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  1. Re: Fantasy Hero Exalted Seventh Righteous Blade Player: UltraRob Game: Exalted HERO Val Char Cost 17 STR 7 18 DEX 24 18 CON 16 12 BODY 4 13 INT 3 15 EGO 10 13 PRE 3 13 COM 2 7/11 PD 4 6/10 ED 2 5 SPD 32 7 REC 0 36 END 0 30 STUN 0 9" RUN 6 2" SWIM 0 8" LEAP 8 Characteristics Cost: 121 Cost Power END 0 Essence Pool: Endurance Reserve (30 END, 3 REC) (Custom Adder, ) Reserve: (2 Active Points); REC: (3 Active Points); Slow Recovery 1 Hour (-2) [Notes: 9 Points of Essence are tied up in th
  2. Re: Fantasy Hero Exalted Just to continue... I think probably the most important part of running an Exalted(-style) game is actually trying to get that Exalted "feel" going on. I know when I ran it, that's what I found the most fun, the "over the top" action feel that had my players bouncing around like kids the day after Halloween. The key method to achieving this in Exalted is Stunts, of course, which can be done using a simple Combat Rubrick as below. But, there is more to it than that, Exalted is all about proactivity and saying "yes" to your players. I think as GMs we're us
  3. Re: Fantasy Hero Exalted It's interesting that when I ran a high-powered (250pt) WuXia Fantasy campaign using HERO the end result was pretty much Exalted combat already. There really wasn't much difference between what you'd get in Exalted and what I got out of my WuXia PCs. They were minor gods who were terrors against normals (even normal soldiers) and could only be countered by small armies, or other WuXia of their own level or higher. I still recall when they (4 PCs) hopped on a barge filled with 50 armed and armoured footsoliders and proceeded to soundly cut through them like they we
  4. Re: Rifts HERO? Well, realistically, you just need the basic HERO 5th Edition core rulesbook and you're good to go. As anyone here will tell you, that book contains everything you really need to game using HERO. If you want to have some premade stuff to just whip out, then for RIFTS you probably want Dark Champions (for more guns and equipment rules). Beyond that it depends totally on the type of RIFTS game you prefer to play, I know some guys who play it with a major tech orientation (basically as a weird Sci-Fi setting) and they'd probably benefit from Star Hero, or The Ultimate
  5. Re: Rifts HERO? I'm about to start a RIFTS campaign using the MEGS system (there are reasons I couldn't use HERO, otherwise I would have) and I tried doing the conversion formula thing but found it just didn't work well. It tended to produce numbers clustered in an oddly small range that just felt weird. So, in the end, I sat down and said "well, assuming "megadamage" just means "really tough" I'm not going to bother to even try to convert it over. Instead I took the laser pistol from the basic book and said "okay, a WILKS pistol should be the equivalent of this because it's the most basi
  6. Re: What Fantasy/Sci-Fi book have you just finished? Please rate it... Read "On Basilisk Station", the first Honor Harrington novel out of curiosity. Not bad, not great, not going to read any more of the series. Rob
  7. Re: Post-Apocolyptic Hero Setting Fist of the North Star HERO? Coooool! Wandering 350+pt martial artists with the desire to be the only one as they try to change the world. Another example of this is the comic Infinite Kung Fu, nuclear apocolypse leads to zombie filled wasteland where the avatars of gods fight it out. Speaking of which, I'd like to add Post-Apocalyptic Superhero (Days of Future Past HERO? Age of Apocalypse HERO? Not sure what to call it. ) to the list. I once ran a campaign based loosely on the anime Skryed, which basically amounted to superhumans appearing after "
  8. Re: Rifts HERO? I actually have to say that I think it's better, and more HERO, to have the Bionics&Cybernetics paid for with full points, not half. during character creation. In the end, they're just a gimmick to give you Superpowers anyways, and get the price break as foci, so why not just let them be paid for normally? After character creation, you have the usual HERO conundrum of whether to make them pay points or money for development. I'd be inclined to let the ones bought after character creation be counted as equipment and not bother with points for them unless there was somet
  9. Re: Rifts HERO? Yes, I think pretty much the same. RIFTS more or less amounts to an "anything goes" setting, so why bother to actually duplicate the major packages and OCCs unless you want to use them as NPCs? I can see doing writeups for various characters like Juicers and Cyberknights that are the staples of the setting, and of course you need to whip up versions of equipment and powered armour. But, OCCs and RCCs are probably better served by just making "examples" rather than packages and letting the PCs go nuts with it. After all, if you wanted those packages, you'd just be playing R
  10. Re: "Your Most Embaressing Game Mastering Moment" I had a player who talked in a very distinctive manic way, and in a campaign of Heavy Gear (military mecha game, right after it came out so it was over a decade ago) I was playtesting when the PCs reported to their CO I suddenly decided to mimic the player's way of speaking as the NPC's schtick. It took the other players only a few seconds to realize what I was doing, but the player continued to converse with the NPC until they realized who the NPC was based on. Then they got really quiet and quit the campaign very shortly thereafter.
