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  2. David Koch is dead. I can't find a link that adequately describes his contribution to US (and thus world) politics in words that wouldn't get me into trouble. Here is the best I can do - the BBC: David Koch: Billionaire Republican donor dies aged 79
  3. Schadenfreude. 'I cannot get down': Terrified Pauline Hanson gets STUCK on Uluru while climbing the rock in protest before tourists are banned from scaling it Pauline Hanson is a far right politician in Australia.
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  5. Even when not written to a concept, the Who's albums seem to revolve around themes that happen to be the things Pete Townshend felt was important. There are at two three tracks on Who Are You about the creative process, and several others ab out the changes going on in the music industry at the time (the collapse of the Disco bubble, the emergence of Punk). This was Keith Moon's last album before his death. His alcoholism and other substance issues made recording difficult at best, and he was so far gone that Townshend even considered kicking him out of the band. Moon died witin a month of the album's release. Townshend knew the world of music was changing, and that the Who may not have been the sort of band that could remain artistically relevant with those changes.
  6. My feelings on Trump vs. Clinton are solidly of the “Pox on both their houses” variety. It saddened me—and still does—that out of 320+ million people in this country, we collectively decided these two were the best options. A more damning indictment of the two-Party system I expect never to see again. (At least, I hope never to. But who knows what next year will bring?)
  7. With this kind of thinking, we won't have to worry about future generations -- because they won't exist.
  8. Take the children and yourself And hide out in the cellar By now the fighting will be close at hand Don't believe the church and state And everything they tell you Believe in me, I'm with the high command Can you hear me, can you hear me running? Can you hear me running, can you hear me calling you? Can you hear me, can you hear me running? Can you hear me running, can you hear me calling you? There's a gun and ammunition Just inside the doorway Use it only in emergency Better you should pray to God The Father and the Spirit Will guide you and protect from up here Can you hear me, can you hear me running? Can you hear me running, can you hear me calling you? Can you hear me, can you hear me running? Can you hear me running, can you hear me calling you? Swear allegiance to the flag Whatever flag they offer Never hint at what you really feel Teach the children quietly For someday sons and daughters Will rise up and fight while we stand still Can you hear me, can you hear me running? Can you hear me running, can you hear me calling you? Can you hear me, can you hear me running? Can you hear me running, can you hear me calling you?
  9. In a single lifetime Genghis Khan led the Mongols from being scattered, warring tribes of barbaric horse nomads, to masters of the second-largest empire the world has ever seen. The sheer magnitude of that accomplishment is unmatched in history, and can seem almost supernatural. This was also the zenith of Mongolian history. They never again came close to such heights, although descendants of Genghis Khan ruled various fragments of the empire for a few centuries, and his name and legacy were invoked by his self-proclaimed "successors" including Timur and Babur. So it's understandable for modern Mongols to attach great national pride to Genghis Khan.
  10. Blu-rays would probably be exclusives to the Disney Movie Club, like the new Blu-ray versions of 20000 Leagues Under the Sea and The Black Hole.
  11. Thoughts on that new Crash Course on "Entrepenuership", since I dn't know what to make of it still. About midway through, there is discussion on "The Gig Economy", describing it as something it might not be without questioning whether things like ride-sharing services are actually even a good idea for those who actually provide the service. On the positive side, though, the presenter is really good.
  12. Is this really how Mongols today view Genghis Khan? This is the third or fourth Hu video I've seen that describes him in such terms, and here he's portrayed as almost a demigod or a messiah.
  13. Wow, yes people are. And Aftermath! Flashback, I had completely forgot about that game. It lasted 1 session with us. Back then in one of my gaming groups, half the group were cops. One guy really really loved the concept of aftermath and the detail of it. I can picture this guy you are talking about like that but to the nth degree to where it just isn't fun. Living Steel did seem like it could be fun, I never actually ran it. Just read the rules thoroughly and did some solo testing to make sure I understood how it all worked. I found Champions somewhere around 84 I think it was. An early edition, my brother introduced it to me. If I recall correctly, he had 2nd edition but picked up 3rd brand new and I was with him, and we played (He is 8 years older than me and introduced me to RPGs). It was totally different than D&D, Gamma World, mutants and masterminds etc. I fell in love. I was visiting him in Wash DC, and when I got home I had to find a copy for myself and introduce it to my friends. We loved it. I had no idea it had other genres until I saw a fantasy hero book and then my mind was blown and I started to use it for almost every game I played. I ran it exclusively for a long time, but still read other systems as a nut for game design. It was either homebrew or hero for many years. Then life put me in situations where I had no face to face group. I didn't roleplay consistently for a long time. I had a champions campaign I ran that I literally drove 3 hours one way to get to. That lasted about 5 months. Well 2 years ago I found a local gaming group, but they were all about D&D. After a few months I introduced them to shadowrun as an alternative and they fell in love, and been slowly introducing them to new stuff since. But most weren't interested in supers, until recently a couple people started, so I was able to introduce them to hero....That's when the bug bit me again, I was like "Why did I not introduce them to this before?" and so now I am doing the shadowrun crossover to try to plant the seeds. So yeah, slowly converting them. We went way off topic, but yeah it's great to reminisce. Aftermath. Holy cow did that bring back a flood of memories and ideas from back then. Yeah that is over 35 years ago. Wow.
