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  1. Okay, Hero faithful, I need some assistance building a "Portal Gun" in 6E. The player wants a gun that can create portals, similar to the villain Hole from Marvel Comics. Portals he can use to merely teleport from area to area; move from location to location (some megascale movement), be able to "portal in" things such as shooting a portal above a fire-based villain to dump water he portals in from a body of water, etc. Any good ideas on how to build this? I'm usually pretty good at coming up with how to build things but this is stumping me somewhat. Any help is apprec
  2. Most of my "big bads" are originals, but for the fodder and other filler foes, I use modified versions of characters that tickly my fancy from the various game systems I have supplements for.
  3. Excellent, excellent. Congrat Darren. And kudos on writing a fantastic supplement!
  4. I'm working through Rolling Stones top 500 albums of all time. I am currently listening to #418 - Paul McCartney & Wings: Band on the Run.
  5. What type of harassment are you talking about?
  6. Seven is the best number. But running that many is a lot of work!
  7. It has a few sample characters (The Champions and some foes). A helpful part of the book is chapter 5, as it has sample templates with power sets and complications for a variety of super-types such as brick, blaster, metamorph, etc. It talks about superhero campaigning in general and gives guidelines for playing in the different comic book "ages", i.e. golden, silver, etc. Here si the table of contents if that helps at all: Chapter One: Truth, Justice, and the American Way: The Superhero Genre Chapter Two: With Great Power: Superhero Character Generation Chapter Three: Comes Great Re
  8. I agree with Opale. With that many players you'll need at least 3 gms. I've run 14 at a time and that was super-tough.
  9. I like an odd number so if there is a difference of opinion on something, you can vote and not tie. I've run games with as few as 3 players and as many as 15. My preference is 5 or 7, so we have a good cross section of archetype mixes, i.e. bricks, mages, martial artists, speedsters, etc. without combats taing entire game sessions..of course that happens anyway...
  10. Thoughts and prayers extended to you and your family. My condolences.
  11. The silliest episode of my game was "How Foxbat Stole Christmas". Foxbat captured Santa Claus (the real one) and replaced him with an impostor until Santa made have his elves build Foxbat a magic Foxcentipedebatmobile. The players took it in stride and really enjoyed it. I love running holiday specials.
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