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  1. Re: Favorite Superhero Lines Heh...one of my faves, from Deadpool#25: Deadpool: "Rochambeau...it's a little game guys like me play to settle things...I'll Rochambeau you for...for everything." Captain America: "Well...if it helps you let go...how do you play?" Deadpool: "It's easy...I'll go first. Rocambeau.((Rochambeau's Cap!)) See? Told you it was easy. I win." -And thusly, Deadpool kicks Cap in th nuts and saves the universe from Shuma-Gorath making everybody blissed out and docile.
  2. Re: Fighting Game Hero Those are kind of neat, if only Hero system martial arts weren't so foreign to me
  3. Re: Fighting Game Hero Impressive. Canon or not, a little insight into characters is something I've always liked.
  4. Re: Fighting Game Hero Interesting...I didn't even know she had a background other than being Sakura's rich rival... Shingo, alas, is a SNK character, and I only know limited info on some of the fighters, mostly the primaries from Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting. Found Rugal a bit over-the-top in power level...he just wasn't fun to fight. I hear Mr Karate(aka Go Hibiki LOL) is obscene as well, esp. in "serious" mode.
  5. Re: Fighting Game Hero I know I statted out boss characters somewhere. In the original SF4 continuity, I had 4 "big bosses" akin to the original SF2, and each was a returning World Warrior from the SF2-3 era. As the "secret" super-boss I had amped up Ryu to be a sort-of anti-Akuma...a true master of Shotokan Karate. The thing was that the "uppercut twin" main characters were Mel (Ken and Eliza's son) and I think Naoko, who was the daughter of Ryu and Chun-Li(The game took place in the 2000-teens). Not sure if it'd fit in the new story I want to do though. Actually, I drew a pic of the adult Sakura yesterday and she came out pretty good. Steriaca-I like that idea for Karin, though i think she'd be funding and may be like a penultimate boss or something. Up her skills and age her accordingly, and she's be a cool foil to a grown Sakura.
  6. Re: Fighting Game Hero Of all the boards for me to forget to check out(too much time in the NGD LOL)...so I'll be giving my take on a few of the recent topics here... I like the student of Akuma, Enforcer...cool stuff. For the birthdates of the characters, I like to use them. When I created Street Fighter 4 I used them as a bit of a benchmark for aging the characters and establishing the setting. I actually also re-worked my own game ideas with these in mind. The years the games came out, at least with SF, did establish ages and a game continuity. These have been thrown out the window by Udon, but I like to think of their continuity as their own thing(Lee only existing as an afterthought, Geki seen only as a corpse). Street Fighter came out in '87, SF2 in '91. I put the Alpha series in between, like one game per year, starting of course with '88 for the first Alpha. That makes Sakura 15 in '89, so she's about 30-31 now. This would also mean Rival Schools took place around the same time, and the fashions actually work. Considering this, I was thinking about running a SF game that takes place now where Sakura is following Ryu's path even more so...maybe Karin could be made a new boss character. Okay...fave game character...OMG that's hard. I could only do that on a game-by-game basis, as it always changes that way. It would also require a separate post! As for Bloody Roar...hmm...when the Zoanthropes transform, they often gain strength, speed, agility, et cetera in addition to new maneuvers...so I'd probably use a Multiform, otherwise you get a lot oh OIHIDs and linked "Aid"s.
  7. Re: NGD Scenes from a Hat "Hey Stumpy, nice beard. Think you're a member off ZZ Top or something? Your axe is all wrong if you do."
  8. Re: NGD Scenes from a Hat Grand Theft Auto: "Really, sir, my friends and I were just LARPing a video game!"
  9. Re: NGD Scenes from a Hat Of course youre naturally blond and Japanese! What girl today isn't?(Giant sweat-bead forms) NT: Today's Signs of the Apocalypse, from Hollywood...
  10. Re: Karate Kid vs Karate Kid
  11. Re: NGD Scenes from a Hat "Okay, Steven...this is the scene. You and Anthony Michael Hall are wearing bras on your heads, and trying to make a Kelly LebRock of your very own..."
