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  1. Once. It didn't end well. I fully expected at some point to have a depowered character, but what ended up happening was a extreme case of lead poisoning.
  2. FemForce yeah I know it's been used but it could be the Earth 274 version.
  3. and Mary Poppins, I think I remember a umbrella based martial art I just don't remember which game system it was.
  4. Most of my characters would take damage from "normals" IF they are hit but that would most likely be a lucky shot or an ambush of some sort.
  5. Don 't forget that the HERO System has a usable Index in the back of the books unlike most other systems out there..
  6. There was a Data-clone write-up in one of the HERO System Almanacs it was 4th edition rules but could be updated.
  7. There are still Nazis they just don't dress as well as they use to.
  8. Check out the Personal Immunity Advantage.
  9. I use part of the backstory from Champions: the New Millennium where the Dr. summoned the Destroyer entity and he was merged with it during WWII and the entity keeps him alive.
  10. I think Radar had EDM-Time Travel. It explains the comic books from the future and that he was a virgin in the later shows even though he wasn't in the first couple of seasons.
  11. Let's add Kirby's Jimmy Olsen (though I guess it's part of the 4th world sage but nobody remembers), Kamandi (I sometimes think I'm the only fan of this), and Grell's Warlord.
  12. Stretching Usable as an Attack, Damage Shield there was a thread on this way back when.
  13. There was power back in Champions III (?) called Slipperiness if you can track down a copy.
  14. Stretching Invisible Power Effects legs only
  15. The golden age version might enjoy being bound in cuffs
  16. The golden age version would enjoy being bound in hand cuffs....
  17. Re: "Neat" Pictures Daisy Duke in Daisy Dukes. Your argument is invalid.
  18. Re: Foods for those that just don't care anymore I've had that with both dark and white chocolate.
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