  11. Re: Canada's Greatest Hero: The Red Panda! These are great! Thanks! Rob
  12. Re: Wuxia abilities Some notes I made while I was reading a Gu Long novel... (Although I really can't imagine using the Heavenly Silkworm techniques against PCs if I didn't want a total party kill on my hands.) Gu Long Martial Arts Notes In Gu Long stories, the focus is less on the basic moves and more on the special moves, he doesn’t care too much about the martial arts and their names in the same way as Jin Yong, but he goes with the idea that at the higher level most Martial Arts are almost indistinguishable from each other. What distinguishes them at the higher level
  13. Re: The Chinese Eunuch and Assorted Chinese Cultural Notes The link has too much bad language, or the target site? What kind of sites are you visiting Shadowpup? Rob
  14. Re: The Chinese Eunuch and Assorted Chinese Cultural Notes You might want to mention these come from SPCnet.tv. Source of wonderful WuXia translations, stories and information. Rob
  15. Re: Your "2006" Pet Gaming Projects Doug, out of curiosity how many pages that does that copy of Journey to the West ring in at? I've seen it sold as 4 volumes before. Rob
  16. Re: Rifts HERO? Blacksword, would it be possible to see some numerical examples? I mean, a weapon or two, or maybe the actual numbers on that tank? Rob
  17. Re: Fantasy India There was a thread on the RPG.net forums about games set in India not too long ago and the simple consensus was that India is severely unrepresented in the RPG info area. There is a D20 game coming out based on Indian Myth, but with that exception, there's very little direct gaming material out there on this topic. Part of the problem noted was that making INDIA HERO is on the scale of making EUROPE HERO, it's just too big and vast a place with so much history. This is also the rumoured reason GURPS:India collapsed into myth itself, too much material to focus on. M
  18. Re: Avatar: The Last Airbender I would agree that HERO would be the best choice if you're focussing on the funky powers aspects. Young cinematic characters with a blend of martial arts and powers are something HERO is made for. If you're focussing on the martial arts and elemental aspects and looking for another system, then do yourself a favor and check out the new RPG Weapons of the Gods. For a big WuXia fan like me, that game was love at first sight. Rob
  19. Re: Vampire Hunter D It occured to me I didn't actually explain why the setting was so interesting, so I thought I'd post more info from the publisher's site... http://www.dhpressbooks.com/profile.php?prodid=10-583 More specific info and a novel summary can be found here: http://www.altvampyres.net/vhd/nov1.html The actual world in the story comes across as RIFTS lite, or as RIFTS probably would with less technology and playing up the horrific angle of the setting. Rob
  20. http://www.geocities.com/rpatersonca/JKCIndex.html In summary: My campaign notes for a superhero cadets campaign I ran a few years back for anyone who might find them useful. Enjoy! Rob
  21. So, Dark Horse has begun publishing translations of the original Vampire Hunter D novels in English and I picked up the second one. The first novel is the one the old movie is based on, so although I liked the movie, I passed on it. The second novel is another story unrelated to either movie, which is why I decided to try it instead. Not finished it yet, but I do have a few thoughts on it: Whoever translated it wasn't a very good writer: D's lines sound like they're being uttered by a 16 year old gamer and not a centuries old enigmatic Dhampir. The style is also a little clunky, I've
  22. Re: post-apocalyptic genre book I ran a similar project once. I found post apocalyptic Supers to be an amazing (and I think generally untapped) genre to play in. The characters really can make a real difference for the world they live in, which has often become dominated by super-powered warlords and gangs. Suddenly those powers to make rain can literally save thousands of lives in a day, or being able to grow plants...you'd be a god. (No longer the junior member everyone refers to as "plant lad"...) Rob
  23. Re: The First Hurdle: Creating a *gulp* Magic System
  24. Re: The First Hurdle: Creating a *gulp* Magic System Oh (and this will teach Rob to reply to messages right after waking up), I should add, however, there is a downside to starting your group off with a Champions level HERO game. They will learn the game at whatever power level you set them at, so if they learn to play 350 point characters and then you ask them to play 150 pointers it will require a bit of a mental shift for them to deal with the lower numbers. If you were just playing Brick-Or the Super and his 16D6 punch, being asked to play Warr-Ior the Strong with his 4D6 punch is a b
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