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  1. Sidestep is the teleporting son of Phosphene. He sometimes uses his Grandadys Sickle against particular nasty foes.
  2. I only see Advertising for a On this spot App....sorry
  3. Yeah we had a similiar problem a while back. There was a Flyer with a clue in the city-marketplace. All players were unable to read or write .....
  4. "Foolish Earther bringing a gun to a swordfight" (some Alien X-Woman to some X-Villainess somewhere in X-Men. Always made me grin when I read it)
  5. Thats because we are german Legatus. Seems like Carnival has a negative Reputation in the USoA. But I disgress: Liza Florez is Mambo Queen. She has greatly enhanced agilityand speed.She uses a dance based Martial Art. She is also quite skilled at stealth and intrusion bedause she used to run with a streetgang .( Which is amazing considering she is doing that in a only slightly modified versionof her Carnival costume.)
  6. I think that counts as a Oooopsie, and one knows what the next adventure will be...
  7. Odd. After looking at Enigma again after all those years he somehow reminds me of the Drifter.
  8. Well not sword and shield only, but try to stay within the Knight/Tech theme.
  9. Heckler alias Sebastian Schranne is the token german. Sepp as friends call him was a sharpshooter in the german special forces who took a job as a sales-representative for Heckler and Koch since he intended to stay with his american girlfriend. Little did he know what the job involved..... Heckler is quite disliked by the teams "fans" ( well the Redneck and Lobbyist corner at least but they are quite verbal) He uses only H&K weapons and is a highly trained soldier. Thats six I think? Next Team is Avalon a seven member team of High-Tech Knights
  10. A Military/Mercenary Style Wetwork Team. Lets call them that: The Wetworkers. Number:seven Very professional, International membership, No real personal relationship among the members, only professional respect.
  11. Snipe the Invisible Man is exactly that. Invisible. Nothing can find him. He likes to scrap and fighting him can ve a real nightmare since he can maintain his power for quite some time and has a uncanny ability to target ones weak spots. Rumor has it he moonlights as a Enforcer.
  12. I love that Shaolin/ Martial Arts Lady..... (Zaama)
  13. Re: "Neat" Pictures Done and with pleasure.
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