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  1. Re: Villain Archetypes? This can come under the other categories, but...theme villains. So, for instance, a Rock & Roll villain (DisChord or something) could be any one of a dozen different styles of villain, and may actually switch between them, but still keep being a Rock themed super-villain. He first appears as the leader of a five man band of mutants who rob banks. One plays bass and is superhumanly tough. His cohorts are a lead singer with sonic blasts, a drummer who can teleport the whole team and about two hundred pounds to spare, a lead guitarist who can stretch and has four arms (so he can fight and keep playing) and DisChord, a keyboard player who is a genius with gadgets built into his keyboard. But he is defeated so he returns as a basic attention seeking minor villain mind controlling a crowd of civilians to attack the PCs. Then he disappears for a while and later, when the mysterious bad guy is finally revealed, it's DisChord! And now he's wearing power armour with a synthesizer built into the arm for blasters and flight controls and things! And he has built a flying chariot/throne with his old keyboard adapted into the controls!
  2. Re: Silly question: ...Because it was there. (Ask a silly question, get a serious answer.)
  3. Kal'El Wayne

    A Gift?

    Re: A Gift? We play a game on the really idealistic side of the sliding scale of idealism to realism. So my most 'normal' kind of character, an Iron Man rip-off, regularly gets christmas gifts from his rogue's gallery, even the ones who are currently off-duty. He also leaves gifts with those in jail and things. It's that sort of game.
  4. Re: There's A New Sheriff In Town Well, our group have a continuous Golden/Silver/Four-Colour universe that we tend to use whenever we want to run a lighter kind of Supers game (Which is nine times out of ten) and we have pretty much adopted my first Hero system character as being like Bat-God on steroids. Sir Johnstone never actually adventures anymore, things 'just happen' in a way that is technically untraceable back to him. (Basically think God without the mystery.) And since he hates people who even use the image of a child to do evil, this sort of thing never ever happens in our Code Versus Killing universe. And like you said, in other games it wouldn't matter.
  5. Re: The Lovestruck A.I. I've always intended to write a sci-fi novel. (Possibly a star trek novel, maybe an original setting.) And in this novel, I've always said, there will be a character who is essentially like Solo or Kirk, but with out the crew and with a smaller ship (like a Firefly) that has an AI. The man and his AI ship are a loving couple, and the rest of the characters in the novel will rather notably not see anything wrong with that. Even though the AI is neither male nor female( obviously, it's a ship). And yes, actually, the AI does feel the need for touching. It feels the sensation through it's touchscreens the same as we do through skin. So slapping the touchscreens is like slapping someone's face, stroking it is like stroking someones face and spreading yourself or your arms over it is like hugging someone. So, I personally would be complimented greatly. I would happy to date a ship, just as I would be happy to date any carbon based life form. Whether or not there is a robot avatar or something is besides the point.
  6. Re: Star-Trek-Gate-Wars 5 Me? I'm planning to have a Personal Shuttlecraft from Babylon 5, piloted by Susan Ivanova (She can bring Talia Winters. I wouldn't ask my crew to leave their loved ones behind, and Talia can scan for general feelings of ill will or treachery.), Ship Doctor is Doctor Jennifer Keller of SG-1, aided by a Longterm Medical Hologram from Star Trek and a small Bacta Tank from Star Wars, the ships mechanic is a Bajoran, aided by an R2 unit. Of course, I would fit a replicator and program it to suit them and their reccomended diets.
  7. Re: Flash Forward To Nightmare My characters would shrug it off. NewLeaf is too nice a guy to do such a thing and everyone knows it, so it must be an imposter or something. Sir Johnstone is experienced enough with prophecies (and Strange Iron has had seen enough sci fi) to know that if they try to actively avoid it, they'll just end up causing whatever it is, so they might as well lay back and let it all blow over.
