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  1. Re: Balancing Magic Use Thread- Ressurect! Just to add my 2 cents. END Reserves bought with a max of INTx5, and a max REC of INT/5 that recovers once per hour will pretty much bring those mages right down to earth with the rest of the PCs pretty fast. It means the PCs just can't sling without consequence, and worry about resting a lot. Sample: Merlon the Magnificent: INT 10- 50 END/ REC:2/hr Harkon of the Golden Sun: INT:20- 100 END/ REC:4/hr Rob
  2. UltraRob


    Re: Naruto Yeah, I was looking at your campaign just last week. I'm thinking of doing a new Naruto campaign myself (not online), and have been debating how to handle the Jutsu. My current line of thinking is doing them as a VPP, with the characters being limited to ones they know from their personal list and having to use one of the three skills: Taijutsu, Genjutsu and Ninjutsu to actually use the Jutsu. I felt this would allow them to learn new ones fairly quickly, and reflect the large variety of minor Jutsu that the Naruto characters would normally have they don't mention
  3. Re: Team Iron Angel-BDGA: A Superheroic Audio Adventure Serial No, it's a pack of sound effects made available by a group who are fan-dubbing the "lost" Japanese transformers series's into English. You can find it here in case you want to snazzy up your PC sound effects. Rob
  4. Re: Team Iron Angel-BDGA: A Superheroic Audio Adventure Serial Team Iron Angel: Black Dawn of the Golden Age Episode Four: Windchill Direct Download Stream Podcast Summary: Held hostage along with the Ambassador, Soong tries to escape her captors- the weather mages Fung and Wan- and receives help from a most unexpected source. Runtime: 18.27 minutes, 16.8mb Written and Produced by: Robyn Paterson [ultraRob] Starring (in order of Appearance) [With VoiceActingAlliance.com handles in Square Brackets] Amanda Price [pyrrichal] as The Narrat
  5. Re: Attuning to Magic Items Random thought as I was reading this thread: Why not treat items bought as focus for points more as a kind've right to have something worth that cost than the cost of that particular item per-se. Kind've like an odd gadget pool, but with a lot more GM whim-based limits. So if a player loses an item he paid points for, he has the "right" to use those points to buy something else to replace it further down the line. Maybe even something costing more if he's willing to invest more points into it. I realize this could be dangerous, since you could have p
  6. UltraRob


    Re: Naruto In honor of the debut of the "new" Naruto Shippuuden (Hurricane) anime (which is really the old one continued with a jump forward in time), I thought I'd post the link to the Wikipedia entry on Jutsu, which literally contains writeups for every Jutsu (funky weird ninja power) used in the anime and manga! Hundreds of them! Be warned though, some of them are probably too nasty for a lot of campaigns. Your chance to terrify your players is HERE! Enjoy! Rob
  7. Re: Opposing Magic Systems Hey, that's a cool idea! I like that! Get too many of those darn Dark Elves in one place and your ability to cast say, Light Magic, could be extremely screwed or hindered. +1 DCV against attack spells, and -1 to the casting roll for other spells could be a nice way to do it. One mechanics question, though. Wouldn't you need to buy culmulative on the power for it to stack like that? Rob
  8. Re: Team Iron Angel-BDGA: A Superheroic Audio Adventure Serial Windfall, look for new ones every two weeks on Tuesdays, give or take a day. This one was a week late due to Chinese New Year, which where I live now is a week-long holiday and I was on vacation. I'll do my best to keep them as regular as possible. Thanks for the feedback! Rob
  9. Re: Team Iron Angel-BDGA: A Superheroic Audio Adventure Serial Thanks Oddhat, glad you liked them! There will be 10 of them in the first "season" when all is said and done. It's been an interesting challenge to do a Supers story in audio format, luckily I like challenges! Rob
  10. Re: Team Iron Angel-BDGA: A Superheroic Audio Adventure Serial Team Iron Angel: Black Dawn of the Golden Age Episode Three: Snowbound Summary: Fresh from the attack on the train, Team Iron Angel travels across the Alps by van, but quickly find themselves besieged by a storm that may be more than it appears. Runtime: 21 minutes, 19mb Written and Produced by: Robyn Paterson [ultraRob] Starring (in order of Appearance) [With VoiceActingAlliance.com handles in Square Brackets] Amanda Price [pyrrichal] as The Narrator and Hyang-Sook Soong-Four
  11. Re: Challenge Lists A Gambler A Princess A Poisoned Woman A troupe of Street Performers A bowl of Soup Rob (if you want to add me in too, I'll be impressed! )
  12. Re: [Warming Rant] GM feeling uninspired GM burnout is my diagnosis, and my recommendation is 6 months to a year away from gaming. I've done it a few times, and it's worked wonders for me and my GMing. If you don't have to worry about the whole group falling apart it makes it easier, but even if they do, you're better off taking a rest. Gaming is supposed to be FUN. Rob
  13. Hi All, Well, I decided to take my years of HERO GMing and combine it with my new love of Podcasting to produce what I call a "Superheroic" Audio Adventure Drama Serial. I managed to pull together a cast of talented amateur actors and we've begun our bi-weekly trip into adventure! Episode One is here. (it's short, an intro of sorts) Episode Two is here. (the story begins!) I'll post other episodes to this thread as they come out, if people find them interesting. Enjoy! Rob
  14. Re: Weapons of the Gods Mini Review Make sure you visit the EOS website and download "Auspicious Beginnings", perhaps one of the best intro adventures to a game ever written. I have actually run the game (and the module) as-is, and I found it fun to run and play once you get your head wrapped around a few ideas. One thing to consider if you run it is that PCs are REALLY durable, they're not meant to die unless they really screw up. They can get really screwed up, but won't die often, and a fight between major characters can take a while. Characters are meant to retreat long before t
  15. UltraRob


