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  1. "True," Drew ponders, "we could go CSI the places right? We have that kind of authority?"
  2. Anything significant about the thefts? Super powered thief?
  3. Drew walks into the room just as this statement is uttered, "What investigation?"
  4. Avis, still as a duck, flies above the van as it heads back to the school.
  5. <it is unclear to me where this conversation is happening> Avis flutters around the hall where Foxbat and Lady Heart are talking, looking to see if anyone else is here... He'll shift into a duck form and land on a nearby bannister to see what happens next...
  6. Avis steps back into the van Ghost Cat came out of, over the communicator he says "I'll keep scouting around out here in smaller form. I also have spacial awareness so should be safe from any flash type attacks, Avis out" Inside the van, he shrinks down to hummingbird size and scoots out the window opposite to which he came into the van.
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong but if you use two slots MP and you drop the Mind Scan portion to activate the Clairsentience, you lose the lock and can't use the other power...
  8. Avis appears next to GC, "You taking the lead today GC?" Perception 17- Telescopic range mod +16 Spatial awareness
  9. (Assuming the conversation has come over the communicators) Avis heads towards the rest of the team.
  10. Drew starts flying around in widening concentric circles looking for some clues as to where Foxbat and his crew would have gone. Don't they use a centipede mobile for getting around?
  11. Drew looks around and seeing that no one is watching him, he turns into a hummingbird and flies up into the night sky, looking around to see if he can spot where Foxbat has run off to!
  12. Up on the 2nd catwalk, Drew hums "The Lion sleeps tonight" waiting for the play to begin...
  13. Drew wanders over to where Jim is working and says, "Good thing its not the Lion King we're performing..." <Grins>
  14. Drew sets the lights and mentally goes over the placing of things. Grins a few times and he considers not having the spotlight directly on Rob during some of his scenes...
  15. After the Dress Rehearsal, Drew watched the senior crew working on the wiring of the lighting fixtures and offers to help. He gets shocked more than a few times but grins with the others over it all. (This may warrant a KS: electronics familiarity eventually)
  16. Drew shows up next to GC, "No offence but I don't like c... err never mind" Carrying around a heavy piece of lighting equipment he puts it down, anyone know where this unit goes? One of the main lights went offline and needs replacing...
  17. Thank you for this! My group played through this on Friday past and had a wonderful time curb stomping Nazis!! I'm more familiar with Hero and so I did some on the fly conversions for the adventure but we had a blast!
  18. "G'Night Karrin, have a good rest of your weekend!" says Avis, (back in human form), waves then heads out of the building towards home.
  19. Avis turns into a parrot, "That's right Matey" "So now what are we expected to do?"
  20. Drew sighs heavily, "I can't believe our field trip has homework..." Types out report and hands it in.
  21. Hi this message is aimed towards Greg Elkins the creator of the above. I was going through the HD files associated with this product and noticed that the villain Griffon is missing. Can this file be added/updated to the Store, or to the downloads section? Thanks
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