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    I enjoy collecting and playing classic videogames and computer games (from the late 70s/early 80s). I'm also a theme park maven.
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    I grew up in the SF Bay Area, graduated from CSU Hayward (now CSUEB) in 1992, and have since lived in Northeast Illinois. I'm married to a wonderful woman who shares my hobbies and passions. Back in the 90s, I did freelance work for Imperium Games as a member of the Core Group.
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  1. I appreciate the offer. It would save me the trouble of making my own!
  2. Nice collection! But, I have to say, Justice, Inc. is really worth opening up. They did a particularly great job on that one.
  3. I just bought and downloaded it today. Was bummed about the lack of covers, but now I'm hoping they'll show up someday...
  4. Right. And that gets to why the question this thread poses is moot outside of these hallowed halls. The market for games with chargen as complex as HERO System is tiny. Infinitesimally small. But the market for games with the rest of HERO System's mechanics? That's bigger. It's a fine system that works well for a wide range of genres. Making the chargen even more finely grained doesn't help interest people in using the system. It needs to be much less finely grained for people to use it, at least on their first encounter. Templates are great for that. Prebuilt powers are fine as well. Either way, explain the abilities in plain language. Give potential new players and GMs a chance to learn the system without earning a PhD in character generation the HERO way. They can look into the atom-by-atom power building system later on if they want to. Or they can buy more books with premade stuff if they want(!). A book with templates, the game system, a world for the characters to exist in, and some introductory adventures would be great.
  5. Just curious what the folks around here are currently playing/running.
  6. We finished S2 of The Punisher last night. While there were missteps and silliness, overall it was one of the better season 2's of the Netflix Marvel shows. Possibly the best of the lot, really.
  7. For me and how I run the game, the changes introduced in 6e are fine: they're neither good nor bad on the whole. I just find that, as I get older, new editions need to offer me something compelling before I'll adopt them. 6e didn't do that for me. For those whose way of running the game meant they needed the changes, I understand why they prefer that edition. That's just not the case for me. But for GMs interested in trying out HERO System? I always recommend Champions Complete. It's the solid 6e ruleset, but in a more reasonable package.
  8. Champions Complete has virtually the same mechanical rules, but is much less likely to cause hernias.
  9. Derry Girls. Hilarious sitcom from Northern Ireland, set in the early 90s during the Troubles. Grand Tour, S2. Still a fun, funny show. Punisher, S2. Two episodes in, and it seems just as good as S1 so far. Which is to say, not spectacular, but well done and very much worth watching.
  10. That's true, DC does bear some of the blame, given their impatience.
  11. DC's biggest problem may be that it's difficult to make good movies -- even popcorn movies. Lots of movies fail every year, including big budget ones. Maybe DC's experience is what one should expect. I wonder how many people are capable of overseeing a cinematic universe, and ensuring its success.
  12. Truly one of the greats. I wish him all the best.
  13. Homeland, S7. It was an OK season, but there was a lot of stupid characters doing stupid things, too. Overall, it seemed like the writers were trying to recapture the glory of S1 but didn't know how. It was worth watching, but I'm not sure I'll watch S8.
  14. Well, I GM a lot and my first name is Joe. Plus, back in the early 70s, I loved playing with my GI Joes -- especially the one with Kung Fu grip and the one with the grappling hook! I GM'd before I played. The first tabletop RPG I played was AD&D 1e. But, really, we were playing RPGs without knowing it back when we would play with Micronaughts, Star Wars figures, etc. Before that, we were RPGing with Hot Wheels. My friends and I would build elaborate cities for them out back during summer, giving the cars' occupants personalities and acting out stories. In the winter, we'd use Lego to build the cities indoors. B/X D&D (the Moldvay/Cook Basic and Expert sets). I'm GMing a street-level supers campaign using HERO System 4e. I picked up Champions 2e at my FLGS in 1983, brought it home, read it, and it blew my mind. I began running it the next weekend. HERO has been my favorite game system ever since.
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