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  1. I'd suggest adding Killershrike's Cyberpunk stuff to your Cyber Ombnibus book. http://www.killershrike.com/MetaCyber/MetaCyberSetting.aspx It would have to be copy/paste of his web content but it's really good stuff (as is all of Killershrike's content)
  2. Just came across this thread and am really glad to see you're testing these waters out (HERO Games). I also was hesitant at first to try the print on demand service at RPGNow/DriveThruRPG. But the soft cover and hard cover books I've bought are of great quailty. You can't really tell the difference from a store bought book IMO. I'm off to order both books right now. Please add the new "Ultimate Skill" to the print on demand service as well :-)
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