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Foods for those that just don't care anymore


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Speaking of crises...


Went shopping this morning...decided what the plan for the next couple days would be.  (Permanent crown installed earlier...prudent to be a bit careful.)  So I'm winding down, thinking through...hmm...should get olive oil.


So I go to where it is.


The pain from the crown installation was wiped away rather quickly....


I typically get the store brand, 1 liter bottle...10 bucks, IIRC, recently.  Today?  $17.


WHOA.  And the name brands were even higher.  OK, yeah, I did see a story that several European crops were suffering from heat/drought conditions, and olives was one of em.  Well slap my face with a mackerel, I guess so.........

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ot this book for Christmas, forgot about it asa soon as we got back from Colorado. Rediscovered it a few days ago and began reading. There's a lot of crazy recipes in here, but Dylan says he only included the ones that taste good (with the exception of five really awful ones at the end). Gonna have to try some of these soon.





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I've heard high-end restaurant work was brutal for quite a while.


The points about Yelp...my gosh, yes.  Reviews generally have to be taken with a shaker of salt, but restaurant reviews are probably the most consistently off base.


The most surprising point?  Cooking school, by and large, is a waste of money.  And their reasoning is sound;  they're expensive, and they don't translate to better pay per se.  A university hospitality program is more about getting into management...not about being a chef.

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