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  1. Drifting off topic? US? Never! Seriously, it seems rare for a thread here NOT to go off topic.
  2. Well, in Chicago all you really have to worry about killing you are the people. In Australia, it's pretty much ONLY the people that you don't need to worry about attacking you.
  3. But wouldn't people putting in their two cents help alleviate the coin shortage? 🙂
  4. I don't have the 6th Edition version, but in the 5th Edition Bestiary, the Air Elemental's Desolid is not always on and the attacks do not have Affects Physical World--it can be desol OR it can attack, but it can't attack WHILE it's desolid.
  5. Streaky? Is that you?
  6. I'm pretty sure you'll have to buy Hero Designer v6. The support model changed to a subscription-based service several years ago.
  7. "The Ultimate Martial Artist" for 5th Edition has a "Ninja-to And Saya" Multipower on page 180-181. "Ninja Hero" (also 5th Edition) has the same write-up on page 106.
  8. Put the sword halfway between them, have them both call it, and see which one it likes better? 🙂
  9. If I was a betting man, my money would be on the latter!
  10. Did you try right-clicking on the Hall of Champions logo and using "Save image as . . . " (or your browser's equivalent) from the https://www.drivethrurpg.com/cc/28/hall-of-champions link? It saves as 96 dpi for me. As to your second question--the guidelines and types of content information seem to indicate that you can publish characters that you created for other systems--as long as you retained the rights to them. If I'm wrong, I'm sure someone here will correct me. I base this opinion on these lines: From the "What Types of Content Can I Create?" section: "Characters: Now you can sell the villains, monsters, gods, animals, and heroes you’ve cleverly created!" From the "What Types of Content Are Forbidden?" section: "Other People’s IP: You do not have permission (or we the right) to release work based on the intellectual property of other people or companies as part of Hall of Champions. If you wish to for example show other fans your Champions 6th Edition write up of DC Comic’s character Green Lantern, please do so FOR FREE on the Hero Games website forums (https://www.herogames.com/forums/) or in some other location. But not here!
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