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  1. She's both. Actually.... Hunted always sort of implies imprisonment, death or a form of oversight... Demon Ex-Girlfriend seems to have been overlooked.


    As for the setting... I have some notes... 531 pages of notes. I might punch them up a bit and toss them at you.  Good chunks of it were written before I found my voice. That is to say, dreadfully boring. 

  2. On 4/26/2021 at 8:28 PM, Alcamtar said:

    Common abyssals are surprisingly mundane! Are they actually tiefling style demons? Love the "Naber" easter egg from FH1e. Ooava Nocte sounds like fun to roleplay.

    Commons just people who developed near (evolved from or adapted to) the strange energies of the Maelstrom. Those that adapt best become Abyssal Lords or even Demon Princes. They live right up against the thing. having shapeshifting helps to survive in such a place. Making them mundane was purposeful... maybe some day a whole campaign can be played in Methiax, by players who are willing to take the risks of living in a world the love child of Game of Thrones and Othello, with Palpatine, Caligula, and Dick Cheney in charge. 


    Oorava was written very quickly a number of years ago as a Hunted for a Fantasy HERO character to be vexed by. This is why the text becomes personal, employing you instead of some generic term. I imagined all of those busy, hot, single moms up at Castleton Square talking hurriedly on some bleeding-edge smartphone she'll discard a year from now, getting the Beamer repaired, working on a plastic surgery appointment to get the "girls" lifted, Monday's social media presentation, and her bastard child's day care situation while trying to buy scarves. I'm not a fan of "Hunted by Orcs." That's boring... While "Hunted by the Demon Princess of Lust" defines a character. Justifies the Striking Appearance he paid for and keeps him up at night, too. Thus are heroes born and stories spun. 


    As for FH1e... I'm still playing that setting. Expanded it to an entire world. Over the decades, it's gone from standard fantasy to a steampunk wonderland. 


    Gonna name a city in the far east of Serantia Alcamtar. Mostly Drakine out that way... Drakine and very large birds.

  3. Sample time! Only a few creatures... but maybe enough to get an idea. I'll work up another sample in the morning. 


    Caution: Coarse language, functional sharp points and a brief discussion of breakfast food.


    Writing the flavor text whilst coming down from an anxiety attack (get therapy early, kids!) so if it sucks, remember that it was written whilst coming down from an anxiety attack and understand. If it's great, then remember that it was written whilst coming down from an anxiety attack, so it's even more impressive. 



  4. 4 hours ago, Alcamtar said:

    Very cool, I like it. It's interesting to see different types of weather statted up as well as some very bizarre ideas for environments. Could definitely see using this is a sourcebook for other planes; the idea of magical lands hadn't really occurred to me, I find it intriguing.

    Thank you so very much! I'm working on expanding the Terribly Inconvenient Things Table into actual paragraphs. That table is actually me being lazy.


    That's not to mention that I'm also working on converting the Appendices into a PDF of their own. After all of this I HAVE TO get back to work on Pleet Roodlepleen's Intergalactic Bestiary. Maybe when this cat (Zard, Hero of Another Story) gets off my freaking arm...


    There is a temptation to just dump the whole thing as-is on you guys and expand upon it as questions are posed....

    Oh... there is a corrected copy in the downloads section.

    6 hours ago, drunkonduty said:


     I hear that.  I should be better given my career choices but...

    I'm in an IT-adjacent career. My lack of attention to detail has nearly gotten me fired a few times. Fortunately, I have a startling excess of personality which my users love. That's not ego, that's from a job performance review.

  5. 12 hours ago, Alcamtar said:

    YES! Nearly everything in there looks intriguing. Looks like a lot of D&D convertions (which are both useful and interesting to see someone's take on it), interesting sounding original creatures. Shard sounds like something from Shadow World. Rust Slug? hehe


    Also the Appendices look very cool and useful. Biomes? Useful bits? Chaos effects? Weird skies? All awesome sounding stuff.