  8. Re: TV to rpg Has anyone done Speed Racer for Hero yet?
  9. Re: What do journeyman wizards do for a living? Dude! You know, I always wanted to try a fantasy game about setting up a Postal Service that served the entire fantasy Kingdom. You know, 'The Postman Shall Not Stop For Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor Those That Lie Between Life & Death, Nor Death Himself, Nor...' etc. Like the movie/books The Postman (w/Kevin Costner) except, instead of rebuilding the Postal Service after a series of apocalypses, the characters are making the first organised Guild Of Mail Carriers ever (In this fantasy world)! So that could be a setting piece. All mages must be Guild Members of the Guild Of Mail Carriers, so that they can't cast Divinations for people like 'Message' w/o guild permission. At least not unless it is an emergency. So everyone must pay the Guild rates. And they make sure that all members who want to do messenger work can get it. Maybe they have teams of, lets say, one mage (to use magic when necessary), one fighter (to guard the mail and the mage), one 'scout' (to scout ahead and get mail to people no matter what) and one medic-priest (to see to the spiritual and physical well-being of the group). And they go off into far away places to take mail and bring replies, if any. Far away, dangerous places. See what I mean?
  10. Re: Villainess Romance Appeal? Ummm...so Tenderheart's a gay, transvestite vigilante? What's to 'cure'? All that I can see a problem with is maybe 'vigilante', if its a golden age/silver age game. If Harry realises this, then he can simply let Tenderheart down gently, so as not to hurt hir feelings. Of course, if he doesn't realise that Tenderheart is a man, I would reccomend letting hir down gently anyway, so as not to be eviscerated by Harry's demonic girlfriend.
  11. Re: Your favorite character type I love 'do everything' types. Not as good at any one thing as a specialised hero, but with the ability to try anything. So, a gadgeteer with a lab full of other gadgets, or a Power Suit type with modular attachments, or a mage with a magic pool, or even a 'mystic gadgeteer' who uses alchemy. And possibly my favourite of these is a kind of Doc Savage type. Some skill in a bunch of different things, decent stats, and a small amount of ritual magic and a bunch of weak gadgets. OR The Spirit style, hero who comes back from the dead. I often use this with another kind of hero, but I love the idea that, while he's just as easy to kill as anyone else, he keeps coming back. He or she is like the 'Freddy Kreuger' or 'Jason' or 'Chucky' of the superhero world. Terrifies the supervillains and lets me play this character as often as I want, even if he does get 'killed'.
  12. Re: Wanted: Heroes It just so happens, I've already thought about this for my high power PC turned BatGod-like NPC, Sir Johnstone. He and his 'evil' counterpart are actually very similar. Every year they swap places as a kind of 'vacation'. So he'd probably just take the villains with him next time he swapped, or something.
  13. Re: Villainess Romance Appeal? Who says the three/ten girls aren't happy to be together with Harry?
  14. Re: Applying Dis/Advantages To Free Senses Muchas Gracias. I thought it might be that, but decided to check with you guys.
  15. How do I work out the cost of applying Dis/Advantages to a sense? Because I don't know how much the sense costs, so how do I cost the addition of advantages and disadvantages?
  16. Re: Bigger Inside Than Out I did something similar for a Harry Potter campaign to introduce players to the Hero system. I was building 'Wizard Tents' that are a house inside a normal sized two person tent. I just built the base and then paid for it to be 'in another dimension', then built a Dimensional travel power to one single place in one dimension (just inside the door of the house in the tent), and with Obvious Accessible Focus that needs arrangement. (A tent that needs to be put up.) I also added a 'Limited: the tent must be left up while someone is inside', to stop players from taking turns walking while the rest of the party just sat in the tent in comfort, and to let enemies waltz in whenever they want.
  17. Re: Transgendered Superperson Also, Kickback? The players who claim that they couldn't do a particular character aspect justice are usually the ones who would do it best, because they are so conscious of any flaw in their portrayal.