  12. Re: Clone Wars Jedi. I only have so much experience with Hero and have only seen the first season of Clone Wars so far, but when I see Mace Windu fighting at a power level between Matrix Neo and Superman like that, I definately agree at a very Champions-esque SW game. The ARC Troopers alone fight like something you'd expect from Dark Champions.
  13. Re: 10th Muse RPG Well, seeing as one of the series creators wants to make it a Hero RPG, I think it could be kinda cool. Everything I've seen of it so far is pretty cool...plus when the lead character looks like Sable or Cindy Margolis...
  14. Re: NGD Scenes from a Hat ahem...fighter one: "I am Maximus, husband of a murdered wife and father of a murdered son. fighter two: "I will crush you, see you driven befoah me and heaw the lamentations of yo' woman.
  15. Re: NGD Scenes from a Hat 1. Marv scares the ladies 2. Old Town is a great place unless you're a cop 3. Parole officers don't look like this is real life!
  16. Re: Fighting Game Hero Sweet thread! Wish I had known it was here from the beginning! I'm a big fighting game fan, after all. The one thing I'd like to add is the explanation of Dan Hibiki's dislike of Sagat( (why?) as put in the disad.)...his father, Go Hibiki(an homage to SNK's monstrous Mr. Karate) fought Sagat, and was the man that took his eye...Sagat in turn took Go's life(as seen in several SF Alpha 2 pics). Back in the day I converted characters from Street Fighter, King of Fighters, Battle Arena Tohshinden, Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Rival Schools, Darkstalkers, etc. for the old Street Fighter RPG from White Wolf. It'd be fun to try and re-build them in Hero. Not to mention some original characters, plus the three lieutenants of "Shadaloo" created by White Wolf(Sagat's pupil Hu The Tiger, M.Bison protege/fellow Ler Drit user Lady Death, and the evil Kabaddi practicioner...)
  17. Re: Why that costume Well, my current character, Shogun, is a time-travelled warrior of ancient Japnese descent. As such he wears a pseudo-heroic outfit based on several Chinese fighting costumes. My villain character, Goshawk, is a "totem" character. Skin tight bird-like bodysuit...got the blue and white coloration from a gorgeous photo of the actual bird in National Geographic.
  18. Re: Re-imagining the Star Wars universe. The funny thing is, a few years back, I was working on an adaptation of SW, working w/ the annotated screenplay to make the saga take place on modern day Earth. When I think about how I'd have things go, it'd feel like it was made by John Woo w/ fight choreography by Yuen Woo Ping...iow, adding more fantasy to this science fantasy. I'd abolish that mitochlorian hogwash and put the Anchorhead sequence back into New Hope, so we can truly see Luke as a total geek before becoming the last Jedi... Heh... "Berry Gordy's Last Jedi", with Taimak as Lucas Skywalker, Vanity as "Mama" Leia, and Richard Roundtree as Shaft Solo....mwa ha ha...
  19. Re: Fullmetal Alchemist: How to model? Transform is pretty much a given, and the Focus might be OAF, as I'm presuming it's known the circle is needed to use alchemy, for the most part. It has to be in a certain location to be used, and the character can be moved away from it to prevcent usage. If I recall what i've read about the show, State Alchemists can perform Alchemy without a circle, and that's where I'd apply a seperate power. You might want to consider an Alchemy skill as well, to access the Circle for usage, and/or put restrictions on how engraved circles can be used.
  20. Re: Nudity and Sex in comics books Well, I agree that sex and nudity have their place in comics, but too many writers these days seem to have the need to make it neccesary to bring comics down to a level where they're requisite. Mature Readers/Adult titles have around for a while, but when they start reworking characters and books just to fit in sex for shock value, it's kind of like a line that didn't need to be crossed. A few examples: WildCATs-Used to be a fun superhero book, but now it's a gritty black ops/boardroom melodrama, complete with needless nudity and sexual acts (I was surprised in the Wildstorm special when suddenly they bared Zealot's breasts and had her shack up with Majestic). MAX Titles-The first few decided they needed to break the "sex barrier", if you will. Suddenly Nick Fury at the end of a night has half a dozen hookers collapsed about his room, and War Machine is imagining Scarlet Witch topless when he looks at her. I won't even mention Alias. I expect this thing from Vertigo, but some things are just too degrading. The Ultimate Marvel Universe has showed us quickly how much sex is to be expected, and it's sad that it's because it's what society apparently wants these days.
