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  1. Quote Lord Liaden: FWIW I have it on good authority that Hero considers these sectional ebooks to not be finished products, and more will be done with them when they're collected in a single volume. But if they're going that route I believe that should be reflected in the price. That also convinced me that I should wait for the whole book rather than buy any more individual chapters. Which really bums me out, because I thought the sectional book concept had potential, but IMHO this approach will torpedo it before it gets a fair chance. I agree. I bought all four products
  2. IIRC there are/have been at least some germans active on these boards (aside of me). Since travel is our national pasttime I also guess we can help covering at least some parts of Europe from the Tourist perspective. (Not British Islands through. I think there are enough Forumites for that)
  3. Oh I agree. But would whoever "it" is think of it ? It will take time.
  4. i think whoever got Timewarped into the Valdorian Age would be bloody confused. Would he even realize that he was temporally displaced not dimensionally? After all it would be very hard to recognize one's surroundings as our old mother earth.
  5. Umh. Not new. The original Pulp stuff had the Adventurers Club as a Umberella Organisation for to get Pulp Heroes together.
  6. Personally I think the fixed timeline needs to go. It sort of killed the 5th for me
  7. Viper and Demon. But it was mostly combat stuff. There never any interesting effects unless I was the GM and then they never got how and why the stuff happened... *sadface*
  8. Black Ops


    Also: I do not think the costume is particular Dominatrix like. Yes its somewhat on the cheesy side, but which Superheroines is not? I have seen worse things in CO Bulga Lord Liaden.
  9. Black Ops


    Comments? Hmmm? Ok. PC or NPC? And how close to the original Fantasia do you want to play her? If PC she needs either Access or Dimensional Travel to that Fantasy Realm she is from. Some Languages could also help. That aside she is deffinitley playable in my book
  10. Black Ops


    *cough* With that name I imediately thought of a certain Secret Agent assosiated with a certain big franchise, assosicated with a certain extended cinematic universe.
  11. Sidestep is the teleporting son of Phosphene. He sometimes uses his Grandadys Sickle against particular nasty foes.
  12. I only see Advertising for a On this spot App....sorry
  13. Until very recently I did not understand that the Fantastic Four represented the four classic elements....
  14. At the first look I thought it was a take on Marvels Soviet Superguardians.
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