  14. Piercing, not penetrating. From Advanced Players Guide #1.
  15. No objection to any of what you said (what works is what works), but I just wanted to flag that this is substantively different from how Penetrating works. I understood it was meant as an analogy, but it's so different from how it actually works that I wanted to make sure you'd reviewed the rules on it recently so you're sure your target solution is what you think it is versus what a player reviewing the rules might think.
  16. That explains a lot, actually. I've read Living Steel (and thought I might possibly enjoy it, honestly, but as I've noted elsewhere, from the time I first found Champions way back in 82 or so, pretty much every game I ever wanted to play, I just stuck on Champions running gear, with mods where appropriate). I remember that I found the potential complexity of Living Steel to put me very much in mind of Aftermath (again, with all the options on)-- the guy who ran our short-lived Aftermath campaign was-- and I understand you have know way of knowing this, but if you don't mind, just accept that when it comes from me, it's really saying something-- an absolute gun _nut_. Not just the "Oooh manly noise make dead thing" aspect, but the ballistics, etc. Which meant that if there was an option with regard to combat, it was _on_. All the multiple hit location charts (standing / sitting / prone / left / right / half cover / quarter-cover- blah blah blah--- d100 hit locations, section armor per hit location, damaged based on velocity / cross-section / mass of projectile--- you name it. Mostly, it just made sure that five of his friends never, ever wanted to play Aftermath ever again. It's funny. That was like.... forty years ago? We were buddies; pals-- roommates, for about six months. Without kidding, I can honestly say that after the prematurely-fizzled Aftermath campaign, I didn't even like him much. Still don't like him much. In a _bizarre_ bit of a twist, here about ten years ago, my sister-in-law married him. (They're divorced now. Oddly, they are _both_ serial romantics) Hadn't seen him in thirty years prior to the wedding. Still didn't like him, and it all seemed to revolve around just how painful that damned game was.... life's funny. People are worse.
  17. Finally saw Endgame. While well made and I have always liked the cast, I have liked each of the Avengers movies less and less overall. It isn't that anything in them was not well done. The solo movies have been fantastic and the initial Avengers was a home run, It is just that for me they get less interesting with each sequel. I won't discus any specifics, but for Endgame instead of avidly waiting to see "what will happen next?", it was "can it please get to the end faster?" As for the paywall shows. The initial info had me seriously thinking of reversing myself and trying D+. And then they started expounding and adding info. This line made me cringe. I'm not really looking forward to any of it now. Maybe after it hits rental or blu-ray I'll sample some of them. But not too likely.
  18. I wouldn't have minded seeing them develop a series based on Aunt May's home for wayward super teens. In the Ultimate universe, there was a point where she had Spidey, Gwen (as Carnage), Kitty, Iceman (mind drawing a blank, I know there were a couple others), might have had Torch there too as there were problems in FF. I have said to people in RL that I believe Disney + to be the only one of the streaming channels I would consider paying for. not only for the MCU stuff, but also the Star Wars stuff. Hate them as the megacorp they are, but truth is, Disney (and through the ability to let their child studios (Marvel, Pixar, illumination, etc) do their thing) know how to do entertainment and movies.
  19. Just logged in for a bit. Man, that was a trip down memory lane.
  20. Don't forget the main job of the Secret Service...to stop counterfeiters.
  21. I was using it as an extreme example. I read through the rules, and even had 2 of it's "Lighter" version, the aliens adventure game and Living Steel. The latter was a rulebook filled with awesome one liner quotes, such as 2 of my favorites that were from a legal judge in the setting "If you cooperate we will reduce the charge from hit and run manslaughter to littering" and "I might have ruled it an accidental shooting if you didn't reload. Twice." Anyway you can see the wiki here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phoenix_Command The system was incredibly detailed. Like a bullet you would track what hit location of many, if it would penetrate armor, it entering the body, any vital organs in that location, if the round would penetrate bone, if it travels to another body part due to angle of attack, if it exits or bounces, etc. Oh. My. Word. Reading it as a teenager, it sounded like the most realistic awesomest game ever. Then I tried to run it. Lesson learned. Anyway, between that, and rolemaster, spacemaster (whipping out the pythagorean theorem anytime you need to navigate) and a number of late 80s super complex games, I just never thought of Hero as the slowest ever. Finding out about phoenix command and reading into it may prove entertaining as to the level of detail they went to, and if you get tickled by it at all looking into it, I am glad I could introduce the entertainment. It was cra-cra. And vehicular combat was just as detailed. it makes shadowrun look like fudge in comparison.
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