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  1. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine That's the URL that sent me to the blog and not to the actual machine.
  2. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine How You'd manage to get on the site ? I tried to get on the site and they sent me to the blog and the forum not to the actual machine at all.:mad:
  3. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine Where can I find this Storycrafter site?
  4. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine OK I think I've got this Hero factory thing down pat so here's my first two using this. SAGA the TOMMORROW MAN and Starblaze
  5. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine Where? All I saw was a cirer button and the word OK!
  6. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine I tried to save but it did'nt show up when i hit browse.
  7. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine AHHHH NOOOOOOOO It didn't show up in the posts
  8. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine It took Me a while but I managed to try out this baby so here she is... my first teen heroine.
  9. Re: from little plot seeds, mighty games do grow: Share you ideas! Okey dokey arty chokey how's this for starters Another CHS adventure; THE PIED UN-PIPER In the fairy tale The Pied PIPER rid hamlin of rats. In Med city[or any campaign city that include a teen superteam], a teen gadgeteer named the Pied UnPiper rid the city of human rats[including supervillians in the campaign], but when he does'nt get paid, his unearthly music brings trouble for Dreamstar and the PCs by causing all sorts of problems. can the PCs save the city by calming down this musical misfit or will Med city fall into musical Chaos? MY CLAIM TO FAME!!In her secret Identity Dreamstar is approached by Sapphire's agent who has heard her duet with the latino champion and wants to represent her in a new career: as a super teen idol/popstar! he offers her the usual perks: money ,fame,and adolation of millions plus a recording contract. There's just one hitch,she has to consent to a image change from a Magic girl to a super sexy seductress to match Sapphire's image:in other words become a Saphire reflection. Considering that she wants to keep her image intact will she do it or reject the agent's offer?
  10. Re: Superhero Images COOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLL!!!!!!! ME Likeeee! Seriously,wish you could do a cover for my campaigns, they need some promos to get some serious PCs into the campaign.
  11. Re: Superhero Images Cool,Can you do some PC pics for me? It's been a while and I've haven't heard from Starlord and I need some pics for my teen hero campaign.
  12. Re: Superhero Images No it's notr a standard for some of us Although I can't Say for the other GMs. BTW can I IM you a question for some PC pics for my Campaign world?
  13. Re: Superhero Images Can't see the pic there,doc. is it possible that it was deleted during posting? all I can see is a "?" where the Pic should be.
  14. Re: from little plot seeds, mighty games do grow: Share you ideas! Starblaze is one of my PCs in my CHS campaign. She's the older sister whose Q'rrym charged powers are near similar to those of her father, NEON,The Living Laser I've got her stats written up on paper and I might send her stats to your email if you want them.
  15. Re: Superhero Images Hey Guys here's some more refs from My DAZ catalog and the URL http://daz3d.com enjoy!
  16. Re: Superhero Images And here's the final two: the Tommorrow duo SAGA and Kid SAGA and that's all untill I get some more Micros enjoy converting these. BTW can you sort of create Gold,Silver and Iron age versions of all the micrios I've shown to you I'd like to post them on HC for my PBEM. as an added bonus here's a group of micros starring the Ivory Icon:SUPREME as remade by Allan Moore,plus a Micro of Omniman,the character that Supreme writes and Illuastrates as Ethan Crane.
  17. Re: Superhero Images two more for you guys Liquidator and Solitaire enjoy!
  18. Re: Superhero Images Got a prob,Mags---- tried putting the photo in my groups and got an "error " Message better mail this one in JPEG to my email addy. Phantom
  19. Re: Superhero Images Relax Mags, I should've told you that SB's skin is Golden bronze since her father is Afro American and her mom's a alien princess who appears to be Asian[Japanese].
  20. Re: Superhero Images I should've said JPEG or GIF form, I still get a Error message.
  21. Re: Superhero Images Hubba Hubba Hubba!!! Now that's Totally Poser! I'm posting it in my CHS group,Thanx Chaos!!
  22. Re: Superhero Images I like it but could you put it in jpg or gif form? I can't load it in to the photos section of my group.
  23. Re: Superhero Images What can I say Mags except----- OHHHHH YEAAAAAAH!!!! I looooove IIIIITT!! Bring On some More PPPPPLeeease!!
  24. Re: Superhero Images Looved it Mancer, can you do the same for my micros,at least convert them into full sized heroes pics?
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