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  1. The OMCV at 3 is neither an advantage nor is it a limitation if you don't have any mental powers because I don't envision any scenario where it would come into play. Sure I could let a person buy it down to 0 then create a scenario (a handy/needed/convenient Focus of opportunity?) where it would be limiting but frankly, I don't see any reason or have any inclination to bother. Even if I did, it certainly wouldn't come up more than once in a campaign and I honestly don't see that happening. I have often heard/seen/read the reasoning that a complication/disadvantage/limitation/etc. is the player's way of telling the gm that they want to see something in play and that is all well and good, but as gm, I get to decide whether that is something that I want to put into play. If I don't see it coming in to play, I would veto said complication/disadvantage/limitation just as I would tell a player not to select/pay for a benefit/advantage that would not come into play. That position is consistent. As for the player being able to "set" OMCV to what they would like if they have no mental powers, that is your opinion and I do not share it. If they see the "3" next to the Characteristic as "completely irrelevant window dressing" then so be it. They can stand and gawk at it or ignore and walk by it like any other window dressing. If the "3" is that painful to look at then I envy the player because life has been far too easy for him/her in general. Lastly, since I don't allow it to be "set" at whatever the player wants, my position is in no way inconsistent. For me it is simple, if something is not limiting in the campaign, you get no points for it...period and consistent.
  2. I guess I can be lumped in with the other "lazy, shortsighted, and biased" gms because I wouldn't allow OMCV to be sold back either.
  3. Yeah, I agree that thickness should have an effect on DEF as well as BODY. I just kinda adjust it as needed. One thing that could help is The Ultimate Brick, which has an Expanded Object Table on pages 107-112. For example it doesn't just have a DEF/BODY for a brick wall like the main rule book. It breaks it down to Thin/Small Brick Wall, Average Brick Wall, and Large Thick Brick Wall and they have different DEF as well as different BODY. It may not be as comprehensive as you would like but it does have a good number examples of various walls with DEF based on thickness in addition to BODY. I think it is a good guideline. Just note that if you use 6th Edition, The Ultimate Brick is a 5th Edition supplement but It is still quite serviceable for this matter.
  4. Zephrosyne

    Legion of Doom

    I can't see Menton joining up. He seems to be insufferably arrogant to a degree that none those "egos" would put up with him. I have a hard time seeing Menton being convinced that he would need to be among "equals." He would insist on treating them more like the "help"; kinda like he was when he was dealing with PSI before his incarceration. Dude is a control freak! Ah, isn't Baron Nihil a Nazi and Joseph Otanga an African. Unless I have seriously misunderstood what it means to be a Nazi, there might be issues. Doctor Yin Wu is a luddite in the extreme. Dude has a Psychological Complication (Common, Strong) for his hatred of technology. He would probably have a hard time working with Warlord and Interface. There's also that despising Westerner's thing. It would be fun to watch the fireworks in that group. I think instead of fighting them, the good guys should grab some popcorn and coke and watch the show.
  5. The Tiger Hook Swords may be awkward but Baron Juliet Chau was rockin em big time a couple of episodes ago on Into The Badlands. Then again, the Widow did cut off her head in that fight. Never mind...moving on.
  6. I think the cutoff point may vary from campaign to campaign, more specifically, probably especially, from gm to gm. Speaking for myself, I don't have a long list of equipment that you can and can't have any more than I have a list of powers/power builds that you can and can't have. Once you know yourself as a gm and the campaign that you have built, you just know. For myself: yes, Tom, you can have that flashlight, cell phone, and Ferrari as equipment because you can afford it (can steal it or whatever); however, if you think you are going to have Iron Man's armor (or a facsimile of) without spending character points, you're out of your damn mind. The cutoff point is kinda like the definition of obscenity: you may not be able to exactly define it, but you'll know it when you see it. The important thing is being consistent with your judgement and making sure your players understand it. If you know yourself as a gm and your campaign, it isn't that difficult.
  7. I really don't remember the most amount of points I have ever spent on a character but I seriously doubt that I have ever spent more than around 2000 points on any character even when just making characters for fun. I can't even imagine making a character with numbers high enough to need 5000 points let alone 20,000.
  8. Yeah, I'm in the camp of allowing characters to have normal crap as long as they can justify it (buy it, steal it, whatever) be it a flash light, a cell phone, a blender, or a gun. However, it is treated as real world stuff and subject to real world rules. You didn't play for it with points so I am free to do with it as I see fit. Since you didn't buy it with points, it doesn't really belong to you, it belongs to the campaign world.
  9. I haven't really had to opportunity to play as much Hero System as I would have liked over the years (played way too many other games) but I have played it a decent bit. The Multipower Framework in itself isn't really that much of a problem but I do think that it requires gm oversight. Yes, I know everything does but I have seen some people really stretch a "concept" to justify putting something into a Multipower because adding slots is pretty cheap. I have had wanna be munchkins over the years but no really competent ones. I am actually pretty good at picking up things that will be a problem and I have absolutely no problem with saying "no." I don't really find the Multipower Framework to be too cost effective but then again I can be a rather strict gm. If you can't explain your concept in detail well enough to justify something, you don't get it. As I said, I have no problem saying "no" and my gaming group knows it. Variable Power Pools are a different animal and I do find those too cheap and I have addressed that in my games but I will not really go into that: I don't want to deviate too much from the original poster's intent. That is my answer as far as the second question. As for the first question, regarding what game effect the Multipower is supposed to provide, I don't have any answer for that beyond what is in the rulebook and the various examples in the various supplements.
  10. Unless I am misunderstanding what you want, you could use Area Of Effect (1m Radius Accurate; +½), MegaArea (1m area covers the entire world; +2) to affect a single target anywhere in the the world. This is used to create a spell called Curse (Hero System Grimoire pg. 51). As a gm, I would also require Indirect +1/2 as well to be able to affect a target that might be inside or outside.
  11. For me it isn't even a contest: 6th Edition hands down! Lots of changes I liked and very little that I didn't like.
  12. For me, this group of Avengers is what comes to mind when I think of the team--Avengers Classic: Thor Iron Man (even though I really don't care for the character at all) Captain America Vision Scarlet Witch Hawkeye Wasp
  13. If you have the Advanced Player's Guide, there is a bit more granularity as there are intermediate (semi) levels in between Growth categories: for example Semi-Large, Large, Semi-Enormous, Enormous, etc. This doesn't help if you take issue with the overall cost of Growth or the benefits/penalties of Growth, but for those who just want more granularity, I think it helps a lot.
  14. If it had been part of his background or anything like that I would not have encouraged him to choose something else. I would have made it useful. It really wasn't that significant to his character at all.
  15. According to 6E1 page 196 "if an object is Drained of all of its BODY, it crumbles to dust"; furthermore, it adds that "the gm may rule that an object cannot regain Drained BODY normally--it need repairs instead." If I am interpreting the book correctly, a object Drained of all of its Body is destroyed in the same way that a person is slain if Drained to his negative BODY. However, it is the gm's option as to whether or not the object regains Drained Body normally or needs repairing if it isn't fully Drained. Sorry for the necro; didn't notice how old this thread was.
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