    Here's a taste: https://1drv.ms/b/s!Arb5S34lAw6vhvcIzNG4LlMDKe-NLQ?e=CmSOdp


  6. On 4/5/2021 at 9:38 AM, HeroGM said:

    So just curious. Of all the urban/modern fantasy out there what is your go to?

    Buffy? Percy Jackson? Beautiful Creatures?




    My own thing. The Hidden City of Ravenna. Secret magic, Black Schola, Mages kidnapped to swept away to a magical Sub-Realm to be initiated into an arcane society that's been around since Augustus ruled. Dee, Caligostro, a weird orb like entity known as the Librarian. Trolls. Something called a SOMA. Anti-mage special ops. The Contemptable Harpy, Jennifer Renquist. House Barlowe and their questionable experiments. A bunch of Kill-On-Sight wizards and undead known as the Execration. A tree that knows when you're going to die. Stagger-Lee's Stetson... the Bluesmobile... Excalibur... Wal-Martians. Wind, Fire... All that kind of thing.


    "Santeria? I thought we was having wings!"  


    Recently, a Fey Lord bet a tiny periwinkle he could get Ravenna to expose itself to the rest of the world. He did it. 

    1 hour ago, Christopher R Taylor said:

    I think the toughest thing with urban fantasy is to figure out how to make most of the world unaware of the magic and monsters that are rampaging through it constantly.


    We've got a thing called Drawing In. Some creatures can pull you into loops of Space-Time where you can't be seen. Kind of like the Mirror Dimension from Doctor Strange

  7. I'm thinking of turning over my entire bestiary of critters to you guys. I just don't have time to finish it up. I've promised stuff before only to skip away without completion... Its 166 pages without illustrations or flavor text... mostly because when I use them, I know what they're all about, so I've never had to finish them up. 


    Maybe I should put them together in themed batches and release them over time... dunno. Guidance is requested. 

  8. 3 hours ago, Derek Hiemforth said:

    Are you looking for any particular power levels / point totals / edition of the rules?

    6E. Assume each of my 5 PCs in CRISIS PATROL are 400 points. 


    I am really looking forward to seeing people's ideas for these notes.  

  9. Chitan

    Chitan is a martial artist who can transform into an armored form.



    The Cowl is evil in a hood. He has appeared again after his apparent death in 1999. Hundreds of witnesses saw him blasted to atoms by the flying brick known as Prime. Prime is still expressing guilt over the killing but feels somewhat better with his old villain back from the dead. It’s a complicated matter.



    The Cosmonaut was arrested and confined to Lockdown in 1974. She doesn’t speak to anyone. Despite being almost a hundred years old, she doesn’t look a day over 30. Her gravity gun is the stuff of legend.


    Darc Powers

    He’s evil, get it?


    Dark Inferno

    With Void-Powered flames and a penchant for cruelty, the Dark Inferno tortures his victims for secrets he can exploit.



    The man known as Dastard.1 is a flying brick, with Powers similar to, but much less potent, than Prime (that is to say, Clark Kent with the serial number filed off and a quick coat of paint).



    Dastard.2 is a sonic-powered woman with red hair and a slim build. Her screams can induce more than annoyance and frustration.



    Speedster Dastard.3 is among the fastest human beings known to science.



    Speedster Dastard.3 is among the fastest human beings known to science.



    Dastard.4 is a flame controlling psychopath. His Powers remind one of the abilities of Conflagration from the 1970s.



    A sword-wielding Meta Dastard.5 also delivers a powerful punch.


    Dead Heavy

    Dead heavy is an undead guitarist who incites violence with his awesome shredding chords and solos.



    Destruct-o is a brick. Mentally and physically; a big tough lump of misguided pain and projection. (I have been using Bulldozer from Champions for his character sheet so far... maybe there's a better way?)



    Dice can “roll the big wheel and toss the big dice.” What he means by that is that he can alter probability, usually to give his partner Slice opportunities to attack with an increased chance of success. He wears an armored bodysuit because the way to Slice’s heart is through Dice’s chest cavity.


