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  1. If they have pay per view AND it's legal to purchase convention delegate votes they could have a ticker running allowing people to bid in on a vote by SMS for their favoured candidate. You know, the more I think about it, that's a perfect match for today's GOP. Decide the candidate by direct purchase! Let the market decide! cheers, Mark
  2. I think you mean, "What about when this becomes a sexbot"? I'm not seeing any tasks for "sexy-looking robot" that are ahead of that in the development process. regards, Mark
  3. Thanks for the kind words, guys. I hope after this, they can root the network out entirely. cheers, Mark
  4. Sigh. Three bombs have been let off in Brussels - at least one apparently by a suicide bomber. It's not confirmed yet, but suspected to be associates of the terrorist organiser captured last week, getting in an attack in case they have been compromised. So far, at least 21 dead, and dozens injured. This hits close to home, since the metro explosion was literally the next station down from us, on a line we use routinely (we were there yesterday, for example) and I travel through the airport hall where the other explosions were on a regular basis. cheers, Mark
  5. Actually, the problem does seem to have been that it was a rush job: the job took 5 years and was done by a respected German engineering firm (hey, they built der Fuhrer's personal bunker in Berlin, so they must be good right?) The problem is just that this is a really crappy place to build a dam. So I guess we can blame Saddam for ordering a dam there in the first place. cheers, Mark
  6. In this case, not Saddam's fault, but ISIS' for trashing the maintenance that kept the dam stable. These guys are like a bunch of monkeys let loose in a house. They build nothing, they maintain nothing. They are essentially squatting in the wreckage of what other people built, looting what they can to keep the party going. cheers, Mark
  7. Haiti is unfortunately, one of those countries where things are exciting pretty much all the time, and rarely in a good way. cheers, Mark
  8. Not yet, but I'll keep an eye out for it - or maybe just get the season on disc or download, the way we do GoT. Cheers, Mark
  9. I'm not generally a TV guy, so take this as you will, but Agent Carter was the only show I actually made an effort to watch last year. I can't see any basis to describe it as 'Bad TV'. Cheers, Mark
  10. I basically assume that all major sports leagues are corrupt: we have franchises generating huge amounts of money, that operate as legal quasi-monopolies, but which are exempt from the kind of oversight that we expect for businesses and financial institutions. Moreover, they are allowed to operate as cartels. At the same time the code of conduct that they used to run on in the pre-franchise era has been scrapped. Frankly, it would be a miracle if any of them were not corrupt. cheers, Mark
  11. They do that a lot in India and similar countries. Maybe Synder figures that if he can grind Michigan's economy down to the level of say, Uttar Pradesh, the manufacturing jobs will come back. Cheers, Mark
  12. In Sweden I think it's "One swallow does not a summer romance make" cheers, Mark
  13. Trying to shoot .... with a wallet? In most jurisdictions "He had something in his hand" is (thankfully) not considered grounds for the use of lethal force. cheers, Mark
  14. Yeah. I'm old enough that I still recall seeing US soldiers patrolling US streets after civil unrest on TV, and when violent assaults on protestors (protesting violence and murders committed against blacks, ironically) were relatively common. So things have not changed that much. Which is sad, because in the 80's and 90's it looked like maybe we had turned that particular corner. Cheers, Mark
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