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Puffin Forest’s In Depth Review of Pathfinder 2e

Scott Ruggels

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7 hours ago, Ninja-Bear said:

As to XP being low, I've come across an answer. Gygax wanted leveling to be slow. Partly because he didn’t have anything worked out beyond 8th at the time of it being published. And some people back in that day played 3 days a week, every week! 


The wonders of an era with no internet conversations to fill up your time.

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On 8/15/2020 at 7:23 PM, unclevlad said:

What is the difference between fudging and cheating?


sigh......   if you do not understand the concepts then there really is no point in continuing the conversation. 



On 8/16/2020 at 10:32 AM, Ninja-Bear said:

Btw I don’t see either  approach as exclusive.


Yes.  Exactly.


Even though many people here cannot discus anything without turning it into absolutes.


The occasional fudged roll is not different from adjusting an encounter on the fly. 

If the monsters are too easy you can bump up their stats or how many there are.  


If it is in the last scene and after several sessions it all comes down to the party all dying because I rolled a critical.  Well, I'm going to fudge the roll and not use the critical.  


Of course I completely understand that many people do not have players that trust them to run a fun adventure. Or trust their players.  I use hidden rolls as a norm.  And once the players understand how the calculate their rolls I don't really monitor them.  I just ask what they rolled. 


I am a GM who's job at the table is to weave a fun adventure for the players.  No matter how much you prep, you cannot always get it right, so in game adjustments be they NPC's, monsters, encounters or die rolls are all on the table.



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10 hours ago, Spence said:



Of course I completely understand that many people do not have players that trust them to run a fun adventure. Or tryst their players. 




If you tryst with your players too often, your wife will start to suspect something....

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