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  1. THE wEBSITE THAT i GOT MY pdfS FROM HAS MOVED SO HERE'S the url for the site which is called the The HERO Games Store the hero games store If you can't get to the site this way just Google "Hero Games Store" and you'll be redirected to the files section .Scroll down to the section Marked books then to RPG then to collections and you'll find Superhero games.
  2. While Your'e at it ,better include Mass Reaction and Psi-Kin from Enemies: Villiany Unleashed
  3. For ONce I'd have to agree with you on some points. I've been setting up a Teen Champions Campaign on Discord and Facebook plus I've set up a club here @ HERO Games. Check it out why don't you?
  4. Which is why I DL'd the 2010 and 2011 versions.
  5. Don't You Mean Citadel? sheesh get the name right! Don't forget Mass Reaction and Psi-Kin Plus the Braverman foundation. from ALLIES
  6. How about: 1) My Hero Academia [Funimation] 2)Black Lightning [CW] 3)The Ray [CW] 4) Star Trek: Discovery (1st Season) [CBS All Access} 5)She-Ra & The Princesses Of Power [NETFLIX]
  7. Possibility: since Foxy has 6th ed stats ,why not create a spinoff from his motif? And how about the Arcadian Academy from the C:TNM Books?
  8. I almost forgot to add ROADKILL to the list, The Aryan ,Red Doom[Since the USSR fell with the Berlin Wall, They'll need new members] The Braverman Foundation,
  9. First Off, an update on PRIMUS and the status of the Super-Soldier Program. Then a Revision of SAT [Special American Tactics] WITHOUT the Anti-Mutant Mentality, we've got enough of that from GENOCIDE. Speaking of which, it needs to be revised along with IMAGE it's pro mutant Counterpart. Then Add a Japanese version of PRIMUS as well as a Korean/Chinese/Vietnamese counterpart. Then bring back AXIS as a Neo-Nazi/White Supremacist org with tech advancements.
  10. YE GODS!!! Talk about a Major league Rouges Gallery , think you can bring up a Team to combat them?
  11. Hope you included the original Three CLOWNS or Newer Versions of them.
  12. Watched Marvel's Runaways on HULU plus, also The Inhumans, The Gifted and Agents of Shield, also by Marvel.
  13. NO duh !Looks like the big cheeses are now a house of cards with all the scandals goin' on.
  14. But they both are linked to DEMON and are possessed by demons --don't forget that!
  15. Unless it's his arrogance that dreamy can exploit or his chivaric honor which can be used against him.
  16. Info on the COVENS---- Although they are both in agreement in aknowloging the COURT as their enemy,both groups are differing in how to create their COVENs . DEMON decides to Unleash demons that can gendermorph Possessed females into males[see above examples], The Circle empowers young female deciples with Dark Sorceries to counter the Godgems of the Court and their Knights endowing them dark magics powerful enough to match them. But will their powers be enough to battle the Court's Allies? Fortunately for the Court, both covens have a Archilles' Heel---- The inabilitiy to work together as a team. DEMON's Coven GB villians each have enormous egos while the Circle's all female coven each have a seed of jealousy and vanity, weaknesses that the Court can easily exploit to their advantage.
  17. Being posted in progress as you speak.
  18. Ladies and Gentlemen---- Behold The COVEN OF NIGHTMARES! In their many decades of rivalry there is the one team that both DEMON and The Circle of the Scarlet Moon have in common to hate: The Court Of Dreams! for years these rivals in evil competed in endeavors of demonic evil for world domination only to be thwarted by the seven maidens of order commissioned by the Trismegiestious Council,despite attempts at assassination and abduction plus continued attempts at mystic extortion. The only way to destroy them is to create a team of witches to match each member of the Court starting with a leader who can match Dreamstar magic for magic. Coven Of NightMares Sponsors: CIRCLE of THE Scarlet Moon, DEMON Members: Seven Criteria: Match the powers and abilities of the Court Dreamstar: Power of dreams and sorcery[Celestial Power] Moon Mystic: Powers of the Moon and Control of tidal gravities Oceana: Power of the element water and the climate magics Animalia: Powers and ablities of the Animal kingdom[plus mythic creatures] Evergreen : Powers of the Earth and the Plant kingdom. SunSpell: powers and magics of fire and the Sun. Logika: Powers of probabilities Time and knowledge of magic Lady Heart: Power of love and magic of positivity. Power creation: Emersion of Dark Magics[Circle of Scarlet Moon], Demon Possession [DEMON}
  19. I'm betting that you've got them from the same place where I've got HD V2; Noble knight Games
  20. Here's Four for your link list: COURT OF DREAMS COVEN OF NIGHTMARES TEAM ALPHA Knights Of DREAMS
  21. AWWWW YEEAAAH!!! Thanx for the redeux of the knights.
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