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  1. Awesome, thanks for looking that up Kuma Shinobi. In reading the rules for "Staredowns" I really like them, but... for Melee Combats. In Westerns sometimes it's the Town Drunk, or a Simple Farmer that stands up to Black Bart and shows that he has true courage. So that sort of Hero I don't envisage having much Presence above 10 if any, heck maybe even lower than 10. Also a Bully/Villain could have a High Presence, rep as a "Bad Man" but in actuality when he's alone without his gang backing him up he may be a coward deep down. I guess the real question is...
  2. As per the title why is this forum so stingy with the upvote per day amount. Some days I want to upvote 10 posts, another day 0. Why should it be limited? I can only upvote each post once anyways. The Dream Pod 9 forums uses the same interface/forum software as the HERO forum, so maybe it's an odd/default setting for this forum software? If so could it please be change.
  3. Would be nice to get an answer to this question, but the lack of one I think is an answer in and of itself.
  4. I never thought of that! but that is EXACTLY the same sort of thing isn't it. For Samurai it's an "honor/test of skill" thing I think, not flinching first. Thanks for mentioning that. If you find that bit please post the book and page number as I own most of the 4th, 5th, and 6th edition books.
  5. To me that's a big part of "Westerns" (and by extension Western RPG's). That is the "Duel in the main street of town at High Noon". Whomever draws first is the aggressor (be they the White Hat or the Black Hat) and the one who draw's second is acting in self defense. At least if there are witnesses (Towns folk) who'll vouch for the Hero if he didn't draw first, but was faster than the Villain. To me it's one thing that's been missing from all the Western RPG's I've looked at, though that's by no means an exhaustive list. A "Stare-down/Flintch first" system where the Player and th
  6. I've done some googling, but I've come up with nothing so I thought I'd ask the HERO denizens here on the forums. Does anyone know if there is one of those Let's Read threads for the HERO 5th Edition Revised Core Rules book any on the web? Same Idea as the ones below for 4th and 6th editions respectively. Lets Read 4th ed https://forum.rpg.net/index.php?threads/hero-lets-read-the-big-blue-book.454655/page-4 Lets Read 6th ed https://forum.rpg.net/index.php?threads/lets-read-hero-system-6th-edition-volumes-1-2.767046/
  7. I ask as I haven't found one either here or at drivethrurpg, though maybe I just failz @searching. I can find the PDF that says '#450' on the cover and #400 on the inside but I already own that one in dead-tree and pdf. I'd like to get a new copy of the 'revised/451' edition as my old book is really showing it's age now. So I'm specifically the 'Product Code 451' version which, according to RPGG has a bit of re-formatting, art and layout. https://www.rpggeek.com/rpgitemversion/5177/deluxe-printing This deluxe edition of the Big Blue Book differs from the standard
  8. I'd suggest adding Killershrike's Cyberpunk stuff to your Cyber Ombnibus book. http://www.killershrike.com/MetaCyber/MetaCyberSetting.aspx It would have to be copy/paste of his web content but it's really good stuff (as is all of Killershrike's content)
  9. Just came across this thread and am really glad to see you're testing these waters out (HERO Games). I also was hesitant at first to try the print on demand service at RPGNow/DriveThruRPG. But the soft cover and hard cover books I've bought are of great quailty. You can't really tell the difference from a store bought book IMO. I'm off to order both books right now. Please add the new "Ultimate Skill" to the print on demand service as well :-)
  10. Re: Possible HERO System Supplement Kickstarters From Steve -- What Interests You? All 4 projects interest me. And I'd want a hard copy of each so I'm guessing the 50$ amnt for each of them.
  11. Re: HERO System Grimoire Looking forward to the print copy as well.
  12. Re: HERO System Equipment Guide I was just going to ask if their is a "print" version availible yet for this title.
  13. Re: Champions Beyond Is Champions Beyond availible in dead tree format? I ask as I don't see it in the HERO Games store availible as a book, just a PDF. Also searched Amazon for good measure and didn't see it listed their either.
  14. Re: Fantasy Hero could certainly use some reviews online I've been looking and looking for this very review (Fantasy HERO 6E) and can't find anything sofar.
  15. Re: Post Apoc Setting I'm a big PostApoc setting fan myself. And my Fav HERO page on the subject is WASTELAND HERO. Lots of good resources and material here for PostApoc gamming using the ole HERO system. http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Park/3440//rpgs.html
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