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  2. I would be attracted to Damage Negation with charges. You would not need to buy much to provide solid protection to effective damage but would open up the idea of an overwhelming attack burning straight through a drone and still damage the character.
  3. Your first sentence (which isn't actually a sentence as it has no verb) was intended to indicate what, exactly? I'm asking because I really don't know what to make of it -- as the lack of verb renders it unclear as to whether you intended for the first sentence fragment to indicate COM appeared in each of those … or it could mean you checked them and it WAS NOT in them. Please clarify so that we know what you intended to convey.
  4. Currently I'm at work on another novel, so my gaming books are on the back burner but I've started work on this new module and have been working over the years on it based on an old game I ran in this setting. The core concept is that this is a huge forest on a key trade route between two major cities. Long ago there was a kingdom there, which fell under mysterious and awful circumstances. From then on the forest has been suspect and over time its gotten worse and worse. OK pretty pedestrian so far, but what I'm trying to do here is make a large sandbox adventure area for a campaign to run about in quite a while, whether trying to find out what went wrong or just to have a place to adventure. And there's a problem with the forest: its corrupted by fell forces. And the first interesting bit I'm working into it is based on an idea from the old Avalon Hill game called "Magic Realm." In that, the game board was built of hexagonal tiles to make a different layout every time. And the tiles could be enchanted by casting a spell on one of them, which flipped it to the other side, revealing a slightly different layout and some other effects. So I'm working that into this adventure where you can "flip" map sections you're in to cleanse it from fell influence -- temporarily at least -- which changes things about it, such as encounters, types of creatures and herbs in it, and more. There's a lot more to it but that's a teaser to what makes this more than just another evil haunted wood scenario. Over time I'll touch into this post and add bits, and when the novel is done and at the editors I can start to write again on it, building the scenario. Stay tuned.
  5. 12 Questions The Finale Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Didn’t Answer - ELLE https://apple.news/AIyk9fpTYSsContIeO1rVTg fair list.
  6. Finally, Running Man: The Game: The Book Version.
  7. Watch Gwendoline Christie Predict the ‘Game of Thrones’ Winner Years Before the Finale http://extratv.com/2019/05/20/watch-gwendoline-christie-predict-the-game-of-thrones-winner-years-before-the-finale/
  8. It was nice to see Marc Dacascos again, and not just as a stereotypical boss level fight.
  9. Q: We haven't heard from The Rock lately. What's going on? A: He believes he is the most intelligent being in the Universe. He is mistaken.
  10. Well, Sharon did leave SHIELD for the FBI after the events of Winter Soldier.
  11. Yogi the Bear meet Smoky the Bandit: Yogi the Bandit
  12. Q: What is Porky Pig eating over in that corner? A: He was killed by paper.
  13. I just want to increase the number of players who use the HERO System. There's a limited amount of gaming dollars available and HERO is getting virtually none of it. How could it hurt?
  14. Extrapolation from what is going on in our non-super world. Cyber villains are more successful than cyber heroes. There's a much larger payoff for a successful villain than there is for a successful hero. Not a lot of innate nobility in our species; it's why we respect the selfless and those who are naturally more giving than others. Take the word "Super" out of that question: No; there is no single coder at MS who could do all that effectively. I don't know, but I've been told the code, printed, for the MS OS would make an encyclopedia (of old. I have to remember those are relics now) look like a grammar school primer. Certainly there is a guy-- likely several-- who _could_ verify every single line of it. But there's no way he could do it effectively or even reasonably efficiently. There are, I would imagine, _lots_ of guys that go into that sort of work even today, yet there are still issues. Does every bug in Chrome get fixed in a remarkably short length of time? (seriously; I don't know: I don't use it beyond the cripple version of Android my phone runs) Is there a truly foolproof firewall today? I mean, if "supers" make the difference, then removing supers on both sides of the equations should still yield comparable results, right? Assuming that the ratio of super-good guys to super bad guys is consistent with the ratio of regular good guys to regular bad guys, then we're still sunk: we're outnumbered by bad guys, and some of them win. Adding "super" on both sides doesn't really solve it. (Honestly, this is one of the reasons I was never a comic book kid: I had a hard time buying into the greatness of superheroes when they were up against super bad guys. It's like one of them exists _only_ because the other does, and falls apart in silliness. :Fight the good fight! maintain the status quo! Not really. When I was first online, after about six months, I got bored and stayed off for a couple of years. I got back on, found this place (just prior to the launch of 5e) and hung around for a couple of years. Then I went off the internet again for a few years, and when I decided to get back online, well-- that was about two days to my return to this board. Dude, unless you are a seriously dedicated online shopper ("I refuse to let the sunlight touch my skin, even reflected from the moon!" ), there's really nothing out here but advertisements and arguments with total strangers. It's not really universally appealing. When I get bored again, or decided I'd rather do something else with my time, I'll probably shut the net off again for a couple of years. I remember back in ..91? 92? My wife got online and started a Facebook at the request of her sister. She played with for almost two weeks. Hasn't been back online since. Considering the schedule of people with _no_ secret lives, I don't find it difficult to believe that someone living two lives just doesn't bother to stay tethered to the internet. We build it up as a great wonderful way to meet people, but it isn't. It's a great way to share ideas with strangers, until you disagree vehemently enough, then you can work out your stress by yelling at each other. That's it. And youtube, when you don't know how to remove a particular piece from your car's interior. It's not a big magnet for every person. I can't see supers being any different: some like it, some don't. Some use it, some don't.
  15. Depends on the students in the team. Might be more than one.
  16. What dimensional portal are they opening for their project?
  17. Thanks for the update and I understand the travel blues. Luck with the TSA. - E
  18. Espionage, Justice Inc, Danger International, and Star Hero 1e. It's not in Fantasy Hero 1e, nor is it in Robot Warriors, and I'll admit to being slightly surprised at the latter two.
  19. Al-Hazred Hall, University of Massachusetts at Arkham, during Senior Projects week.
  20. That's a good point. I'm not sure I'd want to play that event, but that would be the kind of thing that a government would probably deputize their own supers to protect. Or supers taking it upon themselves to do. If there's something that supers are good at, though, it's getting around the usual sorts of controls to get the real story out. Clark Kent? Why in the world is he not doing stories from war zones? Or protecting refugees? Or finding out for sure whether there were or were not actually WMDs in Iraq?
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