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  1. Sweet! Dude, thank you-- thank you so _very much_! That, Sir, is going in the master work right _now_! (by the way, your copy is in _way_ better shape than mine. )
  2. Second! Would that be the same Bay City from the New Millennium Bay City sourcebook? If so, there's a sourcebook.
  3. People are not equally terrified of Boredom, so potato bugs it is.
  4. Thank you, Sir. Much appreciated. Honestly, i'd love to have print and reprint info for all the books, just to add them to my master work. (See signature link; go to sheet 2. Its rough, because of time problems, but its a solid start, I think) You know how that goes for us "frustrated librarians." Right, LL?
  5. Surpass my eye teeth! I can't sleep. I've spent the entire weekend doing an emergency re-wiring of the house, and I am too cussed old and too stove up to rewire a three-story house in two days. I hurt too danged bad to lay down and sleep.... Say-- Does either of you fellas' copies have a barcode on the back? Mine has a blank rectangle of familiar proportions that I have always assumed was intended to hold a bar code or library data but it just wasn't ready when the book went to bed. I'd be curious to know if that's still the
  6. I couldn't tell you who first coined the term, but I believe that is one of a handful of plot-twisting devices that fall under the general title "dick move."
  7. Mine is a first print. May, '86. Evidently they sold out rather quickly.
  8. Dude, it's a gearhead thing. We're all thugs at heart.
  9. Somwtimes its because your Internet is down and your stuck using the teeny-tiny keypad on a phone.
  10. Let's go way, way out on a limb here and assume I'm talking about the same weapon we've been discussing for a page-and-a-half now.
  11. This is much more palatable to me, but I've already made my own suggestion. Let's see if we can get the two camps to cooperate: What's the value of the Limitation "doesn't affect good people or teammates?"
  12. Honestly, I think Tech absolutely nailed it, save that I would make it more akin to mental paralysis, but based against CON instead of EGO. The build for the fetid cloud (which, just so you all know, I read as "fetid clown," but most of that still made sense until about halfway through the reading. ) would be a mental paralysis versus CON, with the limitation that it it doesn't inhibit anyone taking "twice as long" to do something. That is, doing only a half-phase worth of 'stuff' during their phase. I'd allow it. I mean, if entangle / mental paralysis can stop them from doi
  13. Well that's the thing: "Only works on evil" means it only works on evil doors, evil ropes, and evil robots. I haven't read everything ever, but I have seen precious few of any of those things. So there _is_ a Limitation there. There is _also_ an Advantage there. I'm finding it hard to accept that no one else has considered assigning something from each side of the aisle. So far as I know, that's still both book-legal and normal. However, we haven't heard how the DM feels about this proposed modifier. _Will_ it affect "things
  14. That's pretty much what's being said here, over and over; yes. That's where you have to get with your group and go over a few things: how do they see it working? How does that apply in your world? Are there a billion evil people / monsters skulking about? Are evil souls particularly rare? And of course, the above-mentioned "does the GM see this as something the weapon (sword from here on in, because I am typing with my thumbs) determines or is it bas3d on the character's perception? This actually makes a difference: if the sword can truly determine the di
  15. I use the Star Wars / Futurama method: Case by case and discrepancies / double-standards just dont get questioned unless its a plot point for this episode. Works pretty well, surprisingly enough.
  16. The ability to not harm what you do not wish specifically to harm is advantageous. I gave the example from the rules of Skip over Sprayfire to illustrate that. A build that only affects a given class of people means the character can have a sword fight in a crowded elevator with no risk of collateral damage [caused by him, anyway]. Do I like the idea? No. I think its every bit as stupid as I think skip over spray fire is. However, the idea is similar: being able to hose a crowd without fear of hitting the wrong person. Not being able to hack o
  17. Ah; thats helpful; thank you. I would make it an advantage: affects no one but intended target. If you dont have pricing ideas for it, or don't feel that it falls in line with the rules, I would suggest looking at "skip over sprayfire" to see that the idea of "I only hit who I want to" is indeed part of the modern rules, is considered advantageous, and to perhaps get a feeling of its value in your campaign.
  18. Currently running one for the youth group. I have made a smell stab at writing it up, but havent gotten too far into it yet. I will link it out as a freebie when I'm done. (Remember: youth group. Not super-complicated)
  19. As mentioned, good people can attack you and still be "good." Frankly, if I had a player with such a build, id make sure that happened now and again: someone convinces a village of good people that youve been placed under the control of a nefarious wizard and have come to slaughter the children, etc, etc. But to answer your actual question: I "handle" that sort of thing suring character or item creation. I do so by making it clear to the player that there is no such thing as a disadvantage or limitation that can possibly provide more that a very minor boon (lengthy di
  20. Actually, it should say "Toombs County, Georgia. (I find it hard to believe everyone passed on such a golden opportunity )
  21. Yep; those Champions-branded ones were cool. I've spent years now trying to replace mine....
  22. Final bump, for those who were sitting on the fence! This is the last night to get the Adventurers Club / Haymaker excerpts combo on Bundle of Holding. If you haven't made your mind up yet, you don't have much longer before it's made up for you.
  23. The number of times I have heard that one right here on this board is shocking.
  24. Thanks for the bump, Spence. I had been interested to know that, too. Finally did get the porcelain dice a few weeks ago. They're gorgeous! The feel great, too. Alas, they have the same flaw as the Champions and Monster Hunter dice: they are casino - sized, making a handful of them impossible, especially for the women they were bought for. I'll do a video on them when I get a minute.
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