an ever darker deconstruction than Watchmen and, so far at least, very well done.
  3. Yeah, sure Lou. We'll all get off your lawn now too. I could never take his Hulk seriously, with that fright wig and not being bullet-proof and all.
  4. June 10, 1944 - Six weeks shy of his 16th birthday, Joe Nuxhall becomes the youngest person to play in a major league contest in this century. After being called in the ninth inning into a 13-0 rout by the Cardinals at Crosley Field, the 15-year-old high school southpaw, who will stay in the Reds organization for over sixty years, becoming best known as the voice for the team’s radio broadcasts, retires the first batter he faces, but is unable to get out of the inning, yielding five walks, two hits, one wild pitch, and five runs. I grew up listening to The Old Lefthander on Reds broadcasts in the '70s and early '80s. "Rounding third and heading for home."
  5. That was the one fundamental lesson that movie-Pa taught to Clark that was the direct opposite of what comics-Pa taught him: you and your secret are more important than human lives. That created the personality in the movie universe that doesn't lead Zod out of populated areas, and ends up snapping his neck. That is why movie-Supes is not really Supes, because DCEU Pa Kent screwed him up.
  6. "We may have both started off as angels but you are fallen." "I didn't really fall, I just, you know...sauntered vaguely downwards." I miss Terry Pratchett.
  7. June 3rd 1888 - The first publication of Ernest L. Thayer’s poem Casey at the Bat appears in the San Francisco Examiner. The work is originally published under the pen name ‘Phin’, because the poet feels embarrassed by what he considers to be bad verse and decides to keep his identity a secret, until others come forward to claim the work to be their own. 1953 - Congress cites the research of New York City librarian Robert Henderson in proving that Alexander Cartwright founded baseball and not Abner Doubleday. His 1947 book Bat, Ball and Bishop documents Cartwright’s contributions to the origins of the game of baseball.
  8. Here's another one from a couple of years later. This character is still going strong, and although his powers have had an overhaul with each new version, he's still in the same costume! You just don't mess with a good design.
  9. I dug out my very first character sheet, from 1982. My forum avatar is a City of Heroes version of this character.
  10. Stop watching comedy?!? That would be like refusing to eat dinner. Recently watched comedies: Season 3 of The Santa Clarita Diet. Unfortunately it's been cancelled. Brockmire. Oh no, adult humor! Plus baseball! What We Do In The Shadows. An enjoyable series version of the Taika Waititi-Jemaine Clement movie. Speaking of Jemaine Clement, I recently watched the concert special Flight of the Conchords: Live in London, after binging both seasons of the HBO series. Next up is to binge the new season of Barry on HBO.
  11. Forty years ago today: the day the Chicago Cubs scored 22 runs...and lost. https://www.bleedcubbieblue.com/2019/5/17/18629215/today-cubs-history-phillies-cubs-20-runs "There were 11 home runs hit in this game: three by Kingman, one each by Buckner, Martin and Steve Ontiveros for the Cubs, and two by Schmidt, and one each by Maddox, Bob Boone and pitcher Randy Lerch for the Phillies. To this day this remains the National League record for home runs by both teams in a game. It’s been done four times, three at Wrigley Field, but this was the last such occurrence."
  12. Interesting; my wife does the same thing. I just finished all six seasons of Letterkenny, and I'm a better person for it.
  13. "Nougat, eh? I like a candy bar that...fights back."
  14. I saw it tonight and I think this was the most thoroughly entertaining of any DC movie yet. I didn't read Capt. Marvel growing up, I just knew of him and the Marvel family in general, and what little I've seen of the character in the animated shows, so I had next to zero expectations. Very well done. Mark Strong was good as usual, but Zachary Levi really nailed it. I really liked how they handled all the flying too, the hovering and aerial combat were great.
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