  18. Re: Transgendered Superperson I should clarify, I am not forcing this scenario on anyone. If I ever even ran it, it would have been planned with the player beforehand. It's just one of those ways in which I can think about my own characters in more indepth ways, to get inside their heads. Steel Circuits, my Power-Armour character, is a man but also a transvestite and would not be very worried about being a woman, especially since his armour could adjust to his new form, and hide it if necessary.
  19. Okay, I was just reading TV Tropes dot com. And I happened across the page for Whateley Academy fiction. So it gave me an idea. Your hero, feeling under the weather lately, went to the local superdoctor (ie Reed Richards, or whoever else could diagnose problems of superheroes) to see what is wrong. It's messing with your powers so you went to the best of the best. The doctor walks back in with your full lab reports with an oddly fascinated expression. Then he gives the bad (good?) news. Whatever gave you your powers (be it mutation, accident or experiment) may have given you powers as quickly as it did, but it had another effect that took so long that no one noticed it till now. You are going to switch sexes. Now obviously, if you want to try and reverse this, it may be possible, but it would mean losing your powers. (Or, if your hero wants to go back to normal, the 'cure' would cripple you. If you have no powers, then there was an attack by a random supervillain, and his raygun malfunctioned, having the same effect. If you're an android or whatever, it doesn't matter. And if you get your powers from magic, this was a magical curse that cannot be broken without sacrificing your magic.) So now what? How do you explain this to your parents? What are your mutant friends at Xavier's academy going to say? And what are you going to wear now?
  20. Re: Harry Potter Characters The attributes for a generic Auror. The rPD/rED haven't cost anything because they come from the Armour Power, which I will list later, with spells etc. Str 13 Dex 13 Con 13 Body 15 Int 13 Ego 14 Pre 15 Com 10 46 points PD 13 (rPD 10) ED 13 (rED 10) Speed 3 Recovery 6 Endurance 26 Stun 29 10 points Running 6” Swimming 2” Good? Bad? Not Ugly Enough?
  21. Re: Harry Potter Characters Good Journey! (The Pilot) - Our trio are given a task by Dumbledore, and sent to a small village in England, where Voldemort's ancestors used to own a castle, now in ruins. The Horcrux is believed to be a museum piece here, taken from the castle during an archaelogical survey. The piece is stolen, while the trio are reporting in to the local Auror. The thief leaves a calling card, identifying this as the work of the 'Black Dragon', a master thief who steal magical items that are on public display before muggles. Someone traces the item magically, and finds it is in Norway, at the home of a powerful pureblood wizard who collects rare magical artifacts. I'll need to stat a generic Auror, as a template.
  22. Re: Harry Potter Characters So I've been talking to the player who isn't on holiday, and the idea that came up is for a kind of 'Adventure of the week' game. The characters travel from one country to another, looking for the Horcrux, trying to find it before Bellatrix Lestrange does. Along the way, they will fight of a variety of nasty wizards, and help a bunch of interesting NPCs. When I emailed the other players (on holiday right now) they said that this sounded great. Which is good, because I don't need to stretch the incredibly thin plot of 'go here, get the horcrux, destroy it'. But I do need some help with thinking up plots. Here are a few that the players suggested, which I will post one at a time, as I adapt their rough ideas into something that fits the broad plot I had in mind.
  23. Re: Holding the end of the world First, many of my characters have, as part of their background, the fact that they are an avatar of an aspect of the universe. So they probably could absorb the crystal into a part of themselves and it would be safe forever. But that is my semi-NPC style of character. (I work with the GM a lot.) On a more realistic character, he would probably see a local Dr Strange-Fate type and have it mystically bonded to his heart, so that it couldn't go off, even if it meant he had to live forever, watching his loved ones die, and in eternal pain, from having a shard of crystal inside his heart.
  24. Re: Harry Potter Characters The irony is that now I find Emma Watson more attractive than Lindsay Lohan. So that doesn't look like a parody so much as 'how it should have been'.
  25. Re: Harry Potter Characters Excellent. Thanks, I needed to explain a few things for a player. (The guy playing Luna actually, but this helps a lot.)
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