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  1. No she does not have that skill. She was slave labour in a fireworks factory.
  2. Freak time for captain Nemo??? Nemo is just a little fish and with the help of his friend Dorie he freaks out on other fish to the joy of... too much??
  3. Are we recreating an older adventure or are we creating something brand new? Here is the Nest Leader in HD 6E. Nest Leader.hdc
  4. I have the Classic Enemies book. Looking at Sparkler right now... She has an Elemental Control, so that would be Unified Power in 6E. An RKA Autofire and Force field in the EC, then running +12" (would that translate to +24m?) and +8 Combat skill levels with Energy Blast.
  5. I've been building the Nest Leader from Viper's Nest (in Hero Designer) and have a question. On P. 210 of Champions Complete at the bottom of the page it has Find Weakness. Armor Piercing (+1/4) for up to 60 Active Points in character's attack (15 Active points); Requires An Analyse Roll (-1/2). Real Cost 10 CP. When I build this in HD, I can add an 11-less roll for the -1/2, but if I buy this character the Analyze Skill defined as combat, his intelligence makes it a 12-less roll. (no way to lower the analyze skill). Does he get FW on an 11- or a 12-?? Or does he have to make two rol
  6. Harriette Lester was from England and had immigrated to avoid imprisonment. When she arrived Stateside she took up with a flashy young man who turned her into a prostitute. The shame she felt from this betrayal caused her to take her own life. But something went wrong and the poison she took didn't kill her but gave her ghostlike abilities. She took her revenge on the flashy young man and hid away when the authorities came looking for her. Eventually she found her way to the Victorian Mansion and joined the Night Skulkers as Whitechapel. Her powers are desolidification based and she can
  7. I would suggest Area of Effect (AoE) - Selective
  8. Here is my first crack at Brick from Viper's Nest. Thanks for the pic Christopher Taylor! This is in HD 6 format! Brick.hdc
  9. I'm planning to run Viper's Nest for my group and will update Brick to 6E, if allowed I will post him in Hero Designer Format to this thread. One down... Edit: Character is Built, waiting for approval to post...
  10. Cheshire Cat and Blue Jay are in the Champions Villains Group book, in the villain team GRAB. But Brick has not been updated to 6E.
  11. How many palindromedaries does it take to change a lightbulb?
  12. Laura Diamond loved diving and exploring caves underwater, in one cave she swam through a strange energy field and gained the ability to Teleport. She now calls herself Abyss and uses her powers in concert with the others to rescue those trapped underground.
  13. The Girl, the gold watch and everything?? Novel I read ages ago... Like the power but how would it be built?
  14. Does anyone know if the character Brick from this supplement ever made it into 6th Edition? The other two did...
  15. For my 100th post!! Every Silver lining has its dark, dark cloud!
  16. Only 22 votes so far?? Good thing we don't need a quorum!!
  17. I figured out how to get this to work with my iPad. The Way Back Machine at the top of the page has a date associated if that date is current "May 2015" there is no info available, but if you back up the date it works just fine!! I have it working as of date Jun 19, 2009; all the explanations are there!! Hopefully this thumbnail helps...
  18. Eastern Alchymist Rose Allen had trained to be a scientist. She took all the courses and was top in her class, she hoped to find job with some esteemed lab and make a name for herself. She thought working for a company like Fluor Daniel might provide the opportunity she needed to succeed. She hoped her basic knowledge of Engineering would lead her to new plateus and her determination to apply green energy in new areas would be rewarding! One day whilst working away at her plans, late at night, cause she really didn't have a life outside of work. She surprised a thief at the office wh
  19. Chimalis Kaytun - Secret ID She uses the name Itzel which means Rainbow Goddess. Its also a popular Mayan girls name!
  20. In one game, a hero started acting and doing villainous activities, so her Rival, the villain, became a hero instead. And didn't understand when we attacked him and arrested him for previous crimes...
  21. Yes, Ogre is CV3 - Page 222-223. This book I own!!
  22. Is this why I can't get it to open on my iPad? Mac works fine but not the iPad...
  23. This is an amazing web site!!! Thanks I've bookmarked it!!
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