    Donnie Blades

    Donnie can empower his weapons to deliver terrible strikes, cutting through the toughest materials. He is a recent recruit to the Force for Evil.



    Dorobato is a formless shapeshifter, little more than a cycloptic splash of mud and claws.


    Dr. Brainstem

    Doctor Brandon Stemitz was a brilliant neurosurgeon who is now a brilliant neurokinetic.


    Dr. Nightmare

    A former supervillain from the comic Tales of Terror and the Fantastic, Dr. Nightmare became real. Somehow. We didn’t ask.


    Dr. Nycto

    The bad doctor is a technological genius who uses her brain for evil.


    Dr. Revenge

    Doctor Revenge specializes in returning hero’s actions upon themselves. He wears a black battle suit under a trenchcoat. Weirdo.


    Drag Queen

    Drag Queen is very good at what he does, and what he does is not pretty. Not pretty at all. I mean… damn.



    Having earned the right to stand guard at the entrance to the Hidden City of Shi-Liang, Dragonshard promptly moved back to Brooklyn to kick everybody’s ass from Clara Barton High School.



    The Electronic Violence and Infiltration Lifeform is... Evil. Often works with C.A.S.S. and B.O.B. on various schemes and plots to destroy humanity.


    Ebony Angel

    The black-armored flying asshole who calls himself Ebony Angel is the chief rival of Justicar.



    Eiji is a young Japanese man who moves quicker than the eye can follow. His blade is just slightly slower…


    Eli “Jurassic” Parker

    This bastard can summon and control dinosaurs. Seriously.



    Entrop can summon and control the vast energies of the Maelstrom.


    Evil Twin

    The woman known as Evil Twin can shapeshift and mimic other Meta’s Powers.



    The Eviscerationist generally tries to keep hospitals busy. "Respawns" somewhere else when killed.



    Fayte can pluck the strands of destiny (whatever those are) to affect the outcome of events. She is often hired by villains to provide an edge.



    A cat burglar, the Felon can breach any vault you put him in front of. I say it this way because if you said it the normal way "any vault you put in front of him" then it implies that you already have the vault. The job is half done. 

  10. Aberris
    Aberris is a Biker Demon. We didn’t know they had those. He travels around North America with Sonya, his undead girlfriend.


    Agent Stone
    Who is the woman known as Agent Stone? Seriously… cuz we have no clue.


    Merged with his demonic armor, Yamada Akihiro is a tortured soul… or more accurately, two tortured souls.



    Anathema is raw hate poured into red and black spandex. She’s a terrible human being, just like most people on this list, but she became so much worse after her kidnapping by the Mutant Master.


    A powerful brick with a luchador theme, Antagonista wants you dead, and she hasn’t even met you. 


    The Aversion builds walls, both emotional and physical.


    B.I.G. Yikes
    The hulking rapper B.I.G. Yikes has both lethal rhymes and deadly fists. His bling weighs nearly 400 pounds all by itself.


    Bishop Bad Ass
    Former partner of Sister Antipathy, he abandoned her after she joined the Samaritans. She has since reverted once more to evil; he still isn’t returning her calls. 
    Concept Stuff: 

    • Robe: Damage Reduction
    • Mitre: Mental Defense
    • Crozier: Defense & Power Blast
    • Pallium: Resistant Protection
    • Ring: Bonus Punching Damage


    A brick, partner of Blue.

    • Savvy Fighter: Versatile Brick Style. Lots of Brick Tricks.

    Black Puppeteer
    The Black Puppeteer is a Mind Controller who plays with dolls. 

    • Detail: Mind Control + Physical Overrides

    Guess what she does. Go ahead… guess. Like a certain hero who shall go unnamed (but is actually Captain Marvel) she becomes the energy used in her attacks. 

    • Stuff: Energy Control and a High DCV. Triggered Desolidification for attacks she’s aware of.

