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The Academics Thread


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15 hours ago, Cancer said:


In principle yes, but as our deconstructionist tribble (he needs to change his user handle to that, BTW) would point out, "ninja" in the vernacular has drifted a little from its original meaning, so reinforcing the assassin bit isn't entirely gratuitous.


I am not going to type deconstructionist all the time, he will be Death Tribble and deal with it.

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2 hours ago, death tribble said:

I can't put down Deconstructionist Death Tribble as that is DDT which as we all know is a wrestling move known for its extensive use by Jake 'The Snake' Roberts.


But I'll get out the crane, it's deconstruction time again.
What is it this time ? We're laying a pipeline


Yeah, but you have tried to take me out with that move before in all fairness.  (been awhile since I heard his name, a bit nostalgic)

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On 10/03/2018 at 3:51 AM, Cancer said:

Well, in terms of connection to anything that really matters, "academic" fits in rather well here in the NGD.  So there's no reason to be alienated.


Unless you're gonna go all deconstructionism on us.  Then we'll have to send the undead ninja deathray assassin hookers after you.  I can't stand deconstructionism.


Cool. Excuse me while I get my alchemy books. 


Oh, and chemistry is just deconstructionalist alchemy. :winkgrin: 

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