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    I enjoy collecting and playing classic videogames and computer games (from the late 70s/early 80s). I'm also a theme park maven.
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    I grew up in the SF Bay Area, graduated from CSU Hayward (now CSUEB), and have lived in Northeast Illinois since the early 1990s. I'm married to a wonderful woman who shares my hobbies and passions. Back in the mid-90s, I did freelance work for Imperium Games as a member of the Core Group.
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  1. Jason fixed this issue, along with an issue with being able to download the PDF of Villains, Vandals, and Vermin when buying the book + PDF version. Thank you, Jason!
  2. When I try to buy a copy of Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth (Book + PDF), the Hero Games store tells me, "Sharper Than A Serpent's Tooth (Book + PDF) cannot be shipped to your location. " I'm in the US and the Hero Games store has no problem shipping other items to me. Is there a reason, or is this a bug?
  3. Way back, I could get away with using unfamiliar place names from other countries. I've also used language generators like those in the Classic Traveller Aliens supplements. These days, I just sit and think, and eventually come up with something decent, or a bunch of decent ones that sound plausible to be of a piece if it's a bunch of named places in a given area. But if the PCs decide to go somewhere I don't already have a name for? I'll just come up with something passable on the spot if possible, or, if not, I'll just go with something punny.
  4. D'oh! I was off by a day -- it premieres Thursday. Wishful thinking!
  5. Doom Patrol S2. We just finished it last night, in time for S3 starting on Wednesday. Since the almost-completed S2E10 season finale didn't make it past the covid shutdown, we're really left on the edge of our seats!
  6. Mustard, iceberg lettuce leaf, sliced fresh jalapeno, and tomato. The latter three in quantities sufficient to cover the bun.
  7. That sucks! Giving up caffeine due to health problems was painful, and I still miss it sometimes. But I never enjoyed the taste of soda pop or tea as much as most coffee lovers seem to enjoy coffee, so I know I got off easy.
  8. I couldn't stand beer until I found ale. Now, I can't stand. (Badum-pah!) Every type of shellfish I've ever tried has made me gag. I do like fresh-caught fish, but most of the stuff I've tried in restaurants has a funny taste to it, so I avoid that stuff. High quality sushi can be quite good, though. And I've never enjoyed coffee or coffee-flavored products.
  9. Oh how awful, Dr MID-Nite. My condolences to you and your family.
  10. It's great that WandaVision won an Emmy, and the team definitely deserves its set design win, but it'd be nice if genre series and movies could win the headline awards for acting, directing, etc. regularly too.
  11. It's pretty uneven, but season one of Hacks turned out to be OK overall. The Harley Quinn animated series was better than that after two seasons, but still uneven. But season one of Doom Patrol was great! Very funny, good story, good characters...it's got just about everything I'd want in an offbeat supers TV show.
  12. Looks like Biden's giving companies a push on that: employers with 100+ employees will need to either make sure their employees are vaccinated or test them weekly. And employees at health care facilities that receive federal Medicare and/or Medicaid funding will need to be fully vaccinated. https://apnews.com/article/joe-biden-business-health-coronavirus-pandemic-executive-branch-18fb12993f05be13bf760946a6fb89be
  13. Sounds fun! I'll play. Why your username? -I've usually been the GM in every group I've been with over the last 40 years. Why your avatar or if no avatar why not -It's-a me, Joe! What area do you live in? -Chicagoland What's your profession? -I'm in IT/Cybersecurity Are you a Windows, Mac or Linux user? -Linux personally. I was a Mac user for about 10 years beginning with OS X 10.1, and FreeBSD before that (and Windows 9x before that, and Apple // before that, and Atari 400/800 before that, with a smattering of others from time to time). Are there TV shows and/or movies you like to binge watch? -Firefly, Farscape, Buffy...more recently, Doom Patrol on HBO Max and the newer Marvel series on Disney+. What drew you to the Hero System? -Initially, it was just one of the very few supers systems out there. But once I opened that oversized box and started reading the saddle-stitched book, my mind was blown. Which edition did you start with? 2nd Edition gave me my start with HERO System. What have you used the game for? -Supers, fantasy, cyberpunk, western...just about all the usual genres except space sci-fi and toons. What point system have you ran or played in? -? Not sure what's being asked. Do you still play or GM the Hero System -My most recent stint GMing Hero was a couple years ago. Our there other games you play -Over the last five years, in addition to HERO I've GMed or played B/X D&D, BRP, Classic Traveller, Supers! Revised Edition, Tunnels & Trolls, Savage Worlds, Fate...probably a few more I'm forgetting. On an A to F scale how do you rate the system overall -It's a solid A. Could it be better? Yes. But as it is, it's very, very good. Followup question: If you rate the system below B- why are are still playing or using it? What are some house-rules, if any, you use in the past? -1/2d6 Stun multiplier, of course. We futzed around with a lot of stuff in the early years, but in the end most was either fixed or explained more clearly in a later edition. These days, it's so easy to take any edition and add things from other editions until you get what you want. Not a lot of need to homebrew any more, IME. That said, I do prepare standards documents for every campaign to give players a good idea of where (and whether) their character concept will fit into the campaign world. If you could put together a 7th edition what are some things you add, omit and/or change? -All versions have been very good, but I'm not a fan of huge tomes. So if I were being realistic, I'd start with Champions Complete, fix all errors, then lay it out with more whitespace like the 4e BBB. I would also try to make it clearer to those new to the game what the various levels of characteristics and skills mean (could be just adding a few columns and rows to the Average Individuals table and putting the table up front, but ideally there would be a chapter on the subject), and add some extended character building and campaign building examples...including campaigns where character designs are fairly simple and straight-forward, like early 4e and prior.
  14. Yeah, it's about time for us to cancel our late-2021 plans. We had hope back at the beginning of the year that vaccines would get us to a better place by late this year. Bzzzt! Wrong again.
  15. They are pretty good, but I like the clarity and brevity of the layout used for Champions Begins as well.
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