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    Have any of you looked at Adventureman? They are planning on building this comic up!
  2. Perhaps this is a dumb question but... Do I need to copy paste into this template? Or is there a way to send information from Hero Designer into it? I don't see a RTF format option within HD. Or I'm just blind...
  3. Hey Bolo Do you by any chance still have a copy of Gladiator you could share? I used to have a copy but cannot find it... Thanks!
  4. Findings are not good... I've got a new Hard Drive now, SSD. Also increased my RAM to 24G Have the latest version of HD (20210804) Have Java (jdk-16.0.2.jdk) Still cannot find iCloud Drive through HD.
  5. FYI. I’ve taken the unit to an expert for them to find the right fix! I will report their findings when I get them!
  6. I keep getting the same Java 8 Update 301 file - I cannot get it to load into the Full Disk Access. When I reinstall Java, I don't get any requests to allow me to grant Full Disk access... I'm about ready to throw the machine away... (not really but I am tempted!) I don't know what else to do...
  7. I've had internet problems this evening since getting home, I will investigate your suggestion about finding where Java is installed... By your experience, can I uninstall Java and then try to reinstall where it needs to go? Thanks for your help thus far
  8. I'm missing something... When I go to my system, It doesn't show Java in the box it only shows the java update Above this box is fpsaud, googlesoftwareUpdateDaemon, com.microsoft.autoupdate.helper, mdworker and Relauncher in the list Below that is: Java Updater (with a check) and zoom.us I can take images of the above files if they help... When I look further into Java I get not much at all:
  9. Hello Simon I've been having a strange issue with HD on my iMac, it can no longer find the iCloud drive that has all my hdc files on it. I can find the drive in Finder but not through HD. I also have HD installed on a PC in my Livingroom, it has access to those iCloud files with no issues! I used to be able to open the file on my PC, make changes, then down in my office open the same file on my iMac and view/edit from there as well. Any suggestions will be welcome. Apple says its nothing they've done as I can find the files in Finder... but I don't believe them... Apple also suggested I ask for help from the creator of HD. Thanks
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