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  1. Looks good to me, you could potentially add the limitation Linked to the Multipower. Also, the multipower is limited in that you can only focus on one person at a time with its effects, whereas everyone could see the images but not be affected by what they see. Can you describe what they would use the power for? That will help others to provide better feedback! In my new campaign one of my characters is named Facade (a way of behaving or appearing that gives other people a false idea of your true feelings or situation) I had planned for him/her to have Mental Illusions but I like
  2. 4 Players, two experienced with Champions and 2 Newbies. Should be good, will be gearing the game to the newbies,,,
  3. But getting it fresh from the tree? Amazing!!
  4. Of coure they would... and they'd be wrong... LOL
  5. I'm curious as to the second scenario, this one looks quite amusing and I think the player/GM had fun with it...
  6. Well, at least maple syrup is not debatable. You'll have to head into Quebec for the maple Syrup experience...
  7. The game that I've been working on has the heroes starting with no powers, low stats and skills (125 pts max). I have the way their powers will manifest planned out but am keeping that under wraps in case they start frequenting these forums...
  8. Has anyone tried to build Karnak from the Inhumans? He was the definition of Find Weakness in the day... He'd be in a lot of trouble with this new iteration...
  9. This is what I was wondering back up when I asked if the two characters could keep triggering each other... and fight to the exclusion of others... Best let your palindromedary know that Dale Evans knows how to use a gun!!!
  10. Where is the source information for Counterstrike? I've looked in the index for Complete Champions and Hero System 1&2. Course I might just be blind too...
  11. I have also been looking at older characters and wanting to update them to 6th Edition, but the useful ability of Find Weakness is not available anymore. would you build this as a Naked Advantage for Str or Martial Arts by using Armor Piercing? Perhaps with a skill roll? Can you buy a Detect Weakness ability to find out if a character is susceptible or takes extra damage from certain attacks? To determine if a fire character takes additional damage from water attacks?
  12. I have spend the evening looking through old adventures from my early hero days. Found a trove of Adventurer's Club mags. Planning to incorporate a Cyber hero adventure as the starting point for my players!! It was an enjoyable time going through and finding old characters I forgot I had!!! In process I found my Champions III book and have posted the Character Development Form (from 1984) to the downloads section, for anyone interested!
  13. 116 downloads

    Attached is the Character Development Form from Champions III, circa 1984 Questions to ask your players about their characters.
  14. Can anyone link something from the old Danger International games? Or something science oriented? I'm starting a new Champions game and the players will not have powers for the first few games, but I don't just want them sitting around waiting for the radiation leak...
  15. Don't forget the most recent Fantastic Four... I missed Stan...
  16. would the trigger still work if a second person attacks them, after they have already done the above? I'm refreshing myself on the rules of combat etc, planning a new game and trying to remember (and not confuse other game systems with Hero) Its just like my players to throw something at me in my first game...
  17. So... If two characters have these abilities, say Daredevil & Bullseye, they could theoretically hit/counter-hit each other in one phase until one is knocked out or stunned? Or am I misreading the whole thread?
  18. Charles Edward Zuccarelli was born and raised in New York City. He used to daydream about someday having amazing superpowers, being able to fly and rescue damsels in distress. Knocking out the villains and seeing them carted away for prosecution and justice! But he was an shy introvert, and the bullies at his school nicknamed him Chuckie, after the murderous doll from the movies. He used to be ridiculed and degraded on a regular basis. One Friday after school, he was running home from school, chased by the bullies when he tripped and fell. They grabbed him and took him to an old aba
  19. I used to run Champions games all the time, but I got burned out, I asked some of the other players to take over and run some games so I could take a back seat and recharge. At first no one did, so we stopped playing altogether. My wife ran a few games but stopped awhile back, its been about 8 months since we played, maybe longer and so if I want a game it looks like I have to her the GM again. My players wouldn't even run other games like DnD, I was always the guy to do it. I'm looking at starting up again cause I miss the games but have certainly been annoyed with all the excuses
  20. Thanks Death Tribble, looks like your the winner by default!! Your turn to post... Boise, good one!!
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