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  1. "I"m eighty-seven percent guns, violence, and destruction and I still have friends."
  2. I'm digging the final season of Killjoys. I've always been a fan of strong female protagonists and Dutch is on that list (make room, Gwen Bloody Cooper!). The series seemed to bog down a bit last season but it's back to being crazy fun. I'm gonna miss it.
  3. 😁 I think it's better than that, even. I gave up on Arrow and Supergirl last season. I haven't started watching this season of Flash yet and I may not. I do plan to watch all the Crossover episodes 'cause that stuff is too much fun. The only one I still really look forward to is Legends.
  4. Well, Legends accomplished that by almost completely shifting tone to a self-aware, almost campy vibe. It stopped taking itself seriously and became nothing but mindless fun. I don't see such a tonal shift in the future for Batwoman. DISCLAIMER: I haven't watched it and don't plan to. The whole idea of a "strong, independent woman" who has to adopt another man's money, gear, and entire schtick to be a strong, independent female hero is too much irony for me. And I'm a guy who loves strong female protagonists. I just like independent women to actually be independent.
  5. I miss this show a lot more than I thought I would.
  6. I like your take on Enterprise, but as to The Rebel Generation: cynical Star Trek ain't Star Trek. DS9 is pretty much as dark as ST ever can be without becoming something else entirely.
  7. That's on my list of movies that should never be remade. Don't $#&@ with perfection. I would love to see an actual Wild Wild West movie, 'cause the one we got wasn't one.
  8. I'll counter-point that: I never liked Riker, especially after he allowed Ferengi ... Ferengi! ... to steal the Enterprise, and then later when he ran the Enterprise into a planet. Never give this guy command of your starship. But I still like the use of his beard for this thread. I loved Farscape and I agree, it was a bit uneven until Scorpius showed up.
  9. "I need to purify myself first. Cleanse my vision. And in order to do that I need to get my hands on some lynx urine." "Oh, ummm, okay, so where are you gonna find lynx urine?" "I got a lady." Nods. "You got a lynx urine lady."
  10. Abrams' first Star Trek movie wasn't terrible, but archer's right, the guy doesn't understand what makes Star Trek Star Trek. HIs aren't Star Trek movies: they don't examine the human condition; they don't turn a critical eye toward social issues or even posit a positive view of the future. They're slam-bang popcorn action flicks with Star Trek trappings. The Force Awakens wasn't a terrible movie but it's really just a remake, so he gets scant credit from me for that. His production company might find a way to make some good DC movies but I wouldn't let him personally near one.
  11. I'm very interested in this topic as well. My wife and I are moving cross-country but our gaming group has been going for over 10 years and we don't want to stop. I need something I can run Hero with remotely. Hopefully something that doesn't cost much.
  12. I've watched two episodes of The Boys on Amazon. Holy... I've never read the comic, had no idea what this was about. It's an ever darker deconstruction than Watchmen and, so far at least, very well done.
  13. Yeah, sure Lou. We'll all get off your lawn now too. I could never take his Hulk seriously, with that fright wig and not being bullet-proof and all.
  14. June 10, 1944 - Six weeks shy of his 16th birthday, Joe Nuxhall becomes the youngest person to play in a major league contest in this century. After being called in the ninth inning into a 13-0 rout by the Cardinals at Crosley Field, the 15-year-old high school southpaw, who will stay in the Reds organization for over sixty years, becoming best known as the voice for the team’s radio broadcasts, retires the first batter he faces, but is unable to get out of the inning, yielding five walks, two hits, one wild pitch, and five runs. I grew up listening to The Old Lefthander on Reds broadcasts in the '70s and early '80s. "Rounding third and heading for home."
  15. That was the one fundamental lesson that movie-Pa taught to Clark that was the direct opposite of what comics-Pa taught him: you and your secret are more important than human lives. That created the personality in the movie universe that doesn't lead Zod out of populated areas, and ends up snapping his neck. That is why movie-Supes is not really Supes, because DCEU Pa Kent screwed him up.
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