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  1. Re: Superpowers and the Law I tend to make such things similarly circumstantial. If you shoot somebody, then whether it was a firearm or a laser from your hands is immaterial. And really famous, good, supergroups like the JLA/JSA/Avengers are given some leeway.
  2. Just realised that this should be in here, not Champions' Thread. Has anyone got writeups or advice for writing up Harry Potter characters? In particular, these characters and in this order: 1.) Luna Lovegood (Because the player is already here.) Joint 2.) Hermione Grange & Ginevra 'Ginny' Weasley (Because these players are on holiday for a few days) 4.) Bellatrix Lestrange (Because she will be a plot device NPC for the first few appearances, so she won't need many stats for a while.) Because I'm running a campaign for three people, and the basic plot is: All the remaining Horcruxes are being hidden in far corners of the world, and so groups of people from the DA club are being sent after them, since there is only one Deatheater per Horcrux, and the Order of the Pheonix is busy battling the main Deatheater army.
  3. Re: Harry Potter Characters Actually, I just realised that I should have put this into Fantasy Hero. But thanks, that's a good point that I hadn't thought of.
  4. Re: WWYCD: HE is not himself. If the GM asked me could he run this story with my character, and I didn't mind (it would depend on the character I was playing), then I would want to keep playing the experienced guy who turned out to be a devil replica, and pay a few points toward having the original as a 'sidekick' who would be treated as a mentor. Like how Batman, being the current 'normal guy with training' of the JSA, treats Catman, the original 'normal guy with training' of the JSA, in Earth 2, despite Catman being much lower points cost than Batman. As for how would Powerful Demon Self react to the revelation that he was a demon replacement? He'd shrug and carry on being the same superhero he always thought he was. Except, he might start reading up more on Demons, just out of casual interest. As for how would normal, dead for many years, original hero react to his long stay in Hell? Well, he either tried to rehabilitate the demons and sinners, or he just found it really not that bad, and relaxed for a decade or so. Either way, he just laughs about it. And no, he's not just covering the pain. He really does think that Hell is that weak.
  5. Re: Real Crimefighters Like The Wall Creeper? Cool. That's useful. I wanted it serious, but not necessarily 100% accurate to real life. Sort of like how the first Die Hard film was the first film to show the good guy getting torn up and bloody, but he still managed to killed the first five or so terrorists in relatively realistic ways.
  6. More specifically, these characters, in order: 1.) Luna Lovegood, 2.) Hermione Granger, 3.) Ginevra 'Ginny' Weasley 4.) Bellatrix Lestrange Because I'm running a Harry Potter setting for group of two girls and one guy (The guy is playing Luna, not that it matters) and they all said that they would fear a Bellatrix Lestrange (but only as played by Helena Bonham Carter, oddly) more than Lord Voldemort. So I've worked out a rough plot, involving a Horcrux, and just need help statting the main characters out. And anyone else that anyone has statted. If anyone has any of the Harry Potter characters pre-statted, that would be great.
  7. Seriously, has anyone statted up any real crimefighters yet? Obviously, I don't mean the people that do charity work while dressed in a costume. I mean people like Captain Jackson, the Chicago crimefighter, who first started patrolling the streets to stop crime because the police were understaffed. He's been sanctioned by the Chief Of Police now, and the Chief has ordered his police force not to try and identify Captain Jackson, or anyone of a small number of other Chicagi based superheroes. Or the Justice Society of Justice, now serving twice as much justice as 'those other guys', based in Indiana, like Mr Silent. Anyone statted them up yet?
  8. Re: Mottos for use in games Or the discworld Dwarf battlecry that translates roughly as: Today is a good day for someone else to die! When it is spoken, someone must die.
  9. Re: An Opportunity For Self-Improvement I think that my new character, 'Vandoan' would add 'Enemy: All sane criminals in the city', 'Sense of Duty: Everyone in the city' and 'Phys Lim: Paraplegic' to be able to put all those points into a couple of new powers. A universal healing power that still can't cure her own paraplegia, a forcefield, a couple of small variable power pools (one of superscience, one of magic) for anything she missed out on that she will later think 'I wish I'd taken that' and finally a high amount of presence and diplomacy, to allow her to talk down some criminals, while making the city populace want to be better people to please her.
  10. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares Touched By Charlie's Angels
  11. Re: Kim Possible - Modern Day Pulp Heroine? This also explains why Kim's mom was as capable as Kim, when they went on a mission together! Pulp heroine inheriting incredible skills from their bloodline? Does it get any more pulp? And the fact that even the vile bad guys (Duff Killigan, Shego and Dr. Drakken) have expressed disgust that the heroine lied to her parents, even though they regularly construct death rays. Come to think of it, this explains Kigo. (That is to say, the most popular pairing of any two characters from the show, in the KP fandom, was Kim Possible/Shego. Otherwise known as Kigo.) Because, the Hero in Pulp always hits it off with the femme fatale/evil princess. So just because they are both female, and therefore we know Disney won't let it go anywhere, there still seems like there is a subtext because the idea of Protagonist/Hench-Woman relations is so well ingrained in the pulp style.