  21. Re: NGD Scenes from a Hat Blue Fairy: "Okay now, Pinnochio, I'm going to get on all fours. Just look towards my back and start lying...
  22. Re: X-men characters Good call...I prefer the original Kurt, the swashbuckler(the way Dave Cockrum likes him) and not the devout religious bore he's become
  23. Re: The Ages of Comics. Threw a Glass Dorkly Golden Age-Sidekicks. Everywhere. You can't walk down the street without a superhero and their brightly clad sidekick(often in short-shorts) leaping around with big, cheesy smiles. Reporters everywhere, too...every good superhero's girlfriend HAS to be a nosy reporter. The cops automatically trust all superheroes, and like every other bad guy has to be a "Ratzi"/Nazi or a "Commie". Everyone is super-supportive of the war effort, to the point where the male heroes even pose on covers straddling battleship cannons. Silver Age-Flaws. Characters suddenly are more human. Dead relatives, horrible secrets(drug addictions, etc.), public identities, dead girlfriends, angst, hippies, and the like. Spies everywhere...you can't sneeze without a Russian spy somewhere. For the more modern times, I'll break it down by decade: Seventies: Kung Fu Masters appear everywhere. Black superheroes pop up out of every nook and cranny, all with "Blck" in their name...Black Lightning/Vulcan, Black Goliath, Black Panther, Blacula, what have you. "Street" heroes get edgier...any Batman types get 80% more shadowing, longer sharper edges, and all the non-yellow colors on their outfits darken like 3 shades. Eighties: All the bad guys suddenly becomes middle east dictators or military leaders. Heroes and villains all band together to fight some ludicrously powerful cosmic being that wants to wipe out existence, or Denver for some reason. Dead heroes start to come to life and hero groups splinter into a bajillion factions(the ten or so Justice Leagues, eight Avenger teams, 500 and counting X-Teams). Nineties: All women assume the proportions of like 42-4-36, and wear swimsuits and/or loincloths. Heroes get paramilitary outfits and/or battle armor, plus all handguns grow to the size of howitzers. Street heroes all have trenchcoats and their capes measure about, oh, half a mile long or so, able to fill up two-page splash pages and eclipse the sun. All flame effects become day-glow neon, costume details become multiple layer embossed and vac-metal foil shiny. "Bad girls" everywhere, wearing bikinis and sporting navel rings and watermelon-sized breasts. Modern: Evey dead hero and villain are alive again. Heroes kill everybody and supervillains are all sex-offenders. The world's badass is simultaneously on every team and appearing in every title. Every other movie is about a superhero or comic book, and ALL identities are suddenly public. Sidekicks return, but are now all secretly villains or have a debilitating secret. Re-Vamp: Suddenly contnuity is re-booted to start modern day. Favorite four-color heroes cuss and sleep around. Paragons of patriotism arew suddenly psychotic badasses with little to no morals. Every female character has to have a body piercing and/or a tattoo, if not multiples of either or both.
  24. Re: Character Transformations So. It has come to this. To use my extensive Transformers knowledge for the good of the Hero-boards. Optimus was Orion Pax, a shipyard worker, who was damaged in Megatron's first assault. He was then re-built by Alpha Trion("A3") into the first Autobot; a warrior capable of fighting Megatron on his own level. The Bumblebee/Goldbug things was a push for new toys, though in the cartoon he was just damaged and re-built in a new body. Beast Wars actually had a lot of superhero-esque character transformations and mutations. As far as Hero goes, our current team was disbanded for 3 months, in which our members went their separate ways. My character, Ronin, was a time-travelling soldier from the future, the last human alive, and has been fixing history best he could in battle. In the 3-months off he returned to an alterante future, and was told by his(unknown at the time) future self his answer would lay in the past. Through a lot of detail I don't need to go into, he went from a guy with super-powered future weapons to merging with the Japanese storm god Susano to become his current incarnation, Shogun.
  25. Re: Kill Bill Personally I also liked Go-Go...cute AND deadly. Total package. Yes, O-ren was the main target, but Go-Go was actually more of a threat to The Bride than her boss turned out to be. O-Ren spent too much time sniping and not enough time gutting...
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