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Adventure or Session Titles


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At times I find it amusing to create titles for sessions or adventures (a set of several sessions with a single resolution).  Sometimes I pass these on to my players; often they're spoilers so I'm the only one who sees them.  It happens also that I will change my planned course when I decide the title that wasn't right was cooler than my plan.



  • Nowhere Beach
  • Going for the Mister Gold {Mr Gold was the alias of the villain}
  • The God of Music's Back-Up Band
  • A Conversation with a Dragon
  • Backwoods Gangbangers


If you've done the same kind of thing, consider posting your titles for others' possible use!

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Every one of my Champions adventures has a title.  Most are fairly pedestrian (Into the VIPER Nest, Songs of Summoning, Bug Hunt, etc.), but some are more fun (at least to me).


When I introduced the supervillain group A-Team (all members have names beginning with "A"), the adventure title was A Plan Comes Together.


One adventure in November featuring vampires was titled Happy Fangsgiving.


And in December, when the heroes fought the New Gods, it was Merry Zeusmas.


Other titles: 

  • Foxbatty Fed
  • New Year's Revolutions
  • Something Fishy
  • Mall Madness
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45 minutes ago, Cancer said:


If you were to put that quote into the mouth of, e.g., an NPC scientist who created some menace that he could not control, you could use this quite literally as a title!


And it has more gravitas than "Eure....oppsidoodle!" 

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I come up with titles for all of my adventures.  Some are better than others, of course.  I don't usually come up with one until after the session, in case the players do something that would suggest a better title than I had in mind while writing it.  They can all be seen at the Obsidian Portal links in my sig, but here are the better ones:


Jurassic Quark - a particle collider accident creates a breach between dimensions and the team is pitted against intelligent, evolved dinosaurs.

The Shocking Dead - the team fights electric zombies...cross that one off the bucket list.

He Ain't Hedgy, He's My Brother - long story short, a PC with a plant-based origin discovers his long-lost brother, who transforms into what is basically a gigantic, walking tree of destruction.

Nano He Didn't - The mad scientist father of a PC's girlfriend infects the team with nanobots, which led directly to the next session where he took remote control of three PCs' bodies and forced them to murder villains, which was called:

Excuse Me While I Kill This Guy - to the tune of "Purple Haze", natch.

Twisted Christmas - the PC team Christmas party is crashed by their evil twins from another dimension.

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I've been putting together comic covers to summarize each time our group plays.


Trouble Mounts: summoned to a mystical fight club on a mountain

Knight Watch: a cursed knight tries to steal a magical artifact

In Deep Voodoo: pursuing the chicken man

Safe Keeping: we hid the the artifact in our safe and the knight tried to steal it again

All Hollow Sieve: on Halloween, the demon inside our teammate escaped

Knight Clubbing: we finally lay the smack down on the cursed knight

Spell Bound: we capture Etrigan who is amped up on ley lines

Isle Eagle Alien: we check into an alert on hawkgirl's weapons cache island

Fangs Fur Visiting: we go to a mythical land to return a boy to his homeland

Nature Bound: we're trapped by giant spiders and jungle plants

Hell Hydra: we fight a multi-headed beast


(there are a few issue covers missing thanks to some corrupted files)

Troubleshooters 14.png

Troubleshooters 13.png

Troubleshooters 12.png

Troubleshooters 11.png

Troubleshooters 07.png

Troubleshooters 06.png

Troubleshooters 05.png

Troubleshooters 04.png

Troubleshooters 01.png

Troubleshooters 02.png

Troubleshooters 03.png

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