  12. Re: Celebrities Yeah, I should clarify. Like the list suggests, I don't want to know how to make up celebrities myself, I want suggestions of how to write up actual famous people, especially: Christina Ricci, Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Campbell, Lucy Lawless, Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny.
  13. Has anyone got any writeups for actual celebrities. So, not Willow, but Alyson Hannigan. Not Scully, but Gillian Anderson. Blah, Blah, Blah.
  14. Re: Mottos for use in games My family (or Clan) motto: Victory Or Death! My favourite other family motto: We Gladly Feast On Those Who Would Subdue Us!
  15. Re: The "Nice Happy" Thread Hey, you know what? Rainbows. Yeah.
  16. Re: To gun fu or not gun fu? Personally, all martial arts skills are disallowed in my game. But you can replicate them with 'powers'. I am making packages for everything (usually 20-50 pnts each) for players who are new to Hero and don't want to work out every single point value. I divide the packages up, into things like 'Background' (Cop, Professor, Spy, etc), 'Hero training' (Avengers, JLA, League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, etc) and, most importantly, 'Powers' (Brick, Speedster, Gadgets, etc). Powers is divided up into types of power: Martial arts, Gadgets, Magic, Superhuman, etc. Martial Arts is divided up into a variety of 'styles': Iron Fist, Jade Dragon, etc. One of these 'styles' is an example of Gun Fu. These styles have additional packages for improved mastery of the style. So the first package of Gun Fu (Actually called 'Brothers of the Gun') is similar to Grammaton Clerics, with cool moves to evade traditional trajectories of fire while maximising kill zones. The second level is like 'Wanted', the movie. It can shoot round corners and shoot bullets out of the air.
  17. Re: The Spirit (the movie) I'm gonna raise this thread from the dead (ironically) to ask if anyone has written it up for Hero yet? Noir is just a flavour for Pulp.
  18. Re: How Many "Super-Cities" is too many? What is this phrase 'too many'? Seriously, whenever I need a gritty, crime-ridden city, I make one up and pick a name. Say Hello to Gotham City. Whenever I need a happy, sci-fi city, I make one up and pick a name. Say Hello to Metropolis. Etc. That way, the players don't know anything about the world except what I tell them.
  19. Re: Your PCs might be Underpowered if... ...the last time you got XP/successfully completed the mission was when this thread started!
  20. Re: Rockstar Someone needs to make Guitar HERO. Ha!
  21. Re: Byronic Hero If someone here in the UK was running this live, I'd play. But my character would give in to the first vampire that tried to seduce him to become a vampire. Then I'd probably have to retire the character.
  22. Re: 350 point jedi? I think the Jedi mind trick, unless you want to really focus on it, would be alright at a low level. It works on the feeble minded (Bystanders and weak-willed henchmen) but not those with an iron will (Supers and people who deal with them, emergency service workers, etc). Enough TK to move about 50lbs seems right. They mostly use it to disarm people and grab their lightsabres from a distance. Unless you focus on this, like Yoda. Force blast, force choke, etc, seem a little more like a sith thing. Enhanced abilities should just work like any other martial artist. But with the added aspect of using a lightsabre. I would add an energy deflection power without the lightsabre and let the lightsabre add a bonus to it. After all, Darth Vader blocked a blaster pistol with his hand. Then add an Energy blast with no range for the lightsabre (and maybe one with a range for a blaster pistol), and a stun only version for the training mode (Same for the blaster pistol if you have one).
  23. Re: The Marvels That Men Do! (Marvel Comics Conversion to Pulp) Well, I do want other people's ideas, too! But I do think, instead of web-fluid, he'd have invented a kind of grappling line and claw set up built into his gloves.
  24. Re: The Marvels That Men Do! (Marvel Comics Conversion to Pulp) For Example: In Marvel Pulp, there was no race to build the Atom Bomb (although mad scientists are more than happy to invent one). There was, instead, a race to build the first prototype Super-Soldier. The Nazis started it, with their 'genetic experiments', trying to make the 'Aryan Master Race', and the American government stole their notes to work on it themselves. One of the group, Dr Bruce Banner, showed promise. An eccentric genius, he developed a serum that he thought would allow a person to transform themselves into a physically superior being. Being a highly ethical man, he refused to test it on anyone else. Unfortunately the formula proved unstable, producing maddening levels of adrenaline in the subject whenever they were transformed. The transformation is triggered by adrenaline, and can only be stopped by calming the subject down. Blah, blah, blah, other superheroes who could have been subjects of various attempts at supersoldiers. Dr. Banner later perfected his serum, in the process of attempting to cure himself. Unfortunately, the perfected serum neither affects his blood, nor cures his previous serum. And since the government already had their perfect soldier, someone based on the now infamous 'Incredible Hulk' would just be bad publicity. So his new serum is put into storage. However, his cousin, Jennifer Walters, was the first female lawyer in America. And she was working on getting a major mafia Don sent to prison, so he had her gunned down. The only way to save her life was with an emergency transfusion from the nearest viable donor. But Dr Banner didn't want to pass on his curse with his blood. So he used a vial of the perfected 'Hulk' serum to make her immune to the imperfect prototype. She pulled through, thanks in part to the serum, and she so the petite Jennifer Walters became the mighty She-Hulk.
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