    Re: Naruto I make this comment as someone who has only seen a handful of episodes, but it seems to me that Naruto characters would be using an End Reserve to power their special abilities. Specifically, an End Reserve which recovers slowly enough that they can't just keep whipping off attacks without quickly running out of End. If you want them to mostly focus on their martial arts and only use their special abilities sparingly, then have the ER recover every 5 minutes, if you want them only used at the most crucial times, then make it once per hour. It's been my experience that wit
  16. Re: House of the Flying Daggers Yeah, the inability of daggers and darts to do much according to the HERO rules for armour always bugged me. Characters in WuXia stories just don't wear much armour and darts get a little tricky too. Rob
  17. Re: Some GMing Advice? Please Just to add some things that occured to me afterwards... 1) Keep It Simple Stupid: Come up with a really basic plot outline and then make up some NPCs to go with it, then let the players do the rest through play. Don't try to overawe them or feel you have to give them the best GMing experience of their lives, just try to have fun with the material and let things evolve naturally. 2) Steal Shamelessly: By which I not only mean steal plots and hooks, but also whole setting ideas. As Thia pointed out, you're all going to need to be on the same page as
  18. Re: Some GMing Advice? Please Go read: Essential Avengers 3+4 Essential X-men 1+2 These are the big cheap phonebooky black and white ones from Marvel, if you read these, I will promise you that you will "get" superheros (Well, Silver Age heros (Avengers) and Bronze Age heros (X-men)) and be damn entertained. Part of the reason I suggest this is because getting them in the "phonebook" format like that really lets you see them flow in terms of the bigger picture and how they were plotted and structured. It will probably help a lot in letting you see how a good Supers story is set
  19. Re: Asian Character/Campaign Visual Inspiration It's Hamlet.... Very cool sets and scenes though. Thanks! Rob
  20. Re: Final Fantasy: Academy It seems like you're setting this up to use static school campuses where the characters study, but I'd like to suggest an alternative. Instead of having the PCs hang around a campus, why not (at 2nd year or perhaps 3rd) send them on a walkabout of sorts. Have them journey through a network of temples, monasteries and other places where they can learn from experts in various fields, and perhaps pass various tests too (to gain entry, or to leave). They might even be able to learn different things at the same temple, but each PC can choose which things to learn, di
  21. Re: Mounten Continental Campaign Hmm, I like the premise. Reminds me of One Piece. Very cool, the more I think about it, the more I might steal it sometime! Also, Con means he'll take a lickin' and keep on kickin'! In a way, it's a more useful stat than Dex. Although, since it's obviously a 150 campaign, why are you letting 3 points go to waste and not putting them into Dex for Dex 11? It would be a major improvement all around. Rob
  22. Re: Things you do to acheive immersion I've made use of pictures of major NPCs (via artwork found on the net since I can't draw) and music in various languages when characters have attended concerts and such. When I was running a Macross game years ago, one of the characters was the resident Minmei clone, and when there was battles at various points she would often sing to try to influence the enemy. The player actually prepped lyrics and proceeded to sing whenever she did this as a way of getting me to give bonuses. He was actually not a very good singer, but the effort was worth t
  23. Re: Warrior Nymphs Hmmm, taking that to it's logical extreme, you end up with a race of effectively Elf-types which would probably work to replace "Elves" in most fantasy settings. I did have an idea floating around in the back of my head that the Nymphs weren't made by the people making use of them. They're either naturally occuring, or were made by some greater magic users/gods at some point in the past to act as guardians for some area. At some point humans found them and convinced them to work with the humans, perhaps against a mutual foe. Over time, they formed a kind o
  24. Re: Warrior Nymphs Something no army should be without. Well, the Maples could be be sorcerer-type mages (raw mana bolts and such) while the Thorn are Druid-types who can control spirits and plants and such. That would balance them out against each other, since both would be needed. The truth is I know very very little of the symbology of trees (looking back I should have researched that first, but live and learn) and just slapped tree names on what I thought might be cool. Yew should definitely the archers, not Cedar, who as you say could be a kind of s
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