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  1. I ask as I haven't found one either here or at drivethrurpg, though maybe I just failz @searching. I can find the PDF that says '#450' on the cover and #400 on the inside but I already own that one in dead-tree and pdf. I'd like to get a new copy of the 'revised/451' edition as my old book is really showing it's age now. So I'm specifically the 'Product Code 451' version which, according to RPGG has a bit of re-formatting, art and layout. https://www.rpggeek.com/rpgitemversion/5177/deluxe-printing This deluxe edition of the Big Blue Book differs from the standard editions as follows: New interior graphics and layout. The new layout uses page borders, large gray bars for chapter headings, gray boxes that look like torn sheets of paper for tables and a serif font compared to the more plain layout of earlier editions. The Sourcebook and Campaign Book no longer have their sections starting at S1 and C1 respectively but are now numbered like the rest of the book. The Deluxe cover, other than the obvious additions of the word "Deluxe" and the banner mentioning HeroMaker, has much more vibrant colors than the regular hardcover and softcover. In addition, a metallic sheen has been placed on various surfaces, notably Seeker's sword and Dr. Destroyer's armor. Rules corrections. The rules have been updated to reflect changes that first appeared in the Hero System Rulesbook. The earlier hardcover and the softcover do not have these changes. An index. The hardcover and softcover only had a comprehensive table of contents. Smythe-sewn hardcover binding. The pages are laid out in signatures of 16 or 32 pages and sewn together, then glued to a backing. The text block of all the hardcovers, regardless of printing, "floats". This means the pages are attached to a backing which is then glued to the covers of the book, but not the spine. The first printing hardcover, in a cost-cutting measure omitted the sewing and glued the pages directly to the backing, similar to a softcover book. The glue used in the first printings became brittle and the pages fell out, requiring Iron Crown Enterprises to send out replacement copies with better glue to owners of the first printing that requested a replacement. HeroMaker Software. The Deluxe edition includes this software to create characters with. The last 35 or so pages of the Deluxe book is the instruction manual for HeroMaker. The software requires MS-DOS to run and is no longer supported. Nick: Deluxe Printing Publisher: Hero Games Year: 1995 Hard Cover Product Code: 451 ISBN-10: 155806205X
  2. Just came across this thread and am really glad to see you're testing these waters out (HERO Games). I also was hesitant at first to try the print on demand service at RPGNow/DriveThruRPG. But the soft cover and hard cover books I've bought are of great quailty. You can't really tell the difference from a store bought book IMO. I'm off to order both books right now. Please add the new "Ultimate Skill" to the print on demand service as well :-)
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