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Foods for those that just don't care anymore


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2 hours ago, L. Marcus said:

Marie Antoinette would not hesitate to throw that to the plebs!


Well, in some incarnations, brioche practically IS a form of cake.

(Peter Reinhart's brilliant book, The Bread Baker's Apprentice, which won the James Beard and IACP cookbook of the year awards, lists 3 variations.  Rich Man's Brioche has 1 pound of flour, 5 large eggs (about 1/2 pound), and 1 pound of butter.  RICH!!!! is an understatement.  Note that a pound cake adds a pound of sugar...it is a cake, after all...and ups it to a pound of eggs.  And yeah, that brioche really is, I think, intended to be served sliced and covered with, say, a jam, marmalade, or the like.


And Marie Antoinette would clearly have the Rich Man's Version. :) 


At the low end, the biggest difference is the butter drops to 1/4 pound.  This is probably about the level where "brioche rolls" lie...quite soft, quite yummy, but now great for something like pulled pork or shredded, smoked brisket sandwiches, with a tangy sauce.

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22 hours ago, rravenwood said:

Yikes, if that doesn't call for a MacReady-Ripley flamethrower team-up then I don't know what does!


18 hours ago, unclevlad said:

I was thinking a full phaser volley.  STARSHIP phaser volley.


5 hours ago, Asperion said:

Something like that needs nothing less than a planet killer. 


Nuke it from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

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Oh hey, I know what that dish is....it's to SAVE the planet!!!  If Galactus comes by, hungry?  One look and HE'LL go elsewhere!!!



Or, in the MCU universe...dare we hope that the...inventor...of such an abortion was *snap*ped out of existence...and DIDN'T come back on Tony's?  That would be a fitting end, I'd say...

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