    A murderous nineteen-year-old, Blood-Girl terrorizes New York City with her vile schemes for power. 

    An energy controller, partner of Black. 

    Blue Shift
    The Teleporter who calls herself Blue Shift was originally coaxed into crime by her super-significant other. That villain, Shadow Fox, dominated her for a long time. She continues her villainous ways to this day, even after Shadow Fox met his end at the hands of the Stranger. 

    Bombshell uses her pheromone powers to bend the male will to her own. 

    The Breeze is an Air-Powered mutant. She likes suffocating people and releasing them after sufficient begging and tears. Her place in Those Elemental Bastards seems tenuous at best. The others hate her with a passion. 

    The Brow does not approve of your actions, your attire, your choice of companions, or your technique. In fact, the Brow doesn’t approve of you at all. Be gone. 

    Cardinal Sinn
    A former AR porn star, Rachel Sinn wears a sexy cassock (no, the two aren’t mutually exclusive) and offers absolution and shelter to her “flock,” a crowd of rowdy Meta-Gangers. 

    • Details: Mind Control and a mace.

    A terrible pun and a worse villain, Catastrophe uses her feline Powers for evil. 

    Chanfao Zhe
    The Stalker is a Chinese National awaiting extradition for crimes committed in his homeland.

    • Details: Wolverine. He’s Wolverine.
  11. I'm starting a campaign around... I dunno... November, maybe. I'm going to post briefs of characters in this thread. The characters are sourced from old supers games, my own mind and more than a few bad dreams or late nights. 


    How does this affect you? It does not UNLESS you like a character concept and want to run with it. Use it in your own game! If you post a write up based on the brief, I'll make sure he, she, it, they, them, WHAT? is used in the Metahumanity guidebook when they are all complete. 




    Yes. Yes, it is. 


    You can also think of it as a community project done for laughs. 




  12. My copy is on the way. Should have it on the 8th. Aside from some hyphenation and minor editing issues, THIS IS FANTASTIC! Chris always delivers.


    One thing holds me back from finishing my Weird West anthology (Titled For Whom The Bell Tolls) let alone run it. 


    Guns vs plate armor in HERO. How do we enforce the "no armor" of the period (and many others from the late 1400s to WWI) where the vast majority of folks didn't wear armor. I know only a few people wore steel vests in the Civil War, but between those and some protection spells... I'm not sure I can scare the players out of going for their guns over someone bad-mouthing their horse. 


    Sure, I've got a bit with the Angel of Judgement and a flaming holy sword... but a Peacemaker does 2d6-1. Full Plate Armor is DEF 8 (pardon my Fifth Edition Revised). This easily bounces most Peacemaker shots. 


    This is not a weakness of Western HERO. WH is great... but this guns vs plate armor thing has bothered me for years. 


    This has likely been discussed before... if someone has a link or reference to that thread... I'm all ears. 



    The Premiere Evil Research Initiative at Lansdowne is a terribly posh boutique blastershop in Pennsylvania. Somewhere, we aren’t exactly sure where the place is. 


    Capes is a bar where Metas hang out. It is considered “neutral ground” where heroes can meet with villain informants, actual supervillains and the worst sort of capesluts. Its actual location is unknown.


    Seeing the Future through the Past. A Gernsbackian industrial concern operated by the futurist Doctor Retroscope. Headquartered at Retropolis (City of the Future), the lab and the city surrounding it are part amusement park, part heavy industrial research facility. Its functions are controlled not by Doctor Retroscope but by the Vacuum Tube Vixen, Galetea.

    The Home

    A secret base for very old heroes, the Home provide medical care for alien Metabolisms, and control devices for those brave meta-codgers who no longer master their abilities.

    Paragon Labs

    Paragon Labs™ specialize in Hero Training and Event Management. When the weird happens, the weird get going. They flit around the planet thanks to a purple cat who can teleport en masse.

    Frost Labs
    Frost Labs supports various governments and private armies as a mercenary research organization. They also make blasters, is what I’m saying. 

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