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  1. I had to work tonight, but I would be interested in meeting next week to see if I click with your group.
  2. So, what tropes do your characters already have covered?
  3. I would be interested to learn a little more about it... Campaign particulars, etc. to see if you would have an interest in including me.
  4. Not sure what your schedule is, but I would certainly be interested.
  5. Cool, I won't worry about that particular issue then.
  6. Cool. I am wondering about something, it seems, and this may just be me, but the spell's effects (range) is off from the given numbers in the PHB. Seems that you have equated 10' (PHB) with 2 m (Hero)? Am I missing something here?
  7. One other thing I should ask is this. Do you want me to actually make the corrections or provide a marked up copy for you to correct? Certainly, if it is a rewording issue, I will provide you with suggestions rather than changing anything drastically, but as far as punctuation, spelling and style inconsistencies, which do you prefer?
  8. Fair enough. Depends on what the spellbook is meant to accomplish. If it's flavor only, I would say no. If it's meant to be a table reference, then probably.
  9. Okay, if you want at some point I can also port it to InDesign. If you set up styles in Word, those also can be made to read directly into InDesign so formatting is minimal. I will be looking forward to receiving those files.
  10. I would be willing to do so. I worked as a graphic designer, typesetter, and proofreader for 30 years before changing professions. If you might be interested, give me a holler. It also might be useful to let me know what software (aside from HD) you are using.
  11. As are most Coen Brothers films... thought it was quite good myself.
  12. Count me in. I have all your previous releases and look forward to this as well. Keep up the good work!
  13. Only because Batman hangs on to the kryptonite and will use it when the man of steel gets too big for his britches...
  14. Where are all the Hero players in Oklahoma?

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