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  1. Would you be willing to post your HDC file?
  2. I'm currently playing in a dark champions style game. Its based on The Boys Universe, so violence is a thing... We are students, and we started with 265 points. We are currently at 304. Max damage output on one of the players is 17d6 - includes a haymakered EB. I really like your character concept! _____________________________________________ So the Redefined Combat Luck raises his DCV from 5 to 9. Presuming 5 OCV is the norm (which is low btw) he would get hit 2/3 of the time. He does have a strong Force Field but would take 12 stun on ave
  3. Does he have an accent when talking? "Ve have many dangerouz tingz in my laboratory! Ze- robots are a necessary zafety zyztem to enzure all happenz az I dictate!" then we have: Z-Robots Z-Drones etc Transform attack - Zombifier... He should have independent Force Wallz to defend him from attacks
  4. I've found a bunch of modern day plus sci-fi maps here! https://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/5371/Heroic-Maps
  5. I asked for updates on the book, that's what I was told. Via Messenger at that...
  6. I heard about the offices moving on the Facebook page!
  7. No but apparently they are moving offices. So perhaps we'll get more information later on...?
  8. Not that I'll remember when the time comes but many thanks!
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