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  1. Its worth mentioning that there are other servers out there. There is Thunderspy who are doing the most powerset related changes and Rebirth who are more conservative and are probably the closest to the game experience as it was when it was live. These are small population servers, if that matters to you.
  2. I was really hoping for a crime caper movie set in the Star Wars universe. So I was quite disappointed with what was delivered.
  3. I do believe the original trilogy is the best and my confirmation was my son who saw episodes 1 to 6 in story order. Claimed to really love the prequels but the only one he would ever rewatch was The Empire Strikes Back. There you go, conclusive proof
  4. ps: wasn't Mace Windhu supposed to have mastered "dark" force techniques?
  5. I will definitely be seeing this movie. The main reason being that I really like watching Ray and Fin on screen. I hope they give Fin stronger content this time. If I had a wish, Luke would point out to the other ghosts how stupid the Jedi have been over the years and maybe suppressing emotions and keeping neutral is not such a great idea.
  6. Fortunately it rarely looks quite so scare.
  7. Sorry Disney, not going to buy your channel. Mind you, news reports suggest it may be years before its available outside the US and I get the opportunity to "not buy it" ?
  8. On of the dangers of Gotham TV series is that by the time Batman gets on the scene all his villains are pensioners. Batman, leave those oaps alone! Sheesh.
  9. Jagged

    More space news!

    "It reveals our galaxy’s true shape as warped and twisted." - could have told them that ?
  10. What you don't realise is you don't have a cat either. A cat has you. Or maybe you have accepted your place in the world
  11. Everyone says, "you have Netflix? You must watch Discovery." Meanwhile I am getting sucked into Korean drama like "Korean Odyssey" Don't judge
  12. I am usually a big fan of Natalie Portman. Can't really explain her performance in Thor.
  13. This is scary imo. Could this turn out to be the Inhumans of the movie franchise?
  14. The funny thing is that those are the characters with a safe future. It's the ones that weren't dusted that you need to worry about
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